When Day Ends and Night Begins

A Twilight Fan Fiction By Puppetstrings19


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Chapter 1: Forks High School

"I hope you like it here, Bells." Charlie's voice cut the silence.

"Yeah, me too," I said around the bite of food in my mouth. I tried to keep the sadness out of my voice as best as I could.

We were sitting at his small kitchen table, sharing a large pepperoni pizza. I was having trouble swallowing my second slice because my nerves were causing my stomach to turn nastily.

I had just arrived here in Forks only hours ago.

Six months ago, my mom remarried a minor league baseball player, Phil Dawyer. He traveled a lot, sometimes for weeks at a time. I knew it made my mom unhappy to stay home with me while Phil was gone, so I finally decided it was time to pack up my stuff and come spend some quality time with Charlie. It was March, and I'd be attending Forks High School right in the middle of the semester.

I suppressed a groan.

But at least Charlie was being nice about the whole thing; his sixteen year old daughter coming to stay with him after not seeing me in a couple of years. He actually seemed genuinely happy to have me.

I took a drink from my canned coke and caught Charlie's eye.

He smiled softly at me and the smile stayed on his lips even after he looked away.

Charlie looked much the same since the last time I'd seen him. His curly hair was a little shorter, he had probably just gotten a hair cut, and there were more grays along his temples. But he still looked very handsome.

My eyes roamed over his t-shirt and arms, and I couldn't help but compare him to Phil. Charlie looked so much older, so much wiser than Phil. After all, Charlie was at least fifteen years his senior.

Charlie met my gaze once again and it was my turn to smile.

Charlie rose from his seat and grabbed my plate.

"Are you gonna eat that?" he asked.

"Sorry, I just don't have much of an appetite right now. The plane ride was long."

I didn't mention the fact that my tummy felt sick and angry, threatening to force my food back out of my mouth.

Charlie took my plate, dumping my half eaten slice in the trashcan before turning towards the sink to wash the dishes.

"Hey, dad?"


"So, what exactly happened last year at school? Mom told me there was some kind of trouble with some kids, which is why there are all these new rules and regulations. She was pretty vague about the whole thing. I don't think she really knows what happened there."

I got up from my seat and leaned against the counter next to Charlie while sipping my soda.

Charlie sighed. "I didn't tell your mom the details because I knew she would freak out and not let you come stay with me. It really isn't that big of a deal. No one was hurt or anything."

"What happened?" I pressed.

"Some kid brought a gun to school."

I gaped at Charlie, my mouth falling open. I was surprised that even something like this would happen in Forks. This town was so small and quiet; it housed no more than three thousand, one hundred and twenty people… well, twenty-one, now.

Charlie saw my expression. "Look, the kid grew up in a broken home; a drug addict for a father and no mother. He got into some trouble down at the reservation, met some bad people and was surrounded by nothing but bad influences. He had the gun with him at school, but it didn't seem he intended on using it. His girlfriend accidentally found the gun in his backpack and called the police. We arrested him and now he goes to a correctional facility in Port Angeles."

"So that's why the school has a new dress code?" I asked.

"Well, James had a certain look about him, kind of like the other bad apples down at the reservation. Baggy clothing, bald head, tattoos. I guess Forks High wanted to try to take control of the school as much as they could after the incident. They want to keep the whole 'gang related look' to a minimum." Charlie shrugged. "There hasn't been any trouble like that before James or even after. I don't think they even use the metal detectors anymore."

I nodded.

After a minute of silence, I decided it was late enough to excuse myself, and head upstairs to get my stuff ready for school tomorrow.

"I'm gonna head up."

"Sure," Charlie responded as he moved towards the living room. "I'm just gonna watch the game before I turn in. I'll see you tomorrow morning. I, uh, I'll give you a ride to school."

I cringed. "You really don't have to do that. I can walk."

I really didn't like the idea of being escorted in the police cruiser the first day of school. It was only a way to draw unwanted attention to my arrival.

"I don't mind, Bells. And anyway, it's raining out there. You'll be soaked through before you make it to the end of the block."

I sighed heavily.

"Okay," I mumbled. "Night, dad." I grabbed my half empty can off of the counter before I headed upstairs.

"Night," Charlie called back.

Once in my room, I packed my small black Jansport with a couple of composition books, some pens and pencils, my iPod, my phone and my wallet. And then I got up and moved to the white plastic bag, which hung on my small desk chair.

Inside the bag was my new uniform. Charlie had helped me purchase the uniform pieces in advance. I didn't want to be the odd one out at school, being the only student there who didn't wear a uniform for the first week. After sending Charlie my measurements, he had purchased a few sets for me to rotate through, throughout the semester. I already knew that I would have to buy another set soon, seeing as I didn't have many items to chose from and they would all end up faded in no time from being washed too often.

I pulled out the uniform and studied the blue material, before pulling off my clothes and trying it on for the first time. I had to wear either a pleated skirt or tan Dickie's pants.

I tried on the pants first, but they were two sizes to big. I groaned before pulling on the pleated, high waist skirt and zipping it up. It was short, maybe an inch or two above my mid thigh. But at least the skirt fit, and I had a second one to help me get through the week.

I tugged on the bottom hem of the skirt, before pulling on the white button down, collared shirt. I tucked the bottom of the shirt into my skirt and then pulled on the blazer.

The jacket was surprisingly cute and comfortable, and it fit me perfectly. It was a little short, reaching just below my waist and it was made of the same wool material as the skirt, and it was also the same shade of dark teal, with a small gold mascot patch on the chest.

I walked over to the long mirror that sat in the corner of my room. I studied the blazer first. It was nice enough on me that I probably would have worn it even if it weren't a school uniform. I opened the front of my jacket and studied the white blouse. It looked fine, I guess. But I groaned loudly again when I took in the skirt. It was short, much too short. I wasn't used to showing that much of my thigh. I turned around and studied my butt. My ass was completely hidden, but still I felt practically naked knowing my underwear could be seen only a few inches beneath the skirt.

I dug through my duffle bag and found a pair of really short yoga shorts. Holding them in my hands reminded me of my mom. I had gotten these back when we used to do yoga together. That was a couple of years ago, and I hadn't worn them since.

I pulled the shorts on under my skirt and walked back to the mirror. The shorts were short enough to remain completely hidden beneath the skirt. I smiled, satisfied. I had two more pairs in my bag and would have to plan a trip to the mall in Port Angeles to buy more for school.

Finally, after unpacking some of my belongings–– some pictures, decorative hanging lights for my room, some clothes, books and cd's–– I climbed into bed.

My room remained illuminated from the soft glow of the moon. I studied my ceiling and the lame childhood posters on the walls that had been there since I was just a kid. I felt suddenly sad and lonely as I thought about the next day, let alone the next two years that would follow here in Forks.

I detested Forks and the constant rain and gloom. I thought of my mom and hoped she was happy. She was leaving to Florida with Phil in a few days. I hoped she would be okay and hoped she remembered to pick up her blouse from the dry cleaners.

Thinking of my mom, my best friend, caused tears to pool in my eyes. I let a few of those tears escape before falling asleep to the sounds of rain and wind outside my bedroom window.

I woke up early, immediately keyed up and alert the next morning. I showered quickly, styling my hair in loose waves down my back, before pulling on my new school uniform.

I looked myself over once more in the long mirror. I tugged on the bottom hem of the skirt; it seemed to have shrunk slightly since last night. I stared at myself for a minute. Long legs, tiny waist; I didn't know why I was so shy, there wasn't much there to be ashamed of. I was your average teenage girl.

I sighed heavily before pulling on some knee high charcoal gray socks and a pair of ankle high black boots. And then I grabbed my backpack, a gray scarf and an umbrella before heading downstairs.

I could hear Charlie in the kitchen, and I tugged on the hem of my skirt again before entering.


Charlie glanced at me over his shoulder as he poured himself some coffee. His eyes flickered to my skirt before frowning slightly. He looked away.

"Morning," he said. "Want some coffee?"

"No thanks." I didn't need the extra jitters the caffeine would inevitably bring.

"There's some cereal in the cabinet and milk in the fridge," he offered. "Help yourself."

I served myself some cereal and sat with Charlie at the kitchen table while he read the newspaper and drank his coffee.

It was nice to be able to sit in silence for a change. My mother was a morning person and would always talk my ear off first thing in the morning. Charlie was the complete opposite. He was quiet and chill. I felt content knowing that he and I could appreciate the quiet and not feel the need to fill the silence with pointless small talk.

After a few minutes, I washed my bowl and spoon while Charlie clipped on his gun and pulled on his coat. We headed out into the rain together, Charlie holding the umbrella over my head while I clung to my backpack and scarf.

My thighs were already freezing. I would have to consider buying a new pair of school pants.

The drive to school was quick, and I was happy to see that the parking lot was still almost completely empty. I momentarily wondered if Charlie had brought me to school earlier than necessary to spare me the scrutiny.

I didn't ask.

Charlie dropped me off in front of the main building before telling me he would be in the exact same spot when I got out of school.

I thanked him before getting out and walking briskly towards the main door.

No metal detectors.

The main office was small and warm. I unwrapped my scarf, surprised by how warm the blazer kept me.

I introduced myself to the woman at the front desk.

She chatted with me momentarily, welcoming me to Forks High and saying she hoped I would enjoy my time there. I smiled and nodded politely.

She handed me my class schedule, a slip for each of my teachers to sign, as well as a campus map. I studied the papers as I walked out.

The hall outside began to fill with students. I glanced around, meeting curious gazes. I groaned silently to myself, wrapping the scarf back around my neck before heading back out into the rain.

With my umbrella in one hand and my class schedule in the other, I made my way to my first class. I was happy to see that almost all of the girls at Forks High wore the uniform skirt like I did, though some seemed to have longer skirts than the others. Some girls wore black or grey tights beneath their skirts; I was the only one wearing knee high socks. I also noticed that many of the students wore parkas over their uniforms. I decided I needed to invest in a parka as well; the rain was harsh on my umbrella.

The boys had on similar blazers, the same shade of dark teal with the school mascot patch on the front like mine. They also had on white collared shirts, which peeked out from beneath their jackets, also like mine. The only thing about their uniform that looked different, were the pants. All of the boys wore tan colored pants; similar to the pair I had at home.

I glanced around at the boy's ankles, some of them wore boots, and some wore sneakers. The cuffs of their pants had turned dark brown from the rainwater. I momentarily wondered why Forks High would want their students to wear beige pants where it rained all the time.

My first few classes went by easily enough. In each class, students would turn and stare at me or sometimes introduce themselves. It was awkward, but okay I guess. I blushed a lot and stuttered when asked questions about my life in Phoenix.

In English I sat next to a small girl named Alice. She was very petite, had short crazy black hair and heavy black eyeliner. She smiled widely, flashing a set of perfect white teeth before introducing herself.

"Hi. I'm Alice Brandon." She stuck her hand out for me to shake.

I smiled at the gesture and took her hand. "Bella Swan."

We were quiet during the lecture, and when our teacher dismissed us early, Alice offered to walk me to the cafeteria for lunch.

She talked about the school and the students there, pointing groups of people out as we passed through the round tables in the cafeteria. Alice told me she had moved to Forks only a few years ago with her mom, so she understood what it was like to be a new kid at Forks High.

"Fuck 'em," she said as we passed a group of girls who stared at me. They were all giggling, their eyes bright with recognition. "They're just staring at you because you're something new to look at. Don't worry, they'll all settle down in a few weeks. Soon, you'll be old news." Alice offered me a wide smile.

Her confidence made me smile back. I decided I really liked Alice.

"So anyway," she continued as we stood in the very long lunch line, "I hang out with a small group of people. They're right over there." She gestured to a table near the back of the room.

My eyes swept across the handful of faces. There were two other girls over there and about five or six boys. And then suddenly, my eyes landed on a head covered with wild bronze colored hair. I could see his profile.

Oh my God. Edward?

A boy next to him whispered something in his hear, and then his head turned towards me, his eyes meeting my gaze before they flickered to Alice beside me.

Is that really the Edward I remember?

The bronze haired boy met my gaze again. He stared back for a second before his eyebrows pulled together in a frown. He seemed annoyed by my scrutiny, before looking away.

I swallowed thickly. Maybe he didn't recognize me.

"Bella," I heard Alice call. The line had moved.

I grabbed a ham and cheese sandwich, an apple and a bottle of water before paying and following Alice towards her friend's table.

I approached slowly, watching him, the bronze haired boy.

Is it really him?

"Guys and gals," Alice said loudly and cheerfully, calling her friends attention. "This is Bella. She just moved here." Alice gestured to me and I met many curious, but friendly smiles. "This is Rosalie and Jasper Hale," she gestured to the tall blonde girl and boy, the obvious twins. They both smiled at me and waved. "Angela Weber, Eric Yorkie, Mike Newton," Alice pointed to the thin brunette girl, the boy with bad acne, and the tall blonde boy with short spiky hair. Mike cracked a slightly flirtatious smile. "And Emmett and Edward Cullen," she gestured to the tall burly guy and the tall bronze haired boy.


I smiled at each of them as I set my tray down, but my eyes lingered on Edward.

He smiled at me, but his face held no recognition what so ever.

I was sure it was the Edward I knew, but why didn't he recognize me?

Edward and I were friends once, when we were kids, before my mother and Charlie divorced and she moved me away from Forks. We were friends as toddlers. His mother's name was Elizabeth and she used to come over to our place with Edward all the time. They used to hang out with my mom and me.

Our parents had met at a book club in Port Angeles. I had a picture of Edward and I in a small jewelry box I had brought with me from Phoenix. I never forgot about Edward, he was my first friend, my first playmate. I remembered the first few time I came back to Forks to visit Charlie, I had been almost ten years old by then, and I had asked my mom about Edward and Elizabeth. My mom told me she had lost contact with Liz since the move and assumed Liz had moved out of Forks as well. I tried to ask Charlie about them, but he said he didn't know an Elizabeth with a son named Edward.

I glanced up at Edward once again, sitting across from me.

His eyes were on Eric, who was telling an animated story about a fight Mike had gotten into down at First Beach. Edward laughed along with the others, never meeting my gaze.

I knew that face, that hair, those eyes. He had to be the same boy, yet he didn't recognize me at all.

My eyes flickered to Jasper, who sat a few feet away from me. As soon as my eyes met his, he dropped his gaze looking away.

I turned my attention back to my food, feeling embarrassed about being caught ogling Edward Cullen.

The bell rang soon after and Alice, Angela and I made our way out of the cafeteria.

"What class do you have next?" Angela asked.

I dug my schedule out of my coat pocket and studied it. "Biology with Mr. Banner."

"Oh," Alice said. "You have Bio with Edward." Alice peeked over her shoulder, searching the school grounds with a frown. "He could have walked you to class."

"I can find it on my own," I said. My face suddenly felt hot from my blush.

"Well, there's Mike," Angela pointed out behind us. "He has Biology this hour too."

We stopped walking and waited for Mike to catch up.

"What other classes do you have?" Alice asked as she peeked at my schedule over my shoulder.

"Um, I have Gym last." I shrugged. Only in a town this small would they make their students take Gym four years in a row.

"Me too," Alice and Angela said excitedly. "We'll see you in Gym then."

I smiled at them.

"Mike," Alice said as Mike Newton approached. "Bella has Bio too. You should walk her to class. The rooms don't have numbers on them."

Alice gave me a smile before heading in the opposite direction. "See you later, Bella."

Angela waved as she walked off with Alice.

I waved back at them before turning towards Mike.

"This way, madam," he said with much enthusiasm. "So," he began, "Phoenix, huh?"


"I bet living in Forks is a real pain in the ass compared to Phoenix."

"I guess," I shrugged. "Have you even been to Phoenix?"

"No, but I used to live in California before my family moved us here. So, I can understand if you miss the sun and the heat."


Mike gave me a nod, letting the topic drop.

We entered the Biology classroom, then. I looked around, taking in the black tops and stools. Mr. Banner introduced himself before signing my slip and sending me over to the single empty seat.

Beside that single empty seat sat Edward Cullen.

I walked over slowly and placed my backpack on the lab table.

Edward met my gaze and offered me a small smile.

I smiled back before sitting down.

Mr. Banner began his lecture, so I pulled out my composition book and a pen.

For some reason, I was hyper aware of the boy sitting next to me, though I tried my best to ignore him. As the hour slowly ticked by, I caught myself studying his every move, searching for the boy I used to know all those years ago. If I was being honest with myself, I didn't really remember him that well. Just the way he looked, and the sound of his voice, though it was a lot deeper now. After all, it was over ten years ago.

I found myself analyzing the way his right hand swept across his notebook, as he took notes. He was using a blue pen, and I momentarily wondered if it was because he knew the fun fact that you were more likely to memorize what you've written if you wrote in blue ink.

My eyes traveled up his firm forearm, exposed because his sleeve was pushed up to his elbow, and then my eyes moved up towards his face.

I took in the messy hair that fell over his forehead, his forward brow as he concentrated on his notes, his straight nose, the pucker of his full lips as he chewed on the cap of his pen. The slight stubble on his prominent jaw.

My eyes slid down the curve of his back as he hunched over, deep in concentration. There was some muscle there; I could see it through the thin fabric. He was totally and completely unaware of me. He didn't look at me once.

After a moment, Edward suddenly let out a low sigh before straightening up to stretch as he turned the page in his notebook. His head turned and his bright green eyes met mine.

He cocked me crooked smile, catching my curious stare, before turning back to his notes. He looked away much quicker than I did, and I blushed aggressively.

His smile wasn't smug, it was just an acknowledgment. And still I noticed his eyes held absolutely no interest or familiarity.

Again I was surprised by the fact that he didn't recognize me. Not even the tiniest bit.

The class ended and Edward was out of the room before I had the chance to finish packing up my stuff. He didn't say bye to me either.

I walked quickly towards the gym with Mike, my umbrella pulled low over our heads.

Gym was fine, I guess. I didn't have to dress, so I spent the hour talking to Alice and Angela on the bleachers, watching the boys play basketball on the other side of the gym.

Edward wasn't there.

"So, what are you doing after school?" Alice asked me as she threw a quick glance at Angela.

"I don't know. Nothing, I guess."

"Well, a few of us are gonna hang out over to my place after school," Alice said. "We usually just hang out for a few hours, listen to music…" she lowered her voice, "… have a beer."

I nodded slowly. "Who's going?"

"Well," Alice looked thoughtful as she glanced around the gym, "mainly its just our usual crowd. You know, the gang from lunch."

"Um, sure. I'll go." I hesitated. "I don't really have a ride though. I still haven't had a chance to get a car yet."

"Oh!" Alice exclaimed. "Don't worry about that. We can car pool. It'll be fun."

"Are you sure, Alice? I don't want to be a burden to take home." I felt a little embarrassed about the whole thing. I barely knew any of them, and I didn't want to ask for a ride.

And honestly, the idea of hanging out with Edward made me really nervous for some reason. I still couldn't believe that he was probably the same boy from my childhood.

I shook my head.

"Don't be silly!" Alice said. "We're friends, Bella. It'll be fine."

I nodded. "I have to tell my dad, then. He's supposed to pick me up after school."

"Go and call him," Angela said, gesturing towards the double door that led out of the gym.

Angela turned away from me and started talking to Alice about Eric. "I don't know what's been up with Eric," she murmured. "I mean, we've made out a few times already. Why won't he ask me to be his girlfriend?"

I pulled out my phone from my backpack and made my way over to the gym doors. Again, I couldn't help but run my hand over my ass, to make sure my skirt hadn't ridden up. I knew I had shorts on underneath, but it didn't really ease my modesty. I felt so exposed whenever I walked around. I could feel my skirt swish against my thighs right bellow my butt.

I tugged on the hem of my skirt again.

"Dad?" I said when Charlie answered the phone.

"Are you out already, Bells? I thought you didn't get out until 3."

"No, I'm in Gym right now. I was just calling to tell you that I won't be needing a ride home today. I made some friends during lunch and they offered to give me a ride."

"Oh." Charlie hesitated. "Okay, then."

"Is that alright?" I asked. I didn't like the idea of asking for permission.

"Of course, honey," he said. "That's fine."

"Okay, well, I might be home just a little late. A few of us are going to hang out after school for a few hours." I hesitated.

I felt like I was being rude, not hanging out with Charlie after my first day of school. But it wasn't like we had much of a relationship anyway. I hadn't even seen Charlie that much over the past twelve years.

"Sure, Bella. Have fun, and be safe."

I said goodbye and hung up before heading back towards Alice and Angela on the bleachers.

Gym ended soon after that and the three of us walked together towards the parking lot. Angela was still going on about Eric while Alice tried to assure her that he was interested.

"Just tell him you want to go out with him," Alice said.

"But what if I do that and he thinks I'm like, too forward or something? What if I scare him off?" Angela's voice pitched with desperation.

I sighed. I never had boy trouble like this. I never even had a boyfriend before, and had never even come close to asking a boy out. Hell, I've only ever kissed a guy… once.

"You're an independent woman. Don't be so fucking shy, Ang." Alice sounded exasperated.

"I guess you're right," Angela shrugged.

From across the parking lot, I saw Edward, Mike and Emmett leaning against a shiny Volvo C30.

The three of us walked over towards the boys, Alice and Angela laughing about something I didn't catch, while I stayed quiet beside them with my umbrella held over my head.

"Hey, guys," Alice called as we approached.

Mike's eyes traveled up my knee-high socks and bare thighs.

I flushed embarrassed and looked away, resisting the urge to tug on the hem of my skirt again. Alice and Angela were both wearing thick black tights under their skirts; their legs hidden safe and sound beneath the fabric.

Emmett pushed off of the Volvo and moved towards Alice. "So, what's the plan?"

"It's the same plan," Alice said with a smile. "My place in thirty minutes. My mom is working overtime."

Emmett nodded before glancing at me. "You coming too, Bella?" he asked.

I nodded.

"Yeah, we invited her," Alice said. And then she looked over at Edward, who was perched against the driver's side of the silver car. "Hey, Edward. Do you think you can give Bella a ride?"

"Sure," Edward said with a nod. I met his gaze. He seemed open and friendly, not judging me in any way.

"I haven't had a chance to buy a car yet," I explained anyway. "I'm supposed to go car shopping this weekend."

"Its no big deal," he said. He dropped his eyes to the ground.

The rain was only a light drizzle. My eyes roamed over the wet stains on Edward's teal blazer and the dampness of his hair as he ran his hand through the thick auburn locks.

I swallowed thickly and looked away.

From a short distance, I saw Rosalie and Jasper approach. They greeted us, and Emmett explained that I would be riding with them. Mike said some remark about wanting to sit in the back seat with me, but Alice yanked on the back of his blazer pulling him towards Eric's car.

Rosalie, Jasper and I crawled into the small backseat of Edward's hatchback, me sandwiched between the twins.

"Hey," Emmett said as Edward sped down the road. "Let's stop at Stanley's Liquor. We need to buy beer."

Edward gave a slow nod before he made a left and then a right, speeding down the wet road before pulling over behind a small shop, which read Liquor in neon red lights.

We sat for a minute while Emmett, Jasper and Edward scrutinized the pedestrians walking into the store.

Author's Note:

Hi, there. So, looking back at some of my old fics, I've realized I struggle with angst and drama. I really want to explore that better here and not jump the gun with all of the intimacy. This story deals with teenage alcohol and drug abuse; don't read if this kind of thing makes you uncomfortable. I wanted this story to be realistic and have the raw experiences of being young and reckless, similar to the kinds of things I did as a teenager.

I have links to how I've interpreted Bella's uniform to look. I made a quick sketch of what I think her outfit would look like on the first day of school. The link is on my profile, in case you're like me and you like having a visual of what someone's describing. Lol

Kids, drugs and alcohol are bad for you. Please don't abuse those substances, or even use them if you can avoid it. I don't want to be the cause of any mishap. Like I've said, this story is mostly for fun. There will be some teen angst, sex, drug and alcohol abuse; but nothing too dangerous, I promise. There will also be some lemons in the future.

Till next time. xoxo