Waking up on the edge of an orgasm, Jess knew she had had the dream again, or was it a nightmare. Her breathing was heavy, her body covered in a film of sweat, as she had to bring herself off. It was always the same, a four poster bed, satin cream sheets, a golden duvet. She would lie there wondering how she got on the bed. The curtains around it would slowly close, as the breeze from the open window blew across her naked skin. The flames on the candles blew with the wind, making unusual designs on the walls, there were various candelabras around the room, allowing the candles to light it up with a soft glow. Feeling the bed move, she looked down as three naked woman, moved around her body, kissing her, stroking her, telling her they were getting her ready for her master. She would always ask the same question, who were they?.

Never would she get a reply, as they teased her body, she wanted to push them away, yet her arms wouldn't move she was caught within the dream, hating what they were doing, not able to stop her body from speeding to orgasm, just as she was about to hit it. She screamed waking herself up, as she hovered between sleep and awake she would always see him. Sat on a wooden chair, his arms folded, watching her as his women pleased her. She could make out his long black hair, his black hat that covered his eyes, black pants, boots, and top, with a leather trench coat. His hands were covered with fingerless gloves. As she came back to reality, she shouted who was he?. As she awoke, she always heard the same reply Your Master, as his emerald eyes bore into hers.

Jess was tired, she couldn't keep going on like this, it felt like months since she had a good night's sleep, and it was certainly effecting her collage work. At 20 years old, she was studying, alternative medicine, along with dark arts. It had always fascinated her, the good versus evil. Both her parents were into witchcraft, helped along with them being born that way. Jess knew a great deal about magic and could do a variety of spells, thanks to the training her parents had given her.

Yet they never worked in her dream, she wanted the women gone and to just see who the hell this person in black was. Heading into her classroom, she sat at the back hoping that no one would noticed her should she steal a quick nap.

Watching from the corner of the room, hidden in the shadows, he sensed her before she entered. There she was, wow she was beautiful, in her cropped top, shorts and bikers boots. At 5ft with long red hair she stood out, as much as he loved her outfit, he much preferred her naked on his bed. Like he had her each night, maybe one day he would have the guts to get up from the chair, and touch her. Instead of letting his whores, almost get her off, he wanted to do it, yet the timing wasn't right. She didn't know how special she was, what she would come to mean in his world. Should he make himself known to her, no he would wait. She looked exhausted, that was his fault, going into, her dreams and taking her from them, working her into his. He was selfish, he needed to let her catch up on the sleep he had taken from her. He was cruel to most people, hurt ones who had dared to cross his path. However this one was different , he didn't want to hurt her in anyway. In time she would find out who she was, then that was when all hell would break loose.

Tonight he would let her sleep, in fact he would let her sleep for a week, let her feel safe in her dreams, then he would show himself. The fun would begin.

Jess had slept for a whole week, she felt so much better, so refreshed, glad that the dreams she had were now gone. Seeing her friends at the canteen, she joined them, laughing and joking as they made their way to class.

He had seen her, watched her from where he stood, the time had come.

"Well class as you know Mr Irvine has now left us, and we have two new teachers, for this semester, as this is the last few minutes of your lesson I have some people I would like you to meet"

Hearing the groans, Jess laughed none of them had liked him, so why be like that, she had a soft spot for Mr Irvine, he taught her the darker side of magic, a spell that only she would need. When she asked him what it was for. He confirmed that she would know when the time was right. Hearing the bell, the class was ready to finish for the week.

"Right everyone, before you go, I would like you to meet your new teachers, Mr Calaway, and Mr Jacobs" Jess looked over not too interested until her eyes met his, fuck it was him from her dreams. What was he doing here, yes her new teacher, oh god was that what he meant by her master, why had he been in her dreams.? Thank god he didn't seem to know who she was, if she sneaked out round the back of the class, she could make it, before the class emptied.

There she was, more beautiful then he remembered, had it only been a week since he last had her near him. His body reacted to her presence the minute he stepped into the room, it always did, he had no hold over that. She was his other half, the one made to take him, yet she was so small to his size, so petite, would she be able to do what was needed off her. As he spoke with some of the students and his brother Glenn with the others, he saw her sneak out, he would give her the space she needed.

"She's gone brother"

"Leave her, she knows who I am I could see her reaction in her eyes, on her face. I will visitor her tonight, this time we both will" Glenn smiled, the time had come, she would get to meet her lovers, his brother Mark would be her first, both had monitored her since she was born, knowing she had never given herself to anyone. Male or female, Mark had tempted her with his whores, but she held herself back, pleasuring herself whilst alone. He had watched her from the corner of her room, wishing the time was now, yet at the time, she was not ready to deal with it, now she was and unlike most brothers, Mark liked to share, with his.

Jess arrived back home, her parents would be away for another few weeks it felt lonely without them, yet they had protected the house from dangers that they knew. Neither had known that Mark and Glenn were edging closer to her, if they had they would have taken her with them. Not allowing either men to have her, as far as they were concerned she wasn't at the age yet to be in any danger, her 21st birthday wasn't for another 10 months. Little did they know Mark had moved the goal posts to his liking, he had watched her the last few months, seen her naked on his bed, tempted her with his whores, it had been too much, His inner beast wanted her, craved to have her submit to it, her time had come, to be one with him.

Jess settled down for the night, looking forward to a good night's sleep, as her body fell down into the dark bliss, she cuddled further into her duvet. Her body slid across the sheets, oh please god not again, she didn't dare open her eyes, knowing if she did she would be back on that four poster bed. She could already feel the satin sheets under her, as her naked body moved on them, this time she stayed under, not wanting to come out. She waited for the women to climb on the bed, and waited, slowly opening one eye, she peek through the gap in the covers, shit he was there again, this time someone was stood next to him. Closing her eyes too, she willed herself awake, why couldn't he just leave her alone. In fact fuck this enough was enough, throwing the covers back, she sat up,

"What the fuck do you want Calaway?" yes she knew his damn name and she was going to sort this out.

"Ahh, you finally realise what to do" now she was confused.

"What?. All you seem to want to do is watch me being got off by women, what are you some sick fucking pervert, go get yourself a woman, or is that what is wrong you, can't get it up for a woman, is it men that do it for you?" Mark was taken back by her cocky attitude, was this really his other half taking to him like this, his soul mate. No way, if she was she would know who he was and what he had come for, most importantly she would respect him. Glenn had found the whole episode hilarious, here was his brother the reaper of souls, the damn undertaker, being told off by a 20 year old mortal. This he would have to tell the underworld, ok with the look Mark was shooting at him, he wouldn't be telling a soul.

Mark had taken his eyes from Jess, not seeing her move towards the burning candle next to the bed. Fuck it was too late, watching her disappear before his eyes. Jess had moved quick when Mark had heard the snigger from the other man. If she got to the candle she could use the heat to burn her skin, waking her up from this nightmare. As she lifted her arm above the flame, she saw the shock in Mark's eyes, feeling the heat burn her skin, she woke up, not before she had chance to flip him the bird. He had given her some power, she knew who he was, she had heard about him from ancient past. He was a reaper, the stealer of souls, what would he want with hers.