sakura had yet another dream...

in this dream she was just waking up and when she looked over to see if naruto was there, he wasn't. so she got up to go find him. he wasn't in the kitchen, or the bathroom and he obviously wasn't in the bedroom. "maybe he needed some air" she thought. she walked out side and leaned against the arm rail and looked around. then, she heard a scream. "that sounded like naruto" she said running down the stairs and around the corner to see naruto, but the akatsuki member tobi had him.

"naruto!" she tried to scream but not a single sound escaped her lips.

she looked around frantically and realized the were hundreds of people just walking by as if they didn't even see him. she tried to scream again but she still couldn't speak. as she turned back to tobi and naruto she could tell even though he had a mask on that tobi was smiling. he had pulled out a kunai knife and was raising it. she ran towards them but every step she took they got further away. the knife met naruto's neck and as it pierced his skin. she awoke.

she was breathing hard and as she looked over at naruto, she started crying in relief and happiness. naruto was still alive but she was still crying, and was all shook up. naruto had a disturbing awakening when he heard sakura crying, he quickly sat up.

"whats wrong?" he asked.

"i...i thought you were dead" she said, a tremble in her voice.

"what are you talking about sakura im right here" he said shocked.

"i had a nightmare, and you were killed and i couldn't stop it" she said before crying harder.

"come here" he said opening his arms for a hug. she leaned into his chest and he hugged her tightly. "it's ok sakura, im right here" he said rubbing her back. "nothings gunna happen to me, i promise."

after a few moments she rushed out of his arms.

"i need to go to the bathroom, ill be right back." she said hustling out of the room.

naruto felt his way to the kitchen and sat down at the table. sakura came out of the bathroom a few seconds later.

"naruto, get dressed what are you doing!" she yelled.

"sakura i can't see remember" naruto reminded.

"well im sorry i had to go to the bathroom" she bitched

"sakura, are you ok?" he asked.

sakura sat down next to him.

"no, im having my monthly visitor" she answered.

"who?" naruto asked confused.

"naruto, your so having my period" she said.

"whats that?" he asked.

"are you serious?" she asked surprised. naruto said he was serious by answering with silence.

she took about ten minutes and explained it to him.

"do you understand" she asked. naruto began to laugh.

"im not that stupid sakura even i know your not supposed to bleed from down there" he said.

"im serious naruto!" she yelled.

naruto stopped laughing. "thats gross" he answered.

"its worse for me to because im a medic-ninja, so its all compressed into 12-14 hours." she exclaimed.

"so your gunna be a bitch for the next 12-14 hours?" he asked.

"damn strait, now lets go get you dressed" she said sounding calmer then a few moments ago.

she took him into his room and had him sit on the bed, wail she looked through his clothes.

"is everything you own orange?" she asked.

"i like orange" he said.

"well, were gunna have to get you some new clothes one of these times." she stated.

"that'd be fun" he said excited.

she got him dressed into a fresh pair of orange boxers, a white-T that had a konoha symbol on it, and some orange jeans.

they walked back into the kitchen where sakura told him.

'' i gotta go see my mom today"

"do i have to go, i don't think your mom likes me" he said

"you never even met her" sakura said.

"sakura nobody in kohona likes me, besides my friends and teachers" he exclaimed.

"your such a fucking dick" she started sounding alittle pissed "im going for a walk alone, ill be back in an hour" she said storming out. right passed tsunade, acting like she didn't notice.

tsunade walked in the open front door and asked "whats wrong with her"

"shes on her period thing" he answered.

"what time did it start?" she asked.

"i dunno, she just told me like 15 minutes ago, what time is it?" he asked

"7:00" she answered "sakura will probably be better around 6:30 tonight"

"good, she wanted me to go to see her mom today" he said.

"so?" tsunade asked.

"new people always judge me falsely" he started "because of the kyuubi"

"bitch, how many times have i saved your sorry ass?" the kyuubi complained.

naruto ignored him.

"im sorry naruto, but your gunna have to go" she said.

"i know" he responded.

"are you hungry?" she asked.

"yeah can you get me some insta-roman? he asked

"sure" she answered.

after he ate tsunade asked.

"so how is everything going with you and sakura?" she asked

"what do you mean?" he puzzled.

"naruto, do you not realize i could have assigned a hundred different people to take care of you?"

"yeah i know" he answered not knowing what she was getting at.

"naruto, this is your chance to make a move" she said.

"ganny, i didn't realize you wanted me and sakura to get together." he said surprised.

"are you kidding, you two would be perfect together" she exclaimed.

"you really think so?" he asked.

"well you love her, and she obviously loves you." she stated

just then sakura walked in.

"hi, tsunade" she greeted.

"hey, sakura" she replied.

"can you give us a minute?" sakura asked "i need to talk to naruto"

"actually, i need to get back." tsunade answered "i have a huge stack of paperwork to do"

"ok, bye" sakura said

"cya later granny" naruto exclaimed.

"bye, be good you two" tsunade replied walking out the door.

sakura sat down.

"naruto, im sorry for being such a bitch to you" she apologized.

"no sakura, i shouldn't have bin such a dick either" he said apologizing as well.

she kissed him on the cheek. "thanks naruto"

"when do we gotta go see your mom" he asked.

"in a half hour" she said. "which means your taking a shower"

"i can handle it myself" he assured.

"don't worry, im just gunna be in the bathroom to make sure you dont fall" she told him.

"ok" he said standing up.

sakura took his hand and led him to the bathroom. she undressed him. turned on the water and guided him in. then she sat on the toilet lid and waited. after he was done she dressed him and took a shower herself.

they both exited the room into the kitchen, ready for the day.

they left and walked a long while, talking.

"so is your mom nice?" he asked.

"my mom is always nice to new people." she answered "just make a good impression"

"ill try" he told her

"are you excited?" she asked.

"kinda, i wanna see how she reacts to me" he stated.

they arrived and sakura took him inside.

sakura's mom looked at them and her eyes became wide "get him out of my house" she said frightened.

"mom! thats rude" sakura yelled.

"i don't want that demon in my house" she yelled pointing at naruto.

"some family they got here" the kyuubi exclaimed.

"he's not the fox mom, the fox is locked away in his humanbody!" sakura yelled.

"i don't care, i want him out now!" sakura's mom screamed back.

"you know what, fine!" sakura said.

she immediately grabbed naruto by the collar, pulling him into a long kiss.

"im leaving on my date, with naruto!" sakura yelled once more, taking him by the hand and stomping out.

"im sorry about that naruto, i should have listened to you" sakura apologized.

"its ok, sakura" naruto excepted.

"do you wanna go to the roman shop for our first date?" sakura asked.

"wait, where seriously going on a date" naruto said excitedly.

"why not, i love you and you love me" she exclaimed.

"ok ya, lets go get some roman." he answered.

they arrived at the roman shop shortly. sitting down and ordering.

"i really am sorry about that" sakura said again.

"it's ok sakura, really." naruto said "im used to it"

they received there roman and slurped it down.

"so what are we doing tonight?" naruto asked.

"i dunno, i think its supposed to be nice tonight." she exclaimed.

"well after this you wanna go see somebody?" naruto asked.

"like who" sakura replied.

"how about kiba?" naruto asked.

"ok, yeah lets do that" sakura stated.

they finished eating and left on there way to kiba's house.

"you think he'll be home" sakura asked.

"i dont know" he started "we'll find him" he finished as the approached kiba's door, and knocked.

"hi kids, lookin' for kiba?" she asked.

"yea, is he home?" sakura uttered.

"no, i think he's hanging out with hinata." she exclaimed.

"do you know where?" sakura asked.

"um, i think he was taking her out." his mom answered.

"what!?" naruto and sakura asked.

"yeah, isn't that cute" kiba's mom exclaimed.

"well, we'll find him" sakura stated.

"ok, ill see you kids later" she said.



naruto and sakura walked around everywhere looking for there friend. they checked the pool house, the park, the flower shop, the training grounds, and even the grocery store. they couldn't find them.

"hey guys" an anonymous voice called.

sakura stopped, and looked around.

"up here"

sakura looked up to see kiba and hinata sitting in a tree.

"oh, we've bin looking for you two" sakura exclaimed.

"here to congratulate us?" kiba asked.

"we just heard the news" naruto exclaimed.

kiba and hinata climbed down.

"yea" kiba answered rubbing the back of his head.

"so when did this start?" sakura asked.

"the other day, after everyone had lunch" hinata exclaimed alot less shyly, then normal.

"well, how about you and naruto" kiba asked. "i mean look your still holding his hand" kiba said pointing to there hands.

"actually, we just got back from our first date" sakura exclaimed.

"good, so you guys finally got over yourselves" he asked grinning.

"shut up, kiba" sakura stated.

"i was just joking" he stated. "you guys wanna go back to my house?" he asked.

"sure" naruto responded.

"yea lets do that" sakura stated.

"how 'bout you hinata" kiba asked.

"yeah, it sounds like fun" she answered.

they walked back to kiba's house.

"what do you guys wanna do" kiba asked.

"i dunno this is your house" sakura said.

"we can have some, coke and just chill" kiba stated

"ok" sakura responded.

"sounds good" naruto answered.

they all sat in the living room, sipping some soda.

"so what are you two doing today?" hinata asked.

"not really much, except we gotta go to tsunade's for naruto's check up at 12:00" sakura answered.

"uh, sakura it's 11:46 now..." kiba exclaimed pointing at his clock.

"oh shit, sorry guys we gotta go" sakura shouted before grabbing naruto's hand and rushing out of the house.

"you didn't tell me i had a check-up today" naruto stated.

"yeah, well now we're gunna be late!" sakura said still in a rush.

naruto and sakura rushed and arrived at the mansion at 11:58.

they burst through the door.

"sorry we're late" sakura apologized.

"its alright, just bring him here." tsunade exclaimed pointing at the chair in front of her desk.

naruto took a seat.

"now, lets see those eyes" tsunade said removing the wrap from his face. "can you see anything?"

"light" he said "i can see blurry light"

"well, then you should be better before tonights over." she said smiling. "but sakura still needs to stay with you the rest of the week, cuz im not doing the extra paper work now."

"ok" sakura exclaimed.

"you can go now" tsunade said smiling.

"bye" sakura said

"cya, granny" naruto said "thanks"

"don't have to much fun" tsunade said grinning.

naruto and sakura were now on there way home.

"how good can you see?" sakura asked.

"its getting better quick!" he said happily.

"you heal so fast" she exclaimed.

"your welcome" the kyuubi exclaimed.

"yeah, are you hungry?" naruto asked.

"naruto we like, just ate" she said.

"but im hungry" he complained.

"ok, lets go get some more raman" she stated.

they got raman again.

while eating, naruto asked. "what are we doing after this?"

"i thought maybe we could go shopping" she answered.

"for what?"

"your new clothes" she answered.

"can we just wait for tomorrow" he asked.


"because its getting late and i wanna take you somewhere" he answered.

"where" she asked.

naruto looked outside.

"common ill show you" he said taking her hand and rushing out of the shop.

"where are we going" sakura asked now running.

"just hurry up we're gunna miss it"

"miss what" she asked

"we're almost there" he started "you'll see"

they approached some stairs that looked like they went forever, they ran up them.

naruto stopped at the top and pointed off the cliff side.

"that" he said pointing at a setting sun that was behind a view of all of konoha.

"its amazing" she said in disbelief.

naruto lied back on the ground and instructed sakura to do the same.

they both lied there looking at the blue receding sky. and with every passing moment a star would become visible.

sakura turned to naruto at the same time he turned to her.

"i havent seen your eyes in so long" she started. "there a cute shade of blue"

"sakura i havent seen you in forever, you look so beautiful." he said

she then kissed him until the sky was completely dark.

"we should head home now" he said.

she nodded in agreement.

they got home a little after ten but they were both ready for bed. they walked into the bedroom, dropped some layers and hopped in bed.

sakura hit the lights. they laid there for a moment when sakura scooted closer and cuddled into naruto before they both fell asleep.