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Chapter 1- Small Miracle

Predaking growled deeply, sitting in an isolated room. The great beast needed to be alone. HE was alone….All his kind, gone. Such a quick and devastating explosion…More would soon be created, But how soon?! This, Megatron nor Shockwave had specified. It angered him deeply. But nothing did so more than the Autobots unwarranted destruction of the young Predacons.

He felt his claws dig deep into the berth he sat on, as he struggled to contain his anger. There was nothing for it, but escape the confines of the Nemesis for some time. Megatron would not allow his actions, so he walked the halls quietly, till he reached the outer deck, transforming and flying of into the stormy sky, as lightning danced around him.

Soundwave stood in the shadows, watching. He sent his feed to Megatron, standing beside Shockwave as the watched the images move across the screen.
"He may become more trouble than he is worth." Megatron noted, scowling.
"My liege, it will be some time before Project Predacon can be fully resurrected to its former level, however, if you are troubled by this act of disobedience, I may have something which may control him effectively." Shockwave spoke. Megatron raise a brow curiously.
"Enlighten me, Shockwave."

The beast flapped its wings with great power, forcing the air beneath him down, sending him higher and higher into the turbulent storm clouds. The wind howled as the planet's forces demonstrated their power to the dragon. But he was unimpressed, and uninterested. Nature was nothing to him. Every crack of thunder that filled the air with electricity was nothing more than a minuscule static shock.

Everything served to free his anger, his pain and sadness. He continued to flap his wings with such power, until he rose high above the clouds, above the storm. And all fell silent. The moon shone brightly above the planet. In this cool tranquil part of the atmosphere, the dragon slowed to nothing more than a gentle glide, relaxing. His thoughts swam through his head.

I, Predaking, hardly created not long ago and already I feel pain and anguish….My brethren…I mourn your lost and seek for you vengeance. Those Autobots will pay. They will ALL pay…..

He continued to glide of various air pockets were he could, loosing himself in endless thoughts. Sighing, the Predacon turned back, diving sharply into the clouds below, back into the turmoil of the early days of his life.

Landing on the outer deck, he transformed. He had been gone a long time, and the storm was only now beginning to let up. Light rain fell and dripped of his magnificent armour, and the sunlight began to pierce through the clouds. With a thoughtful look upon his face, he slowly approached the doors, when they suddenly opened.

Megatron looked up at him, not pleased at all. Predaking looked surprised for a moment, before bowing to his master.

" Forgive me, my master. I know I should have sought your permission before-"

" An oversight, Predaking." Megatron growled. Predaking again looked on surprised, standing up straight.

" I thank you for your mercy, Master." Predaking then said, unsure of what to make of his masters actions. Something in his optics shone with cunning, and knowledge of something. It intrigue Predaking greatly, who was becoming more and more acute to his masters actions and ambitions. At this moment, It only seemed that Megatron wanted to hint at something else, keeping what ever was on his processors behind an unbreakable façade. The master turned and began to walk away.

"Come. There is a surprise for you."

It was silent as Predaking followed his master. Megatron did not speak, Nor make any gesture.

" My lord, may I ask-"

"A surprise, My Predacon servant." Megatron hissed, a gentle but subtle reminder of who was in charge, and of the meaning of the words.

Predaking withheld himself, but something seemed to fire up in the back of his processor. Something that had nagged him for a while now. But he silenced it. Megatron finally entered a room, the med bay, where Knockout and Starscream stood.

The two were less than pleased to once again be in the company of the fowl beast, but they hid their true nature. They both bowed to the tyrant.

"Greetings, Lord Megatron. Everything is ready." Knockout smiled, knowing fully the details of what was going on. Starscream merely spoke with a sour taste on his glossa.

" Yes, Shockwave said he would be arriving shortly with…the…surprise…may I incline to ask what exactly this 'surprise' is?" Starscream attempted, appealing to lord Megatron. Megatron just snarled, and turned to face Predaking.

" The lost of your brethren would have no doubt upset you deeply. I have already promised revenge, and that Project Predacon will be resurrected." Megatron said, looking Predaking in the optics. He could see the emotions inside the Predacon; happiness, shock, and the taste for revenge.

" I am humbly in your debt, master." Predaking bowed. "But I must ask, when, and how long till more can stand by my side?"
Megatron thought about his answer carefully before giving it.

"All attempts will be made to make the project as fast as can be, Predaking. However, I can not guarantee it's timescale."

He almost felt his anger disappear, his emotions no longer the turbulent storm it had been. He had an answer, not satisfactory, but it gave hope to the Predacon. Soon. He would be joined by his brethren soon. He knelt on the floor showing his respect, which, after the earlier comment, was re-earned. Megatron smiled as he watched the beast kneel before him. Looking up behind the Predaking, he saw Shockwave enter, carrying something.

"Rise, Predaking. I do not wish to see you in such a state. With much of the project destroyed, creating full Predacons may take much longer this time, however…" Megaton spoke with sickly sympathy, making both Knockout and Starscream exchange a glance.

"It seems a young proto-form, the last to be created, was not present in the explosion…Shockwave, if you please." Megatron said, gesturing.

Predaking turned in surprise, having not noticed the mech enter. He looked at the scientist, and then down to his hands, where he held something that froze the great Predacon to his core. He couldn't remove his own optics away from it.

"A Predacon sparkling." Shockwave spoke, holding the small creature out towards the Predaking.

"Wait-What? Now there are sparklings of these things too- OW!" Starscream said in alarm as Knockout dug his elbow into his side, signalling him to shut up.
They all watched as Predaking seemed unable to act, or even decide what exactly he should do. He was…confused. Having seen his brethren so much more fully developed, it seemed impossible that he, and his brethren, such proud beasts, could come from something so small…

"A small miracle, Is she not?" Megatron spoke, stepping forward. Predaking shook his helm.

" She….?….I…do not understand…"
Megatron hid a grin as Shockwave explained.

"It seems Predacon sparklings and our own sparklings share a similar growth and development. It was necessary therefore, to keep them out of the incubating pods, until they were strong enough to handle the solution. She was the last one, but was not transferred to my lab."
Megatron took the young Predacon and placed it within Predaking's servos. The great Predacon seemed even more unsure, afraid he would drop the small delicate female Predacon.

She was a light red colour, with soft features, clear of the proto-metal still to develop fully. She had small bird like wings, possibly dragon wings, but it was too soon to tell. Her face plates were slightly translucent, smooth and soft. Her tiny servos, almost soft claws, were held against her little chest, where he make out the little Predacon spark that beat within her. A small but rounded tail was wrapped up close to her body. Predaking marveled at the small beast.

Slowly, without warning, the young creature stirred in his servos, her little optics flickering on as she yawned.

"Meow-yeoww-" The small thing let out a rough noise, high-pitched, as it yawned. Bright yellow optics like his shined up at him. Curiosity, wonder, and feral optics seemed to render him speechless still.

Knockout came up beside him to inspect the young thing.

"Got to admit, it's a cute little thing." He said, as the little creatures optics darted instantly to him. "And seems to have excellent reactions." He noted.

"Cute now- wait till grows up." Starscream grumbled, already greatly dismayed. " And how, exactly do you plan to take care of such a….cute…creature?" Starscream asked, taking a good look at the young creature for himself, but Predaking pulled her away from his gaze.

Starscream to glowered silently

"While she will grow naturally, her growth rate will be slightly slower than those incubated. However, Predacon sparklings grow much more quickly than our own sparklings, So it will not be long. While there is nothing to show how Predacon young were raised, I conclude that it cannot be that different to our own sparklings However, since you are the only Predacon, it seems only logical that you alone care for it. I can assist from time to time, only to make sure she receives what is necessary to grow." Shockwave spoke, as he and Megatron turned to leave.

Predaking looked down at the little creature, already grabbing one of his finger. He was not really suggesting... No. No, NO.

"I am a warrior, not a babysitter-"

"Well then, perhaps Starscream can look after your precious little Predacon…" Megatron suggested, already finding the idea amusing. The seeker looked at his master in horror.

"What?! You would have to send me to the pits first before I even touched that thing!" Starscream said, standing with great pride for himself to not be reduced to such a lowly task. Predaking growled lightly, knowing exactly how he had been treated by the ignorant seeker.

" I would not have you near her anyway." He growled deeply. Another growl brought his attention to the Predacon youngling. She repeated the noise again.

Knockout grinned.

"Looks like someone is already beginning to learn."

Megatron looked back, watching as the young thing continued to repeat Predakings growls.

" Predaking, this may be unexpected, and not suited to a beast like you, however, pray she never finds herself in the hands of the Autobots. I would hate to think what they would do to her, after what they did to you brethren." Megatron's last words seemed to clinch the deal, as he watched Predaking subconsciously bring the creature closer to him, almost cradling his only kin. Megatron turned, hiding the evil grin on his faceplates.

"Starscream, Knockout, come. Let us leave the new… sire, to become more acquainted with his youngling."

" Don't forget to name the youngling." Knockout winked, as he followed everyone out.

Suddenly, he was left alone, holding in his hands the only other of his kind. The little thing let out a another growl, and he gently stroked her little face. She suddenly brought one his fingers and began biting it ferociously, however she was too young to have the strength to cause any pain. He let out a small chuckle, watching the youngling then try her claws, making small noises.

You're a feral little one, aren't you?

He thought, as he watched her, her wild instincts telling her to explore everything with her teeth and claws. It reminded him of before he transformed to stand on two legs. That primal nature, raw and wild, driving everything he had done. No one on this ship was fit to raise her, if Starscream was anything to go by. He sighed. Shockwave was right. Who was better than a Predacon to raise a Predacon? But... He sighed. Why had they left him with it? He was a warrior.A warrior who fought in battles...not...a sire...

He watched as the youngling yawn, and curl up tightly while pressing against his chest. It was only him and her for now. The only two Predacons in existence.

I guess...I will have to learn to be a sire...

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