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Chapter 1

It was a cloudy day on Kadic Academy grounds. The Lyoko warriors did their usual stuff. Shower, eat, hang out by the vending machine, and talk about the news on Lyoko.

"Uh oh, Sissi at 12 o' clock!" said Odd. As soon as he said that Sissi had walked up with her pets following her. "Looks like the 'Geek Gang' has some clouds hanging over them." she said feeling like it was a good insult.

"Um, Sissi, you do know that the clouds are filling the-" Jeremie was cut off by a large squeal and an exhaust sound. Everyone payed attention to the vehicle outside, which was a bus. A brunette girl stepped out with A hood on that had a black background, a red cat on the right top side with a white outline. Almost black jeans that covered her legs entirely, and black and white sneakers.

"Look a new girl, and she looks very cute!" Odd said with a grin. Sissi pouted, and then said "You guys don't need another girl to join your group and make her do crazy things," she said angrily, and then glared at Odd, " and don't even think about going near her! Come on you two!"

Sissi walked off with Herve and Nicholas to see the new girl. "Looks like another point for Sissi then." Ulrich said as Sissi began to talk to the girl. The girl walked with her for a few seconds and then stopped suddenly. "Wait guys, watch I think something is going to happen!" Yumi said very interested in her abrupt stop.

The five of them looked up at Sissi and the new girl. As soon as Sissi turned she was greeted by a sneaker kicking her in the cheek. She fell and the girl bent down and jerked her shirt to have her focus, she said some words that no one else heard, then Sissi ran off crying helplessly.

Everyone on campus who saw that had their jaws dropped. The new girl looked up and gave a death glare to everyone around her. Then she walked on and sat on a bench, pulling out a laptop from her backpack.

As the Lyoko warriors snapped out of the shock they discussed about what just happened. "Did you see how she made Sissi run and cry like that? That was amazing!" Odd exclaimed. "And that kick was really on the spot." Yumi said with a smile.

A beeping alarm sounded off on Jeremie's laptop, he pulled it out and opened it. "Guys activated tower in the forest sector." The bell rang. "Quickly to the factory before Ji-" He bumped into Jim, the Gym teacher, and then he sighed, "For the 20 millionth time, class is that way!" He yelled pointing at the Kadic building."You can go and frolic with woodland creatures during lunch! Speaking of which, that rings a bell when I was a Forest Ranger. Eh, rather not talk about it." He broke out of the trance and turned back to the five. "Anyways, get to class right now!" he said in a more commanding voice.

The five went off to their classes and the new girl walked in with Mrs. Hertz, and she announced, "This is Cassandra, she is from the USA and is the new student in the class. Er, Cassandra, sit by Odd for now and take off that hood. Odd is over there in that row." She said pointing to him.

She took a seat, and class started.