by Starsinger

These are a series of short stories involving various members in the rebooted universe. I'm inviting people to participate by giving me ideas for continuing this story. My rules will be at the bottom of this short.

"Engineering to the Bridge," Scotty called, he sounded like he was exhausted. Kirk wasn't surprised. Today seemed to be the day for Murphy's Law to kick in. It wasn't the big things that were happening, it was little things. The warp core and environmental systems were fine. Random computer all over the ship seemed to short out. Two of the replicators in the enlisted mess, the lights in the greenhouse, one of the communication's boards in the bowels of the ship, and a whole bunch of other systems, while not terribly essential, were annoying.

"Bridge, here, what is it Mr. Scott?" Kirk answered.

"Captain, I hate to ask ye this, but all of my engineers are currently working on other systems and now McCoy has called sayin' he's havin' trouble wi' the beds. Can ye go down and hae a look?"

Kirk looked up at Spock who nodded, "I'll be down to get a kit in a minute, Scotty. Spock, you have the bridge."

Kirk knew the urgency in Sickbay. Last thing they needed was everything to crash down here during a battle. Kirk grabbed the last toolkit from Scotty and headed for Sickbay. Sure enough, as he entered the room, things were going haywire. Fortunately, there were no patients in Sickbay, but McCoy was being extremely conversant in swear words. They all looked up as Jim entered Sickbay and looked rather confused.

It took a moment after Kirk removed his gold shirt for them to realize just why he was down there. He started by removing the panel on the first bed, and everything looked fine. He went from bed to bed and finally hit a wall panel, looking at it thoughtfully. He pulled it off and sure enough things started sparking. He covered it back up before heading to a breaker panel and cutting off the power to that panel.

One of the nurses commented, "I didn't know the Captain was an engineer."

McCoy shook his head, "He has Doctorate in Engineering from the University of Moscow, but Scotty wouldn't have called him unless he was stretched thin."

They watched as Kirk went in, replaced and stripped wires, and pretty much rewired the entire panel before turning the power back on. Sure enough, all the biobeds sprang back to life. Kirk even lay down on one to ensure that it was working properly. It was. Kirk replaced the panel before turning to McCoy. "Anything else?" he asked.

"No, thank you, Jim," McCoy replied.

Jim grabbed his kit and his gold shirt and headed off to another request from the Engineer. McCoy knew that it was going to be a long day for anyone who had an engineering background. He could tell that from the way that Dr. Carol Marcus also strode by with a toolkit in her hands.

Here's the rules:

No requests for slash in this universe, especially between established heterosexual characters: ie Kirk, Spock, McCoy, etc. If you give me a good idea for a Mirror universe slash, I just might do it, but it had better be a VERY good idea.

Your OC's will be considered, but you need to send me a character with some very real details. Height, weight, species, general description and background.

Characters from the other series can be introduced, but, they need a plausible reason to be here. Saavik, T'Pol, Q, Archer, Porthos, Dax and others have been inserted into this universe by me with a way to be here.

I'm not above hurting a character if it makes a good story, not just Kirk, although he seems to be the easiest to pick on! lol

No permanent deaths of major characters. This includes the ones listed in number 3.

This story will last only as long as I keep getting ideas!

Only species found in the Star Trek universe will be allowed. You can make one up, as long as you give me a good description. If you tell me, big ears and no hair, I'm going to think Ferengi, so be a little more specific than that.

If you're interested in submitting an idea, either leave it in a review, or PM me. Starsinger out.