Full disclosure for why this story is not continuing;
It has been plagiarized. Word-for-word copypasting, direct use of scenes from Spritelight have been used in a different story on a different site.
I had reported it in 2013, before I stopped writing on it.
Admins on that site did nothing. I was told it was going to be allowed.

It stopped me from wanting to write.

They win; Spritelight will not continue.

Plagiarism is a very bad thing. When the admins on a fanfiction site pretend it does not happen, it makes writers stop writing.
It means the site itself is partaking in the criminal activity of plagiarism.

I won't say who plagiarised my story. I won't say what story plagiarised mine. I won't say which admin(s) refused to act on my behalf.
Only a site admin from that site will get that if they bother to ask me about it.
I won't openly break someone's reputation even if they deserve it.

Spritelight remains unfinished.