Harem Fic!

This shouldn't be a warning, since there's nothing wrong with LGBT people, but there will be 'yuri' and 'yaoi' here, so if it isn't your cup of tea...well, go try coffee.

Which is gross.

But I digress!

The brunette girl slowly walked up the steps to her highschool, nothing on her mind except for homework and trying to avoid the twins and Tamaki-sempai but knowing she ultimately couldn't.

So throughout the day, Haruhi Fujioka paid attention to her classes and did her work, all without a troubled mind and an unburdened heart.

"Hm?" Big brown eyes narrowed in suspicion. "Why?"

Kyoya sighed in boredom, only slightly interested in visiting her apartment. "Tamaki has stated that it's time to check up with your home life."

Kaoru chimed in, "I think milord is just trying to get in Ranka's good graces." Hikaru snickered.


"It's final!" Tamaki sang, slinging his arms around the shoulders of the brunette and raven hosts. "The car's ready and there are snacks!" He skipped off to the vehicle and everyone but Haruhi trailed off after him.

"But...my dad isn't here; he's..." She sighed, "Goddammit..."

A silver haired woman grasped for the key's lock, hesitating as pain washed over her entire form. Hands shaking, she tried to fit the key in properly. "Fit, damn you. Fit..."

The door opened, and she stumbled in, groaning in agony. "Son of a..." The small form tilted from side to side, and she managed to reach inside and promptly collapsed.

The limo stopped outside, and oddly enough no one was outside. "It's Friday," Haruhi explained, "they're all eating out." She took her sweet time unbuckling the seat belt and finishing her soft drink, before exiting the car. The hostess paused, pondering on why everyone seemed frozen in fear.

"Haruhi," Honey whispered, his eyes dark, "Your door is wide open."
Her heart stopped.