"So, what happened with...this?" Hikaru asked, stifling a laugh.

"This dress is too small," Kagome whined, trying not to burst the seams of the dress.

"Well, we'll fix it, I guess," Kaoru eyed her figure, making the girl fidgit.

After examining the dress, they decided to just cut it off her body. "It's not salvagable," Hikaru explained, rummaging through the box of supplies for their scissors.

"Sorry," Kaoru added unconvincingly.

Kagome's eyes widened at the size of the blades, and Haruhi quickly gathered her girlfriend's silver hair and held them away from the old scissors. Giving a stern look to the two, Haruhi grudgingly nodded for them to proceed.




The clothing slipped off slowly, revealing her boy shorts and camisole. Haruhi didn't bat an eye at her girlfriend's body, but Hikaru and Kaoru gave each other white faced, startled glances. Kagome didn't notice, what with her eyes being tightly covered by her fists.

"What am I supposed to wear at school today? Sesshoumaru said that since Kouga hadn't been able to visit, he would see me in the club today! I have to go!"

The twins turned to look at each other, before seeming to come to an agreement. "Haruhi, go get us an extra uniform of yours," Hikaru ordered, "I'll go get some extra fabric from our room. Kaoru, you do measurements, and I'll go get Mori to bring the sewing machine in here for a little bit. We have two and a half hours to do this, people, let's go!"

*Go, go go!*

Kaoru had just finished up snipping off the rest of the sleeves, keeping up constant chatter to calm her nerves. "It's time to take your measurements, Kagome...Did Haruhi ever tell you about the time she made us all worry about her and Mori, when Honey was already missing?"

"Yeah," Kagome smiled, "she said something about a tropical rainforest in the club room?"

"Oh, that was completely insane," Kaoru snickered, "a toucan wouldn't stop bullying Tamaki."

*Go, go, go!*

"Mori, can you please set it over here?" Hikaru pointed, watching as his brother and Kagome interacted. "Haruhi, have you got the uni-"

"-form? Yeah, here."

"Good. I'm going to draw up some plans and then start sewing. Can you cut out the fabric if possible? When I draw out the patterns, of course."

"Yes, of course."

"Kagome, do you have a skirt this color?" Hikaru held up a light blue scrap of fabric.

"Ah, Shippou brought me all of my clothes, so probably...I'll go check! Kaoru, come on!" The short girl dragged him over to the tall wardrobe, the others in the group watching.

Everyone had come over from the kitchen to see what all of the ruckus was about, unsurprised to see Hikaru ordering everyone around while he was sketching profusely.

"Kagome, you're colorblind!"

"Eh?! I thought it was totally this color, though..."

"No, this is the color. See the type of thread and fabric? It would match up best..." Their voices drifted off as Hikaru began to ignore them.