His heart pumped the poison though his body, he could feel it burn where the claw had and the wound itself was bleeding thought his shirt and seeped though his hand, he winced as he stood up and looked at his dragon Toothless snapping the long neck dragon's neck, the crack made the teen wince as he watched the lifeless dragon fall to the floor standing the snow around it. Toothless made a nose and turned to his rider and notice the pale look on his face, he moved close and to him and that mess of human's blood filled his nose his eyes widen as he nudged Hiccup's hand out the way and looked at wound.

Hiccup knew if he survived the wound the poison will kill him soon, he could feel his legs wobble and shake until finely his knees gave and he fell to the floor, tears started to spill from his eyes as he laid in the know holding his side, the poison started to burn everywhere "T...Tooth...less." he cried, the Night Fury pushed the human's hand out the way and looked at the blood stain on the green fabric, he ripped the shirt with his teeth and looked at the puncher wound. Before Hiccup could pass out either from pain or bloods lose was Toothless sinking his teeth into Hiccup's side "AHHHHHH TOOTHLESS!" He screamed as he felt the dragon's teeth sunk into his skin, his hands started to hit the night fury's head but soon found himself passing out.

When he came to it was already night fall, his eyes open as he looked up at the night sky with the billions of stars that are looking down at him, he let out a long gasping sound like his lungs were not use to breathing, movement to his right made him turn his head and he see's Toothless looking at him with an odd look on his face, Hiccup pushed himself up and winced a little touching his side, that is when he remember to puncher wound and then his own dragon biting him, he looked at his side and frowned in the light of the crackling fire, the puncher wound is gone but around the wound should have been is a ring of thin black scales. Hiccup looked up at Toothless "Y...You were not trying to kill me? You were save me?" Hiccup asked Toothless nodded. They stayed the night at that spot, the teen was still every tried from what happen that he fell asleep under the wing of his dragon, he felt so peaceful and safe under Toothless wing and the rhythmic beating of his strong heart.