They flew back to Berk a couple of days later; Hiccup did notice some changes in himself the scale that made a perfect ring where Toothless bite him were not the only scale he saw, no they started popping up in odd places, they started off a something itchy like a bug bite and then a slight discolouration of his skin then they go a darker colour until finely they are black shinny scales. The teen thought he would panic or freak out that these are ground on him but he wasn't he was strangely calm.

Once or twice his dad has found him sleeping under the dragon's wing close to his chest, he asked him why he would like there instead of his bed? Hiccup mumbled the answer because he is warm but in his mind the answer was…he is sire… his he spent much more of his time with Toothless, they would sit in the woods where they met for the first time "You know I am worried about this, there is only so much I can hid." He tells his dragon, Toothless let rubble though his chest and made the teen chuckle and he leaned back against him "What do you think they will do?" another growl left Toothless

"Probably." He said as if he under stood what he mean.

The next things to change was his eyes, the colour become darker and the pupils turned slits like the Night Fury and more scale crowed around his eyes and down his cheeks, he looked at himself in the shinny shield that was in his room and smiled as his look "Hiccup!" called his dad as the door open, the teen turned to face his dad

"God Hiccup what has happen to you?"

"A changed." He answered looking at his dad suddenly feeling threaten by the large Viking, the man looked towards Toothless

"It's that dragon's fault!" He yelled drew his sword out pointing it at Toothless, Hiccup hissed and jumped in front of the blade and snarled

"You will not touch him, he saved me that is what he done and if you can't excided what I am then I will leave." He growled at him his fang's how showing in the light of the room, Stoick looked at them both before dropping his sword.

"Why Hiccup!" The teen frowned as he rubbed Toothless head, letting the Night Fury nuzzle his hands as the tail warped around Hiccup's legs, the large green eyes of the dragon keep a secret look on Stoick to make sure he doesn't hurt Hiccup

"I was poisoned either I was going to die from blood loss or the poison Toothless bite me to save me, I didn't know that there was going to be changes and I don't think he knew either, I'm happy this away Dad believe me, I can see the world thought human eyes and dragon eyes and it beautiful." Stoick shook his head

"You were meant to be the leader of this village when I am gone, how can they look up to know if…if you like this." He tells him waving his hands Hiccup, looks up at him thought his reddish brown hair

"I still can be."

"No woman will want you." Stoick tell his him, Hiccup smiled and looks at his dragon

"I don't want them, I have Toothless." The large Viking made a noise that sounded like something like a wounded pig; Hiccup looked at him with a blanket look

"Leave Hiccup I am banishing you from Berk." Hiccup's eyes darken as he looked at his father and let a deep growl out that made Stoick uneasy.

He picked up bag that is always filled with things he needs and got on Toothless and broke through the roof of the house before disappearing from sight a thought passed thought Stoick …what have I done…when he saw the look on his boy's face. A silent cry come from the an unseen being in the sky, the other dragon's down stopped what they were doing and froze, the other Vikings tried to get their dragon's moving but that didn't happen, another cry front the skies making all the other dragon's on Berk start to take off, they shook off their riders and started and went for the food and other items before fly away.