It's been 6 months since Hiccup left his home on Berk and he hasn't look back since, the snow had fallen heavy on his new home, many of the dragons' and half dragons staid close to keep each other warm form the biting frost, Hiccup and woken up to the sound of his Sire Toothless snoring lightly, the more Hiccup listen to his dragon snore the more he thinks it sound something in between a purr and a growl and the vibrations that come off his chest made him feel warm and safe in his arms.

But needs must and he really does he to get up and go, he rolls onto his back and hisses at the itching burn on his back, he knew it wasn't from the scratches that Toothless leaves after many round of rough wonderful sex, it was from wings that will never form, his body will alter and change in many ways but he won't have wings or a tail…shame… he thinks as he moves off the bed to take care of morning business.

Toothless woke up hearing his little mate wonder around, he smiles as he sits up himself and watches the naked form of the half dragon look out the windows of their hut, he stood up and walked over to him and nuzzled his neck "Hiccup it's early." He whispered kissing the slightly scaled shoulder

"I know, but I couldn't sleep." He whispered back

"Still restless." Toothless answered, Hiccup nodded and leaned back in his arms

"I know I shouldn't be, I just feel something is off." He said, nuzzling his shoulder Toothless smiled and he buried his nose in Hiccup's brown hair

"Ummm maybe you carrying?" he said as he let his hand touch his stomach, Hiccup closed his eyes and let the heat warm him thought, the idea of carrying him does not scare like he thinks he should it only makes him smiled, he wants nothing more than to please his Sire in every which way he could

"That would be nice, it's been some months since you change into this form and we started coupling, it would be nice to show something from that... but is it possible?" he asked

"Yes, you are half dragon it's always possible." He said grinning into the naked shoulder, he was happy that Hiccup was excepting because some times that old Viking tenderises would rear its head and Hiccup can be stubborn.

Since Hiccup wasn't the only half dragon on the island it was easy for them to quickly build up what they had back at Burk, they had herds of animals, fishing spots new huts were being build, it was all good he hoped. He pulled some clothes on and wondered out into the snow and into the centre of their new village for food, Toothless join him walking by his side, the other dragons and half dragons knew not to mess with these two they can be sweet and lovely but get on their wrong side nothing in heaven or hell would save them, they knew that when some of the Vikings had come looking for them and tried to kill them. But what the Vikings forgot was most of the dragon's had riders and it was these riders and dragon's that work together and their attack on the Vikings was a mess as to show act of kindness Hiccup let one live and dropped him back in Burk with a warning if it happens again they will kill all and take a child from the village.

They ate their breakfast with happy chatter all of them talking to each other as they ate, Hiccup watched like he always does, Toothless thinks it cute that he keeps a watchful eyes on everything like he is Toothless body guard and not the other way around "Hiccup eat your food, if you are indeed of carrying you need to keep strong." He tells him

"Sorry Sire." Hiccup said as he started eating Toothless smiled at him.

"Don't be I know you're a watchful person." Says, Hiccup looked at him from the corner of his eyes and smiled back at him

"We need to do another raid." He said, the night fury chuckled

"Your just punishing your father." He said

"That man is not my father!" he growled

"Of course not."