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Set in the late 1800's. Jack Winter is the main act at a smoky show-house, feeling trapped and alone almost all the time as his life is one big routine. That is until he becomes interested in the new, exotic gardener Bunnymund, who is intrigued with Jack himself. But the stress and demands from the show house will cage them, especially when the threat of Jack being sold to twisted customers clouds their view. ..


"H-Hi, I am sorry about that…I was being careful! Err…my name is Jack…Jack Winter, what's yours?" he inquired as he got to his feet and brushed off his thin dark brown trousers and pale blue shirt that was tousled and un-tucked.

"E-Aster Bunnymund, new gardener…hey I've heard of ya, ya one of those performers in the big house, and you betta' be careful round my Iris'…" his accent was distinctively Australian and Jack was momentarily impressed with how exotic this apparently new member of staff was…and how…handsome. But his interest was sparked at the end of the Aussie's words.

"Iris, is that the name of the plant?" he inquired, turning to face at the pretty lilac flower with renewed liking, a smile twitching on the end of his lips. Bunnymund noticed this and moved forward, coughing and speaking with a 'yeah-I-know-my-flowers' tone.

"Yeah, nice isn't it?"

"…It is…w-what does it mean?"

Bunnymund cocked his head to the side but replied nonetheless.

"Well the Iris means 'inspiration' and ya know...the lilac iris means 'first love'"

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