Title: Teacher's Pet

Author: Desi (meeee!)

Rating: M+ (as usual)

Summary: AU. Letty Ortiz and Dominic Toretto are the new auto-mechanic teachers at Los Angeles High School. Letty thinks Dominic is arrogant. Dom thinks Letty is a show-off. It isn't long before they're fighting their attraction to one another. Slow-burn Dotty with mucho flirtation. Rated M for the language and the lovin'.

Disclaimer: If they're familiar to you, I don't own them.

A/N: This is the product of being unemployed and having too much time on my hands to watch the Fast franchise over and over. As well as Tumblr and the addicting Fast and Furious tag!

Chapter 1: New Job

September, Los Angeles High School, 7:21AM

Letty Ortiz walked into the open space that would, unknowingly, change her life forever. A cup of Starbucks coffee in her hand and her aviator sunglasses still framing her tanned face, she sat her messenger bag down in a swivel chair. Overlooking the place, Letty breathed in the smell of oil and engine grease and took a sip of her coffee. This new endeavor that she had chosen to embark on was definitely new, something she'd never done before; she was the newest teacher of auto-mechanics at Los Angeles High School.

She'd gotten the job on a whim. Her close friend, Elena Reyes, was currently dating the principal of the school and had mentioned Letty's fine mechanic skills. He'd brought her in for an interview and told her that she would be one of two teachers that would supervise the entire class. And Letty had absolutely no problem with that.

The Latina sat her coffee down on the metal and wood desk. She pulled her long, dark hair up and looped it around her fingers a few times before wrapping it in a bun. Her short, side-swept bangs managed to escape, so she pushed them to the side before retrieving her coffee. She smiled at the thought of ten kids all determined to build a car from the ground up before the end of the school year.

Truth be told, she was ready for this challenge. Letty was the kind of woman who could take on anything and always come out on top.

Just as she had begun to push the desk against the wall for more space, a muscular, bald-headed man walked in. He, too, had dark sunglasses covering his eyes and as he pulled his gym bag off of his shoulder, he looked her up and down.

"Please tell me you're eighteen." He smirked.

Asshole: party of one. Your table's ready, Letty thought. She pushed her glasses onto the crown of her head and narrowed her eyes.

"Add ten years." She held her hand out. "Letty Ortiz. The new auto-mechanics teacher. And you are?"

He looked at her hand, before giving it a firm shake. "Dominic Toretto. Also the new auto-mechanics techer. Need a hand?"

"No." Letty gave the desk one last push and it slid easily against the wall.

Dominic took off his glasses and raised his eyebrows. He dropped his bag in the swivel chair next to hers and turned around to take in the new environment like Letty had done before he came in.

"So this is our classroom, huh?" He said, folding his arms.

A small, dark corridor led to what appeared to be yet another classroom door. Once the door was opened, however, it was a whole new world. The 'classroom' was actually a very large auto garage with shiny tools hung upon walls or in large, red Craftsmaster drawers. No chairs or tables cluttered the room, giving them ample space to roam around, freely. Two large whiteboards stood proudly, across the room from each other, each holding four different colored dry-erase markers.

There were six separate work stations set up with car engines placed in the middle of each, and a few wooden stools surrounding them. Their first project of the year was to see how much the kids actually knew about fixing engines. After all, it was the heart and soul of a car. Letty had come up with the bright idea to make it a challenge.

"It appears so." Letty replied. She hopped up onto the desk and drank from her coffee again. Dom looked at his watch.

"Okay, so we've got about five minutes before our first class. What do you say we get to know each other a little better?"

Letty wasn't positive, but she was pretty sure that there was a double meaning in his words. In her experience, guys like Dominic Toretto always had a hidden agenda when they came across a beautiful woman. They tended to think with their... smaller heads.

"Uh, I'm Letty. I like cars. And I don't have any brothers or sisters." Letty offered. And that was all she was offering.

A three-second bell sounded in the room.

"Okay. I'm Dom. I also like cars. And I have one sister and a brother-in-law." Dom told her. If Letty wasn't giving anything up, then neither would he.

"Glad we're all caught up."

Before Dom could open his mouth to respond, three boys entered the room, talking about what they did over the summer. Right behind them came two more boys, and two girls.

Hell yes! Score two for the girls, Letty thought.

She knew what it was like to be a girl mechanic. People underestimated her abilities and figured she was a horrible driver who probably learned about cars from her Daddy. Neither of which were true, so she was happy and a little proud to see the girls walk in.

By seventy-thirty, another bell sounded, signaling that everyone should be in their first class. Dom had turned on the radio in the classroom, allowing Tejano music to flow throughout the classroom.

Hello, racist, much?! Not all Hispanics like Tejano music, Letty yelled in her head. Not that she didn't love the mix of Spanish and hip-hop beats but she wondered if Dom truly liked the music or if he was just trying to feel her out.

She didn't have much time to figure it out because before Letty knew it, there were ten, completely unimpressed, juniors and seniors.

"Okay, so, hey, guys. Welcome to Advanced Auto-Shop. We're obviously you're new teachers. I'm Dominic Toretto. And this is Letty Ortiz." Dom said, pointing to himself and then Letty, who gave a small wave. "This is a two-period class, so we'll be here for an hour and thirty minutes every other day."

Still, the students sat, quietly. And still they looked unimpressed.

"We won't make you guys do any of that 'get to know me' crap that they make you do on the first day of school. Instead, just tell us your name and then ask anything about us that you want and we'll be totally honest."

"Any question?" A kid with a black skully on his head asked.

Letty nodded her head. "Just don't ask about Dom's sex life or anything. Keep it PG-13."

A couple of laughs went around the classroom. Dom looked at Letty and shook his head.

"What? I'm sure it's very exciting." Letty joked, sarcastically.

So, she wasn't as rude as he first thought. Letty could be playful when she wanted to be.

Dominic narrowed his eyes, playfully at her. "So, who's first?"

No one raised their hand. A few kids looked at others, hoping that someone would volunteer before they were drafted.

"Okay. The hard way." Letty said, drinking from her coffee again. She pointed to one of the girls she saw walk in earlier. "You, what's your name?"

"Hunter." The raven-haired brunette replied.

"Love the name. What's your question?" Letty inquired.

"How old are you two?"

"I just turned twenty-nine." Dom replied.

"And I'm twenty-eight."

Hunter nodded.

"Next." Dom's eyes scanned the room before he pointed at a tall boy in the back. "You."

"Uh, 'sup? I'm Tyler." He offered. "And... I don't know, man. What's your favorite color?"

"Red." Dom answered.


Dom turned to Letty. "Like your soul. ."

Letty's eyebrows lifted. "Original. Come up with that one all by yourself?"

Dom made a show of blowing on his nails and rubbing them on his shirt.

It wasn't long before their banter got the students in a playful mood. Instead of being drafted, they began voluntarily raising their hands, giving their names and asking questions. Most wanted to know simple things: How long have you been teaching? What's your favorite food? What's your favorite car? Do you prefer imports or American muscle?

But the one question that made Letty's face contort in shock (and a little disgust), was from a student named Nela.

"Are you two, like, dating?" She'd asked.

Bouncing back from the unexpected question, Letty snorted and, dismissively, replied, "He wishes."

"No. We're definitely not dating," confirmed Dom. The way he said it made Letty think that he was truly disgusted with the idea of dating her. She was honestly slightly offended.

She was a catch, damn it!

"Is that everybody?" Letty's eyes looked around the room. A few nods of affirmation followed her gaze before she pushed off of the desk and walked to the center of the room.

"Cool. So, everybody find a stool at a station and get comfortable. Teams of two." She told them, before looking at Dominic, wordlessly wondering if he had anything he wanted to add. He uncrossed his arms and put his hands up in surrender, giving her the spotlight.

"Okay, so everyone the engine is the heart and soul of a car. It's central connection keeps the car running. Needs fuel to keep going, much like we need blood to keep flowing. Now, we all love a little friendly competition, right?"

"Yeah, we do." A boy named Justin replied. Some chuckles filled the room.

Clapping her hands together, Letty smirked. "Good. Now, in front of you are obviously engines. Different models and makes. And there are a few things that are wrong with them. The first pair of you to find, fix and document all of the mistakes by the end of class, wins."

"Ms. Ortiz?" Hunter started.

"Oh, god, no. Please call me Letty."

"Right, uh, Letty," Hunter began, feeling weird about calling a teacher by their first name, "What do we win?"

"One week of no homework. And one passing test grade." Letty looked around. "Fair enough?"

A cacaphony of 'sounds good' and 'sure' went about the garage, along with a few head nods.

"And to make it fair, we'll have a new competition every week." Dom spoke up, walking to Letty's side.

Letty hadn't thought about that, but she nodded at the brilliant idea. Slipping his hands into her pockets, Dom looked over at the sixth empty work station. He grinned.

"And for fun, Letty and I will work on the engine over there. See if you guys can't beat us at our own game?"

Who said she wanted to work near him? Presumptious little-

"So, ready annnddd...," the second hand reached the twelve, "go!"

Only seven minutes passed before Letty was nodding her head to the music and replacing the fried piston rings in the engine. Working with Dom was a complete waste of her time because she'd already figured out half of the problems with the destroyed engine.

"Ortiz, can you hand me the monkey wrench?" Dom demanded, his hand out. He hadn't made eye contact with her, as he continued to concentrate on holding the camshaft fastener.

Letty rolled her eyes. She picked up the monkey wrench and dropped it on the metal table next to him.

A very slight smirk turned up the corners of Dom's mouth.

She's a feisty one, isn't she?, he mused.

"Alright, just clean the airduct and the air intake hose and we'll be done." She told him.

"Nothing's wrong with the hosing. It's the intake manifold."

"No." Letty's irritation was only slightly visible. "It's the hosing."

"Are we even looking at the same engine, Ortiz?"

"Yeah, we are. Clearly, you need your glasses, grandpa." She shot back.

"Ooohhh!" The two teams next to them egged on.

"What happened to friendly competition?" Sean asked, grinning.

Dom and Letty looked at each other and then quickly back down at the engine.

"Clear the damn hose, Toretto. It ain't up for debate." Letty lowly spoke through clenched teeth.

Oh yeah, he definitely was going to enjoy working with her. No matter how much of a bitch she was.

Up Next: A pleasant flashback. And parent-teacher night.

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