A/N: 'Nino' is godfather. 'Nina' in godmother. (: Thanks for sticking with this story! Glad you guys enjoyed it!


"Nico, baby, pick up your toys. Mama nearly broke her neck on these guys." Letty sat two green soldiers on the boy's dresser.

"Sorry, Mama," came the tiny reply.

Letty sighed; she hated to play bad cop. If anything she was damned proud of her good cop title. She'd earned it, after all, constantly getting her son out of trouble with his father. The past four years, she'd protected him from any- and everything that could potentially cause him harm. Her mother told her not to worry and that she should be happy that he didn't meet the same fate as Lailah.

"Expect the unexpected, Letty. Let him be a boy. Let him run wild with his father. Let him have stories to tell, memories to share. You can't protect him from every little thing, no matter how hard you try, baby." Maria had told her.

It was true. While being pregnant with Nico had been hard the last few months, with her being on bedrest and all, Letty was never so happy as when the nurses cleared his nostrils and he started to cry. She'd released a breath that she didn't know she was holding as her stomach lay open on the operating table.

And when she saw Dom holding his son for the first time with tears falling from his eyes, she knew she'd love them both for as long as she lived.

The family moved into a bigger place, a few doors down from the old Toretto house, where the rest of their little family still resided.

Nico was their pride and joy from the day he was born. Showering him with constant love and attention, Letty made it her mission to be there for each of his milestones. His first smile, step, and word ('dada', of course) were all recorded on one device or another.

At Dom and Letty's shockingly traditional wedding, he was the ringbearer (with Nino Jesse helping his one-year-old hands hold up the rings). Not long after that, Mia announced that she was pregnant. Nine months later, she gave birth to baby Jack who Nico took a real shining to. Misunderstanding that Jack was smaller than him, Nico tried to blame all of his bad deeds on the six month old baby.

But the two were inseperable.

"Nico, where's Daddy?"

"In the garage."

"Of course he is." Letty muttered under her breath. Before she turned on her heels, she addressed her son once more. "Put some toys in your Cars backpack. Nino will be here soon."

"Yes!" Nico hissed in excitement and hopped off of his bed. Letty rolled her eyes as she exited. She was convinced the boy loved his nino Jesse more than he loved his own parents.

"He's cool. We do cool stuff." Is what Nico always told them with a shrug. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Letty made her way down the stairs, through the dining room and kitchen and out the back door. She jogged down the concrete and brick steps and headed towards Dom's inner sanctum: the garage.

"Damn, that's a nice ass." Letty commented, leaning against the garage door.

"Yeah. You think so?" He chuckled.

"As far as asses go, baby, yours is one of the best."

Standing up and crossing around front of his car, Dom leaned back over to tweak something else inside.

"Are you up to something?"

When she didn't respond, Dom glanced up from his position under the hood. She was staring intently at him, her arms crossed.

"Nico's gonna be at Jesse's all weekend." She said with a suggestive raise of her eyebrow.

"Oh, I see." Dom smirked knowingly, standing to his full height. As he wiped his hands on a rag, Letty watched the muscles in his arms ripple.

He said nothing else and as he walked past Letty, Dom brushed against her body purposely. He grinned, pleased with himself when he heard her sharp intake of breath.

It wasn't a rare occurrence that they had sex, but it was seldom that they had the house to themselves and could be as vocal as they pleased. Not to mention, with Dom being the head of his father's company -his company, now- he was always at the school, the office or the garage and by the time he got home, they managed to get through two or three rounds before they were passed out cold.

But they were happy. And healthy. And so was their kid. And that was the most important thing.

"Get a room." Jesse's voice shouted from the back steps, catching Dom brush past Letty. Dom smirked and Letty grinned. "Where's my godson?"

"Hi, nino!" A high-pitched cry came followed by the sound of pattering feet. Nico was running through the kitchen trying to reach his favorite uncle.

Letty smiled at her son's excitement.

"Hey, there's my favorite tiny mechanic." Jesse bent down so Nico could jump into his arms.

"What are we gonna do today, Nino?"

Jesse looked over his shoulder at Dom and Letty who were walking up back steps. He stage whispered to Nico, "It's a super secret surprise."

Putting his pointer finger to his lips, he winked at Nico. The four-year-old mimicked his godfather's actions, looking every bit the devious sidekick that he was.

"What are you two up to?"

"Uh unh. Can't tell you, Mama. It's a super secret surprise."

"Is it now?"


"Well as long as there aren't any broken bones or fires involved, I'm fine with that. What about you, Daddy?"

"I have to agree." Dom replied.

"I'll have him back Sunday before the barbecue."

"Sounds good. We'll see you two then." Dom told him. He ruffled Nico's dark hair before pulling the boy into his arms and squeezing him tightly.

Nico tried to speak between his giggling. "Can't. Breathe. Daddy!"

Letty rolled her eyes and shook her head, rescuing her son from his dad. "I love you. I love you. I love you." She told him, kissing his cheeks over and over.

"I love you, too. I love you, too. I love you, too, Mama." He squished her cheeks in his small hands, giggling when she crossed her eyes.

"Have fun." She kissed him once more before turning him over to his godfather. "Jesse, I'll be counting the hairs on his head when he returns-."

"And there better not be a single one out of place, blah blah blah. I've heard this speech for the past four years. I got it." Jesse mocked Letty playfully. But he understood her worry and concern. Especially after Lailah.

"Ohgodohgodohgod! I'm coming!" Letty moaned as she rode Dominic on the couch.

Somehow they'd gone from folding laundry and watching a film on TV to humping like bunnies for the last three hours. They'd gotten through nine different positions before they began to tire themselves out.

"Fuck!" Dom growled and emptied his seed deep inside of his wife.

They breathed heavily and Letty's upper body fell limp against his, her face in his neck.

"God," she panted, "I missed that."

He lazily smacked her ass before responding with a breathy, "Me too."

She lifted her head to kiss his lips. "We still fit perfectly."

"You snapped back beautifully." He smirked, alluding to her body contracting after giving birth.

Letty's jaw dropped and she playfully punched his shoulder. "You're sick."

He took her hands in his and kissed the palms of them. "I'm so in love with you."

Her eyes twinkled with love. "Yeah? After all these years?"

"After all these years," confirmed Dom. He kissed her palms again.

Sunday came and so did most of their close friends and family. Leon and Vince manned the grill while everyone else swooned over Rome's exotic model girlfriend that he'd gotten pregnant. While she didn't want a baby shower, she was more than happy to receive the attention from them at the biweekly family barbecue. She was nearly eight months pregnant and was still skinny as ever.

"Nico, Jack slow down!" Letty scolded as they ran past her legs while she was carrying an aluminum pan of seafood salad. She got to the table safely and Dom immediately shoved his fork into the food to taste it.

"Finally, I'm hungrier than a hostage."

"You're also saying Grace." The brunette replied, pointing at him.

Dom shrugged and took another forkful of the salad, munching happily.

When most of the grilled burgers and steaks and side dishes were cooked and set in the center of the table, the family made their way to their seats.

"This all looks so good." Rome commented.

"Yeah, and it smells even better." Tej agreed.

"Well, I'm glad that you all are here to enjoy the food and the company," admitted Letty. Nods and murmurs of agreement sounded around the table. The brunette nodded to her husband. "Dom."

Dom looked around the table, happy for the people that he and his family had around them. He was content. So, with his right hand, he clasped his wife's, and with his left, he held tight to his sister's.

Everyone else followed suit, reaching for hands, holding them gently, but firmly, and bowed their heads as Dom started to say Grace.