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The ground was humid, as was my body. Covered in sweat and grime, I forced myself to stay upright, to keep going even though every step seemed to take the last bit of my energy. Every limb felt heavy from the exertion.

It had been days...days of wandering, hoping for a sign of life or anything that wasn't green or mossy. Every day, a little more hope was lost and today I felt like my little jar of hope was nearly empty, like there would never be an end to this nightmare.

Feeling the heaviness of the situation fall on me once again, I collapsed onto the muddy floor, right as a tear hit the brown slush as well.

The sound of footsteps in front of me halted immediately, and I could feel the worried stare travel all over my body. I could hear him turn around and crouch in front of me, his hand quickly helping me upright again. "We'll be fine," he whispered for what seemed like the millionth time, but his once comforting words didn't have the same effect anymore. They sounded like an empty promise, a reason to keep afloat while I was sure I was going to drown. I felt empty, tired and spent. I felt—dead. And maybe I should have been. Maybe I should have died alongside all of the other people who weren't as lucky as I had been—as we had been. But then again, their suffering had been short while I was still struggling. Maybe they had been the lucky ones…

"We can't give up now, Bella," his soft voice pleaded once more, but it was all in vain. I had already given up.

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