Rated Mature.


-Bella Swan graduates NYU and lands an internship at CNL, Cullen Network Living; through a guy she was dating, named Jasper Hale. There she meets young and handsome CEO Edward Cullen. Lemons and Fluff. Rated M..-

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My heart hurt and my insides were bleeding. They were bleeding for him, screaming for him. I wanted to dig my nails into his back and make him scream my name the same way he'd make me scream his on nights we were supposed to be working together... on nights we had lied to him.

Instead, I sat there across his desk with my legs crossed and my hands on my lap as he listened to her over the speaker of his office phone.

This was over, I couldnt do it anymore.

"Baby, I havent seen you in weeks. Its killing me. Take the company plane and come visit me..." Tanya cooed into the phone, believing this was only for his ears.

It wasnt and he was doing this on purpose. Digging the knife to prove to himself and maybe to me that we were really nothing. That this was nothing.

"Ill think about it," His velvet voice spoke not meeting my gaze but staring out the large panel windows of his penthouse circular office and then he pressed the end call button and sighed.

Wanting to gauge his eyes out I stood and placed the documents I had been sent to give him on his desk then turned on my heel, ready to walk out and never look back.

"Dont go." His voice was demanding... as if giving me an order.

Irritated I turned back around and stomped towards him, my six-inch heels pounding against the marble floor.

"Im done," I seethed.

He flashed me a crooked almost cynical smile looking as beautiful as ever, his green eyes gleamed in the sunlight shining through his office.

"No you arent."

Standing, he loosened his blue and white plaid tie that I had purchased for him and given to him at the christmas party and strutted over towards me. His black suit was spotless, costum tailored armani.

His hands reached for me and before I could turn and walk out on him he had me in his arms and he was holding me tightly to him.

"How youre feeling right now... Is exactly how I feel when I know youre with him," He whispered in my ear making me tremble at both his touch and his voice.

"Then just let me go," I pleaded.

He shook his head, his perfect bronze tousled hair smelled like men's shampoo and my pillow...

Turning towards him I looked up into his longing gaze and had the urge to cry. "W-why?"

"I love you. I love you more than he could ever love you."

The tears sprang from my eyes before I could stop them and I buried myself into his white collared shirt. "We cant do this to him anymore Edward..."

He forced me to look at him. "What choice do we have? He's my family... And I love him too. How could I hurt him this way?"

Shaking my head, I took a step away from him. "You initiated this. You must have known what you were doing."

He looked away from me. "I never expected to care Bella..."

His confession made something inside me feel like it was exploding. A mix of anger and sadness. I had been a game.

Without looking back I turned away, wiped my tears, and walked out of Edward Cullen's office.

Fuck this shit.