Emptiness, it was all I could feel as I sat up on my bed and noticed that Bella was gone. She had gone back to keep up the façade of being a loyal and loving girlfriend. He had woken up to that beautiful face.

At breakfast I was in a sour mood, and only Bella seemed to notice. Jasper. She, and I sat alone on a small patio table while the other's chatted in the gardens. In front of us was a display of a variety of different breakfast foods primarily meat thanks to my specifications, and I greedily piled my plate with a lot of steak and scrambled eggs. Bella did the same.

"Really wish you you'd stop eating like that in front of me sweetheart," Jasp told her as he stared at the meat in pure disgust.

"That's an awful thing to say to you're girlfriend Jasp. What's wrong with Isabella's eating habits," I knew I was instigating as her eyes widened and then she seemed to side with me as she looked at him.

"Yeah, what wrong with how I eat?" She shoved a small piece of steak in her mouth and began to chew slowly.

My brother looked at us both. "Well you both know I don't eat meat because I don't believe in the slaughter of innocent animals, and its kind of uncompassionate to my beliefs to be purposely doing it and mocking me over it constantly. And I've had this discussion with Bella before and she agreed, but of course you had to go and order all sort of meat imaginable, Edward." He really didn't need to correct me on what to refer to Bella as, but he was right. I was being a spiteful son-of-a-bitch and ordered as much meat as possible.

He didn't know why, but when Bella was around he hated his little brother.

"Breakfast was ordered to please my own eating habits brother, there was no ulterior motive. I can assure you, "I lied easily. "Do you like what I ordered, Bella?"

She nodded meekly then looked at Jasper, "I'm sorry Jasp but I'm really hungry and it just tastes so good…"

Exasperated and seemingly annoyed, Jasper stood from the table and threw his fork down. "I'm going hiking. Have fun with Vera doing the tourist thing." And he sauntered off.

Looking guilty and maybe a bit saddened, Bella looked down.

Feeling the same but not wanting to give it away, I shrugged and finished my breakfast.

"We'll have fun today TP. I promise."


On the way out while following Vera around she whispered to me that they have never fought or argued before and I almost felt guilty.

When Vera had gone off on her own tourist thing after following her around for a few hours, Bella and I decided to grab lunch.

She seemed to be out of her head as she stared out as Rome's population and other tourists walked by the small café.

"What's going on in the beautiful head of your's TP?"

Looking down and then looking up she opened her mouth and then she closed it. There was something on her mind and she didn't want to tell him what that was.

Trying to put Jasper, and everyone else out of my head completely, I took her hand in mine and gave her a crooked smile as her green eyes seemed to twinkle with realization of some sort. And then she whispered those three words I was not expecting, maybe not ever.

"I love you…"

Coldness engulfed me, TP loved me. She was in love with me, but how could she be… She didn't really think she loved me did she?

Did I love her?

I gulped.

My hesitation was enough for her though, she stood looking as defiant and indignant as ever. I meant to tell her to wait, to just hold on a second so I could process my thoughts. But she never gave me the opportunity.

"I'm going to go find Jasper. Have a good day Edward."

And she walked off, without looking back leaving me stunned and confused. What the actual fuck.

"Espresso?" A waitress asked coming over.

My head shook as I tried to empty my mind completely.

"Vodka. On the rocks."


At a vegetarian bistro near the Roman Chapel sat a blonde, blue eyed male of about thirty-one years of age; nose buried deeply in a book over a vegan salad. Thoughts racing for an apology he owed his girlfriend, and hopefully soon to be fiancé and then wife.

He loved her. He decided that he had loved her for awhile now and despite their differences he would tell her tonight.

It wasn't falling in love anymore, it was love.

"What ya reading there?" A girl with shore pixie black hair sat across from him and looked at him curiously. She was petite, extremely pretty; but what caught his attention the most as he set his book down was her smile. It was so genuine and overly friendly, it made him smile book.

"It's a book about architecture from a local author. Self-published apparently," He replied thinking he should be getting back to Bella soon instead of conversing with this strange girl.

"Ah, I see. And how do you like it so far?"

She seemed to light up the room with her personality. Her clothes looked designer but there were no obvious label. Maybe something from Rome itself. A beige bubbly blouse and a flower printed skirt. Looking down you could see leather boots on her feet.

"So far its been quite fascinating."

She seemed to beam, almost radiate. Jasper didn't think her smile could have gotten any bigger.

Romans were very friendly he thought as she flipped to the last page, "That's good. I hear the author is pretty great too."

Looking down at the authors bio and then looking up at the girl his eyes widened.

"You. You wrote this?"

She nodded excitedly, "I minored in architecture and majored in fashion design." Her hand extended. "Im Alice Brandon."

Her boldness intrigued him, he extended his hand back at her and they shook hands. "Jasper Hale."

Something sour or shocking crossed her face as she stood up quickly and started off. "It was nice to meet you Jasper, gotta go. Enjoy the book!"

And she was gone…


There was no one here. The Villa was empty… Even Jasper had gone off. I wanted to cry. For hours, maybe for days.

What was I thinking starting it with him again, what was I thinking telling him I loved him when he didn't love me. How could he ever love me?

I was nothing but a stupid twenty-one soon to be twenty-two year old girl that cheated on the most perfect person in the world on multiple occasions with his own flesh and blood.

I was sickening.

This was sickening.

Bella, distract yourself. Take your mind off everything, I told myself.

Sitting on the bed I shared with Jasper in our room, I connected my phone to the wifi and decided to skim through emails.

And maybe it was a godsend that I did.

A marketing company in Virginia had sent me a job offer.

Fuck Edward Cullen and fuck NYC, I'm going to Virginia.

Minutes later Jasper walked into the room, a smile on his face and love in his eyes. "Bella, can we talk?"