Title: Summer Love

Author: Nimisha

Rating: PG-15 for swearing

Disclaimer: None of the characters from BtVS or Angel, belong to me in any way, instead only some stupid, freaky minor characters, rather they belong to Joss Whedon, UPN, Fox and probably others too, they are currently being borrowed for some non-money making fun.

Summary: Rewrite of Meteor Garden. Juz the stupid F4 stuff. : þ

Couples: B/A (DUH), S/F, W/O

Timeline: AU

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Dedication: To all B/A fans out there

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Author's note: This is a rewritten story of Meteor garden (I know, I know someone is writing it, I promised it would be different)

P.S. This is a diff. version from Phoebe's story as it is more similar to the TV. show itself.


A scooter was driven down slowly. A car appeared at the top of the slope behind. Within a few moments, the car overtook the scooter and continued on its merry way. The scooter stopped. Buffy Summers glared after the disappearing car as it left her with cloud of smoke, dirtying her new blue shirt.

She resumed trying to fix the engine before starting up again. It worked this time round. She rode down the slope slowly.

Not long after, the engine of the scooter failed again. Buffy pouted. Just then, a sleek silver car passed her.

The right rearview window rolled down and a beautiful girl of Buffy's age looked out.

"Buffy, is your car spoilt again?" the girl asked. Her beautiful features were scarred by the ugly expression on her face. Buffy ignored her. Drusilla Peters opened the door and got out of her car.

"When will you ever change a new scooter? This one is so passé. And it made your hands dirty. Here, take this." She handed a tissue pouch to Buffy who accepted. Then, she walked away.

Drusilla turned back. "Oh, and remember to return the tissue packet to me. It's Gucci. I don't think you have money to buy a new one for me if you spoilt it." she smirked. She walked back into her car and got inside.

"If not for you, our school would be a poor-people free zone. EVERYONE has a car." Drusilla said loudly for Buffy to hear. The rearview window rolled up and the car was driven away, leaving Buffy to stare angrily after it.


Buffy stopped her scooter outside the workers' 'garage', which was just technically a small, beaten hut that can only hold three scooters inside. An old sweeper noticed Buffy and walked over. "Good morning, Buffy.

You're late again, is your scooter spoilt again?"

"Yea. I'll try to repair it after school." she opened up the storage case behind the scooter and handed her lunch to the uncle.

"I'll help you warm it up at lunchtime."


"Don't mention it. I think you're the only one in this school who knows what a microwave looks like and how to work it."

Buffy laughed. "Maybe that's true. Well, I better get going. Bye."


A beautiful black BMW drove up to the University. The chauffeur got out of the car and walked over to open up the right hind door. A petite blond slid out of the car gracefully and handed her bag to the chauffeur who took it politely. She tidied up herself and took back her handbag. Nodding to the chauffeur, she walked up to the entrance of the school confidently.

At the foyer, the pretty blond met Drusilla. Drusilla looked at her and smirked, waving her new handbag.

'New Prada handbag? So what? Look at mine!' Darla winters wrinkled her nose. She stepped back and stopped, pulling open her new Versace jacket, showing Drusilla the tag. Drusilla just grinned and leaned forward, showing her new diamond necklace matching her light brown top and pants.

Darla looked around herself for accessories. Drusilla noticed that and taunted her. "What? Nothing else to show?"

Suddenly, Darla remembered something and smirked knowingly, she wagged her finger at Drusilla. "Nope, come closer."

"What?" Drusilla asked warily as she inched closer to Darla. The blond gestured to her to look closely as she turned her face from side to side. Finally Drusilla realised something different. "Julia Roberts' nose!" she gasped.

Darla grinned triumphantly. "Uh huh. I went to Japan to do it. It cost $10 000."

"No wonder I could not find you during the winter hols." the brunette pouted. Darla stared at her friend strangely. "Where did you go to find me?"

"Well, Paris. DUH."

"Are you kidding me?" Darla laughed as they walked away to class.


Buffy walked to the lockers to get her books when she met her good friend, Kendra, there.

"Morning." Kendra smiled.

"Morning, Kendra." Buffy grinned and noticed a book in Kendra's hand. "Hey, why are you reading that book? Professor Walsh only told us to read this one." She held up the book she was also carrying.

"Well, it's nothing anyway. I just thought that a professor like Walsh would want more information on the report."

"It's probably just your over-reacting imagination."

"Maybe it was." Kendra shrugged. "Did you hear? Darla Winters went to Japan to do a Julia Roberts' nose. It cost $10 000!"

Buffy sighed. "I don't get it. Why are they so concerned with those things? I mean, they came to school to only show off this and that. Sometimes, I think the only one who is really studying in this freaking school is you."

Kendra laughed. "Don't say it like this. You also studied."

Buffy smiled. "Yea, I did. Come, let's go face Prof. Flutie."

Near them, there was a locker 174. A red slip of paper with the F4 and the words 'you're dead.' on it.


A guy with long hair covering his hair was gathering his things in the empty classroom alone. He looked like a withered flower. Outside the classroom, the students were crowding round the windows, looking at what was going on inside. Their attentions were all on the male.

Darla sighed and turned her back on the guy. She took out a mirror and checked herself. "He looked sickly after a week of disappearance." Drusilla tells Darla. Beside them, the others were whispering.

A redhead whispered to her friend," He looked so pitiful."

"Well, go and help him." her friend told her.

The redhead looked at her friend in horror as if she had suggested her to kill someone. "No way! Over my dead body. If I help him, I'll get killed by F4!"Just then, the student walked out, avoiding everyone's gazes.

Buffy and Kendra were walking to their classroom before they saw all their classmates loitering outside the classroom. They walked over quickly to find out the cause of the commotion. They saw the student with his huge back, walking down the hallway with his back hunched. Suddenly, his bag slipped out because of the weight of the books.

Buffy tried to make a move to help him but was prevented by Kendra who pulled her back. "Buffy, what the hell are you doing?! God knows what F4 will do to you? Ford did that and see what happen to him now?" she gestured to the person in front of them.


Ford was staring at someone. "So what you are F4? Do you think I'll be afraid of you? You guys are just nothing." he challenged.

Four guys' silhouettes could be seen as they turned.

"Do you know who the hell you're talking to?" One of them asked him.


Ford opened up his locker, which was 174. There is a red slip of paper, a yellow F4 and the words 'You're dead" posted there. People standing around him started to back away, like he had some sort of disease.

"He's in trouble."

"He's dead this time round."

"He has nothing to do to actually go and challenge F4."

"He insulted F4, did you hear?"

"Let's see how long he's gonna last this time."


Ford gathered up his books clumsily. Just then, Prof. Flutie walked to the classroom. "What is going on? Why aren't you people in class?"

Drusilla walked up to the professor. "Professor, Ford is dropping out."

"Dropping out? Since when did he quit? I'm his teacher, he should have asked permission from me!" the Professor said indignantly.

"Uh. Prof. Flutie?" Darla walked to the other side of her teacher. "Ford is forced to drop out by F4."

The professor sighed. "It's all because of these good-for-nothings that made this school look ugly."

He walked up to Ford and patted Ford's shoulder with his right hand. "Ford, this should teach you a lesson. Please don't continue to be a good-for-nothing when you go into the society. You should try to become a better person."

Buffy stared in shock. 'Hello?! The people in wrong here are F4, not Ford, okay? What in the bloody hell is Prof. Flutie saying???'

Ford nodded quietly and walked away. Even then, when he got a little near the students, they would shield away from him. The bell rang and Prof. Flutie turned. "Okay, people. Get inside and start the lesson."

As the students filed in one by one, Buffy stood at a side, lifting her head and glared at each of them, who had acted as if nothing had happened, icily. Kendra pulled at the sleeve of her shirt and led her in.

The teacher was writing something when the two girls walked into the class. Well, at least Kendra walked in while Buffy stomped in. As she walked by the Professor, he looked at her strangely. She continued her way to her seat and sat down, fuming. If the mood that she was in could be seen, smokes would be coming out from her ears and her face would have been black. She could have combusted right there with her anger.

"Well... um, class. To day, we're going to talk about moral integrity. It is the act of good behaviour that one should have and that... uh, Miss Summers?" Professor Flutie asked when Buffy's hand suddenly shot up.

"I want to go to the toilet to constipate."

"Uh..." the professor was speechless as Buffy walked past him. He stared after her. "You like to go to the toilet, go ahead." he stuttered.


Buffy ran to the rooftop of the building.

On the other hand, two large cars, a black convertible and a white Mercedes ran down the slope.

Buffy panted and caught her breath. She started screaming. "What kind of fucking school is this?! One pupil was already forced to drop out and the teacher actually called him a good-for-nothing? And the F4, you people are Freaks. FREAKS! FUCKING FREAKS!!! FREAKS!!!!!!! You Freak 4! Just because your parents open the school, you can be superior? You people are hypocritical! Idiots!"

Meanwhile, the 2 cars drove up to the foyer of the school.

Buffy continued to stream out curses at F4. "Stupid Fools! Monkey Asses! Mongolian Monkeys!! I warn you, if you ever come against me, you will lose!"

The cars stopped and three guys stepped out of the cars and went over to the right front door of the convertible, obviously waiting for someone else. A young man about twenty-two stepped out. His hair was flat and he was wearing a red silk shirt and leather pants. His commanding appearance obviously showed that he was the leader of the gang. Beside him was a guy about the same age with bleached blond hair. The other two were the shorter of the gang. One of them had brown hair while the other dyed his hair purple.

They are.... the mysterious F4.