Title: Summer Love

Author: Nimisha

Rating: PG-15 for swearing

Disclaimer: None of the characters from BtVS or Angel, belong to me in any way, instead only some stupid, freaky minor characters, rather they belong to Joss Whedon, UPN, Fox and probably others too, they are currently being borrowed for some non-money making fun.

Summary: Rewrite of Meteor Garden. Juz the stupid F4 stuff. : þ

Couples: B/A (DUH), S/F, W/O

Timeline: AU

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Buffy walked to the deck after she finished eating. She looked at the beautiful turmoil of the sea waves and sighed. It reminded her of a poem she read before.

"Oh, let us love, then, who can none else be,

But thrashing waves at play upon the sea-

Let the licentious waters us devour,

As we, immersed, do rise and fall each hour

'Til sunset, when high Phoebus makes descent

And, diving, toward our watery nexus bent.

Nay, let us be that ardent Sphere whose fire

Engenders all the world with our desire.

Say not our radiance is a lustful light;

Our smoldering bodies sea and earth ignite,

That brilliant Day forever shall remain,

And Night, her envy scarcely can contain-

The fickle moon, less lustrous than us two,

Her stars that fade before the night is through-

Not even storms can our inferno tame,

So let us drown the world in passion's flame.

But if we, by such rapture, are consumed,

Let us not perish so-by love entombed-

But like a Phoenix we shall rise again,

Together die and live as deities can.

Then we shall soar 'til we reach heaven's door,

For there, beyond, we stay to fall no more

But rise in glory for eternity.

For in one kiss lies immortality-

Let one such kiss our souls so intertwine

To form one entity, both yours and mine.

When earthly molds no longer us confine,

At last we'll taste our love, pure and divine.

Then let us to the sea return, and there

Arouse the waves to spread love everywhere." she recited softly and smiled. Suddenly, she felt a warm breath tickling at her neck.

"That was beautiful." Angelus whispered.

"I read it somewhere." Buffy replied. "So why aren't you with the others?"

"I have something to ask you." Angelus answered as he fidgeted a little.

"What do you mean?" Buffy asked, confused.

"Well... Buffy, would you like to go to Faith's birthday party with me?" he asked nervously. Angelus watched the display of emotions flitting across Buffy's face.

'Oh god, she's not going to agree. What am I going to do? What if she rejects me?' Angelus babbled to himself and was too absorbed in his thinking to hear Buffy's reply.

"Huh?" he asked, confused, when he heard someone saying something.

"Penny for your thoughts." Buffy teased.

"They are worth a million pounds." Angelus shot back. "What did you say just now?"

"I said yes. I would go to the party with you." Buffy answered.

"Oh, really? That's good." Angelus said, distracted, not hearing what Buffy had said. Finally, he was clued in on what Buffy said. "You mean, you would go to the party with me?" he asked, hopeful, like a small kid.

"Yes." Buffy smiled.

"I... thank you." Angelus said and kissed her... and the moment was interrupted by Xander.

"Hello? What are you two doing? Buffy, get away from Angelus!" Xander said and pushed her away from Angelus.

"I'm kissing him, Xander." Buffy said, angrier than amused this time.

Honestly, Xander has the WORST timing.

"Why should you be alone with him. He is a pig!" Xander argued, echoing Angelus' opinion of him.

"Watch what you're saying, boy." Angelus growled angrily.

"He is my boyfriend, Xander. This means I could kiss him anytime I want to." Buffy said and emphasized it by kissing Angelus again.

"Why am I explaining my own actions to you? Oh, forget it. So, what are you doing here?"

"Are you going to Faith's party?" Xander asked.

"Of course I am. Are you?"

"Yes. Can you be my date?" Xander asked while Angelus smirked.

"Sorry, Xander. Angelus already asked me and I agreed." Buffy answered.

"What?! Okay, forget it. I'll ask Will." Xander said sadly.

"Oh well, maybe you can do it tomorrow. It's late now and I'm tired. Do you guys want to go to sleep?" Buffy asked.

"I'll accompany you in." Angelus said. Buffy nodded and walked in. Before he went in, he whispered something in Xander's ear.

"Seems like I lucked out this time, boy." he smirked and went in, leaving Xander to look at him with an expression of extreme dislike.


"Hey, mom." Buffy called as she entered the house. It was the next afternoon, Buffy had just come home from the cruise.

"Oh Buffy, I missed you so much!" Joyce cried as she ran out and hugged Buffy.

"Mom! I cannot breathe!" Buffy yelped. Joyce quickly let go of her, apologizing.

"I was only gone for a week, not 3 weeks or a month." Buffy said.

"I was lonely." Joyce said. "So how's the cruise?"

"It was all right, I guess." Buffy said, though the expression on her face said something else.

"You're hiding something. Did you get a rich boyfriend?" Joyce asked eagerly.

"MOM!" Buffy said and turned to get to her room. Unfortunately, the invitation card to Faith's party dropped out. Joyce swiftly retrieved it and opened it up.

"Invitation. THIS is an invitation! Let me read this… You are cordially invited to Faith Halliwell's twenty-third birthday celebration at..." she read before someone suddenly snatched the card away from her.

"Mom! That's an invitation card to my friend's party." Buffy frowned at her.

"Obviously. Hmm... birthday celebration of Faith Halliwell, this name is quite familiar... wait a minute, isn't she the only daughter and heir to the Halliwell International Company?" Joyce asked.

"Uh huh. I'm going with my friends."


"Willow and Xander."

"Is Angelus going?"

"Mom!" Buffy protested.

"I'm just curious, honey." Joyce smiled. "Well?"

"Of course he is." Buffy replied confidently, her face glowing.

Hmm... something is not correct here. The last time I heard of this guy from Buffy, she was talking about him like he was an insect. This time, she is practically radiating with happiness.

"You're so sure?" Joyce asked innocently.

"Of course I am. He is my date after all, he would not dare to stand me up." Buffy grinned before realising what she said when she saw her mother's triumphant face. Oh no! DAMNIT DAMNIT DAMNIT..!

"And you said you don't have a rich boyfriend. If he's not rich, who is?" Joyce asked slyly.

Buffy groaned and quickly entered her room. "Mom, just don't say anymore."

She quickly locked up the door... but not before hearing, "Wait till your father hears of this!" Buffy sighed.

Her problems just got a tad more complicated. But then... she was too happy to care...


Buffy quickly dressed up in the red silk tank top and her favourite skirt. She wanted to dress at the very last minute, so that she could not hear her parents' 'talk' to her.

"Bye, mom. I've got to go now." Buffy yelled quickly and ran out before her parents could say anything.

Hank Summers shook his head. "She is the strangest girl."

Buffy quickly opened up the gate and got out of the house. She was so much in a hurry that she did not notice the young man standing beside her when she closed her house gate. Buffy quickly put her small bag in the scooter when someone helped her take it up. She looked up and gasped. "You! Why are you here?"

Angelus grinned and kissed her. They were quite... *cough* occupied before Angelus could explain himself. "I wanted to talk to you so I'm giving you a ride to school."

"In that case, I'll just have to accept." Buffy smiled as they walked over to his car and he opened her door for her. Angelus walked over to the driver's seat as Buffy entered the car through the passenger door.

Angelus started the car and handed her the bag before driving to Entente College. They talked comfortably during the drive to the school.


When they arrived at the school, Angelus parked his car and was about to open up the door when Buffy stopped him.

"What's the matter?" Angelus asked as he turned to his girlfriend. He stopped when he saw Buffy's serious look.

"I need to talk to you." Buffy said simply. "Right now."

Angelus nodded his head in confusion.

"I need you to promise me something before we get into the school." Buffy said.

"I'll try. Go on." Angelus replied.

"I don't want any word from you about me belonging to you or I'm only yours. This is the twenty-first century, not the middle ages. I don't want that kind of talk, you get me?" Buffy answered.

"Hey, when did I do that? It's for your own..." Angelus protested.

Buffy cut in by placing her finger on Angelus' lips. "I can take care of myself. I don't want anyone to control me, ok? I know you're looking out for me only, but I don't want to be avoided by the students like a plague... "

She turned back to her seat. "Then again, they were already doing that. I don't really think it makes much difference." she added as an afterthought.

Angelus sighed. "I really made a mess of this, didn't I?"

Buffy nodded somberly.

"I... I'm... I'm s-so-sorry." Angelus said haltingly. The word left a rather unpleasant taste in his mouth. He had never apologized to anyone before in his life. Yet, he felt a huge relief when he said the words. "I'm not very good at apologizing. I have never done that."

Buffy smiled, her smile lighting her whole face. "I'm honored to be the first person that you apologized too. I forgive you, but just promise me, just no talk about that 'You're mine' thing."

Angelus grinned too and nodded. He got out of the car to go to the other side to open Buffy's door.

Buffy sighed when she looked at him as he walked over. "Boy, are the classmates in for a HUGE surprise."


Buffy sighed again as she walked to the usual tree where she met the other members of F4 and Faith.

"Hi guys." she said, a little listless.

"What's with you, Buffy? Where is Angelus?" Doyle asked, concerned.

"Oh I flushed him down the toilet bowl." Buffy smiled weakly. "Not really, but my day SUCKED."

"What happened?" Spike asked.

"Let's see," Buffy said as she ticked off her fingers when she counted. "First, I got into the class, the class became dead quiet. No one dared to talk to me, for fear I'll bite them. Then, the teacher was sweating like mad and stammering when he was talking to me. He was praising me and sucking up to me the whole entire damn lesson. Oh, and that was not the best part, I was being avoided, pointed and stared at when I was walking across the courtyard to here, like I'm an animal on display at the zoo. Tell me, isn't my day the best?" Buffy replied sarcastically.

"Well, it wasn't their fault. Even before you were Angelus' girlfriend, you were famous across the campus for defying him and taking down 10 guys in 5 minutes flat." Faith teased her.

"Hey, it's all Angelus' fault in the first place." Buffy muttered. "Where's that idiot anyway? It's his fault for my stupid day. I'll make him pay one way or another."

"Who pay what?" Angelus asked when he suddenly appeared behind them.

"You!" Buffy glared at him.

"What?" Angelus frowned.

"Thank you so much." Buffy said angrily before she left.

"What the...?" Angelus was stunned and he looked at the others.

They just grinned and shrugged at him.

"Excuse me while I chase after that impossible girlfriend of mine." Angelus said before he turned and ran in Buffy's direction.

"Buffy, Buffy!" Angelus yelled as he ran after her. Buffy ignored him and continued on her way. Before she could get to class, someone caught her arm and turned her around gently.

"What happened?"

Buffy glared at him furiously. "Everything! Now that we are together and everyone knows, they were all treating me like I'm.. Like I am someone with a disease. And that stupid teacher, he was sucking up to me all day long!"

Angelus hugged her. "It's always like that. Don't worry, it will become old news soon."

"I hope." Buffy sniffed before burying herself in his embrace. They kissed in the middle of the courtyard in front of everyone, proving that the rumours were true.

"Well, I want to bring you somewhere with me after school, meet me here okay?" Angelus told her.

Burrowed in his chest, Buffy just nodded.