A Brothers Help



"Let's just get to the point," Damon said ending our discussion.

"We called you here because…"

Bella's Pov

"We called you here because we want mayhem our dear little sister has caused in this little down" Damon answered with fake concern.

I rolled my eyes and continued walking to ease my mind and process things, "Well let's see…" Emmett started off I smiled at his trying to lighten up the things.

"Ignore him" esme said to my brothers as she glared at him to shut up.

"Your serious….that's why you called us here" Edward asked with a slight humor in him.

Damon raised an eyebrow and in a serious tone asked, "If something bad happened to our sister then we want to know" Damon finished his drink and set it aside.

"Okay…"Edward said with slight humor still….and it was getting annoying, "nothing big compared to the great depression story but…."

Edward got interrupted by Rosalie, "we thought she was human and a tracker vampire hunted her down; bit her and they guys killed him and Edward got the venom out of her system before she could change into one of us"

Everyone was quiet and my brothers turned to look at me, "you forgot to mentioned that" Stefan answered in a trying not to yell at you right now tone.

I smiled sweetly, "slipped out of my mind"

"Anything else before we find out from them" Stefan asked me; I rolled my eyes Stefan looked back at the Cullens, I knew what he was gonna do, "you wouldn't dare" I challenged, before even Edward could stop him he looked into Alice's eyes and said, "What did Bella do while we were gone?"

He compelled her, and her words spilled out before she could even think about it, "on her birthday she got a paper cut and Jasper attacked her but didn't hurt her; Edward then broke up with her and I saw how hurt she was even suicide at times but never went through it; we then went to Italy when Edward thought Bella killed herself and made a deal with Aro the leader of our kind of vampires to turn her; then with the tracker's mate sent a newborn army to attack her and the wolves and us fought them and won" Alice said it really fast.

Damon stood up and his veins popped out, "no!"


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