Author's note: I wrote this short because of an idea my friend gave me, so it's kind of random. But oh well.

Hiccup and Ruffnut were the only people at the small local park near their neighborhood. The sun would go down soon, so everyone else had gone home. The majority of families had small children, so they would always leave early. That's when the teens of the neighborhood came out.

However, Ruffnut's brother was sick, and the others were either away or stuck doing the obscene amount of homework they got for the weekend.

And of course, Hiccup being Hiccup got it done in just a few hours, and Ruffnut…well, she just doesn't care. Besides, she can afford a late assignment or two.

So, there they were in the park by themselves. Hiccup always liked when he got to spend time alone with Ruffnut, especially at the park. The girl always acted…different when it was just the two of them. She didn't even act like this when it was them and her brother. Just with him.

Hiccup was sitting on a bench watching as the girl swung back and forth on the swing set. That was her favorite thing to do there. She always tried to get Hiccup to swing with her but he always declined, instead staying off to the side to watch her.

She would act like a carefree little kid and the boy loved it. So he just sat back and watched.

As soon as it hit an hour until they had to go home, Ruffnut would go sit beside Hiccup. She'd complain about how he never had any fun with her and punch his arm or shoulder, to which he just laughed.

Ruffnut would always finish a cigarette on their walk home and Hiccup would scold her about how it was bad for her health while she just rolled her eyes.

When they got home Hiccup would walk to Ruffnut's door with her (or vice versa, depending on who stayed with who the last time) and say good night. Then Ruffnut would give Hiccup a good night kiss to which he always pulled away from because she "tasted like smoke" but a moment later he'd kiss her back, breaking away after a few seconds had gone by. They'd say good night again and finally go inside to get ready for bed. (However, if it was a Friday or if it was a colder night they'd spend the night with each other on the couch with a blanket. Their parents stopped caring after about two months of this.)

If they were at their separate houses, they would wait at their windows for each other before turning off the lights.

Of course, Hiccup was the only one to ever see this side of the roughhousing, tomboyish, loud and outgoing girl with the reputation to get into fights after school and smoke on campus. And he treasured that.

It's what made him fall for her.