Black Dreams, a Now You See Me fanfic

A/N - This is just the prologue, set in the present. The chapters will return to the past events. Please let me know what you think!


The lights were white and harsh. They did nothing for Eden's appearance. She stared at her reflection in the mirrored glass. There was probably someone behind it, but she didn't care. She was too fixated on the purplish bruises beneath her eyes, the livid red cut on her forehead, her slightly swollen lip. She never thought she'd see herself like this.

The door to the room opened. FBI agent Cowan stepped into the room. Physically he looked just as tired as Eden, but she could see that look in his eyes, that hunger. She'd got used to seeing it in the last few weeks, even in herself. She glanced at her reflection again. Was that hunger still there? She wasn't entirely sure now.

SOCA agent White followed Cowan in. Eden felt a pang of guilt. He reminded her of home, of London. Being thousands of miles away had somehow made her actions seem less serious, but now, in this room, handcuffed to a metal table and a British agent watching her, the realisation of everything she'd seen and done began to weigh heavy on her shoulders. Her heart was picking up its pace, pounding against her ribs, punch after punch after punch.

Calm down, she told herself, just calm down.

All four of the Horsemen had been in her place and all four of them had got out of it. She could do it too. It was just too bad she couldn't shake her handcuffs off as easily as Daniel.

"Now, Miss Hale, we can finally sit down and chat," Cowan said. He looked smug. Eden's heart started hammering faster, this time anger fuelling it. "You've been running for quite a while, it must feel good to take a rest."

He looked at her expectantly, waiting for a reply. Dylan Rhodes had told her to stay silent, so stay silent she would.

When no answer was forthcoming, Cowan cleared his throat, choosing his new tactic. "If you didn't know already, this is Agent White, from SOCA, the Serious Organised Crime Agency." White nodded at Eden. She returned his nod with a look. "The two of us have been speaking with the British Embassy and others. You might be glad to hear that we've come to an agreement. It's simple, really; you tell us the whereabouts of the Four Horsemen and we'll let you return to London safe and sound, to your family and friends. You won't be charged with any involvement. It's a damn good deal, Miss Hale. I'd advise you to take it."

Eden couldn't think straight. Any second now she was sure her heart would burst from her chest or just stop altogether; it was going so fast. The whereabouts of the Four Horsemen. They'd got away. Jack had got away. The last time she'd seen him he'd-

"Miss Hale?" White interrupted her thoughts. He rested his forearms on the cool metal of the table and leaned a little closer. He was young for an agent, she thought. Probably only a few years older than her. "I'd like to urge you to accept this deal. If I'm being honest, you're getting off lightly-"

"But the Four Horsemen won't, will they?" she interrupted. "Even if I knew where they were, even if I told you, if you catch them you won't give them special treatment like me. They'll be put away for years."

The two agents watched her, wondering what to make of this outburst. She'd ignored what Dylan had told her, but it felt good. Their silence was confirmation enough.

Cowan tapped his fingers on the table. He was becoming irritated, his cheeks reddening. "This could all end quite badly for you, Miss Hale, if you don't cooperate with us now."

Cooperate. She'd already cooperated with four magicians. Where had it landed her? Here, being questioned. But did she mind? She considered it, and the conclusion surprised her a little. No, she didn't. She didn't regret anything that had happened. Sure, if it hadn't been for the four of them, five counting Dylan, she'd still be in London right now, trying to keep on top of her bills and job hunting while pleasing her friends by attending every social event going. Looking back, that life hadn't been for her, not really. This whole thing may have started on shaky ground, may have grown off the back of illusions and secrets, but in truth it was the best thing that had ever happened to her. What she'd discovered had shocked her, sickened her, but it had also opened her eyes. To think, if she had just said "no" on that first day this might have all played out differently, she might not hold the feelings she now possessed.

No, she didn't regret it at all.