Hellboy: Destiny and Heartstrings

Chapter 1: Things go Bump in the Night

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Jane Nariah Lee walked down the snowy park path as she lugged her groceries with her. Her pale skin hidden under several layers of warm clothing, her green eyes focused on the road before her and her black hair wrapped up in her black beanie hat.

She had now been living in New York for a few months and had made a general rule to never stay out after dark but tonight she made an exception. It wasn't like she couldn't handle herself, no it was that she thought it was safer in the daylight. More things seemed active at night supposed to day time. And the things that were awake at night weren't always the most friendly.

Jane knew the painful truth about the dark, ever since she was a little girl. It gave her nightmares to even try to think about her past and when she tried to remember it would always end in up in shattered memories of fire and screaming. Along with a horrible, horrible hissing voice that whispered to her as she tried to sleep as an remembered monster's as well. Nipping at her heels and growling around her. She also remembered the dark, how all those terrible things only happened when it was dark.

But there were memories that didn't pain Jane to think of when she did. It would be a small thing, like her mother's singing, her sister's smile, her father's protective arms or her brother's funny stories. But small things like those helped her forget the other memories.

She wasn't sure how old she was when she was taken away from her real family but she remembered waking up and they were gone. No that wasn't true. The night before was one Jane remembered very well. She remembered when her mother tucked Jane in for bed that she sounded scared.

"Go to sleep honey." Her mother whispered, "Everything's going to be okay." But the way her mother had said it, had made Jane think she was trying to convince herself more than Jane. "Mommy loves you very much. And everything she does is because she loves you."

Not long after her mother tucked her in and kissed her goodnight the hissing voice and her father had gotten into a fight. Her sister's shouts, glass breaking, a booming roar and the house shaking followed soon after. Then that was it, when she woke up they were gone and the house was in ruins. Cracks & claw marks running up and down the walls and dried blood was splattered all over the floor. The one thing she did find was a small, silver, cross necklace her mother had always worn on the floor, on top of a broken family photo.

After that she was found by the mail man who noticed her completely alone it the wreckage of the house. From there she was taken to foster care and that was things got….worse. Not only were her foster families awful and often abusive she had an interesting….ability.

'More like a curse.' Jane thought bitterly as she remembered when she discovered her 'gift'.

Jane had been living in Virginia for 3 months and she was in kindergarten. Her 5th foster mother: Carol, had fixed her black hair into 2 pigtails that stood straight up on her tiny head. She wore a red sweater that was much too large on her small body and a black skirt that reached her knees and panty-hoes under it. Under the sweater, around her neck was her mother's cross. The one thing she had kept with her throughout her life. It was late December, only a few days before Christmas and her teacher: Mrs. Ipowitz had read 'Twas the Night before Christmas' and they had draw pictures of different Christmas objects like Gingerbread houses, reindeer, Christmas ornaments, Pine trees, snow men, sleighs, elves and Santa Claus. The day would've been perfect if the 'incident' hadn't happened.

It was recess when James Douglas, Ronald Williams and Thomas Green had walked over to Jane's spot in the playground at the swings.

"Move it Lee it's my turn on the swing!" James snapped and Jane looked up at the boys and frowned.

"But I just got on." Jane said timidly and Ronald scoffed,

"We don't care now move!" At this Jane huffed, furrowed her brows together, gave a small pout and crossed her arms over her chest to show she was not moving. Ronald scowled at the little girl and huddled into a circle his two friends. There were hushed whispers and snickers from the circle but Jane kept her arms crossed and eyes trained ahead to look as fierce as she could fo year old. Soon James stood in front of her with a condensing smirk plastered to his rosy face.

"So Janie what did you draw in class today?"

"Don't call me Janie." Jane scolded before answering his question, "I drew a cross."

"A cross?" Thomas asked questioning the other child, "That's not Christmasy!"

"Yes it is." Jane stated which got Thomas to frown even more.

"Is not!

"Is so!"

"Is not!"

"Is so!"

"Is not!"

"Is so!"

"Is not!"

"Is so!"

"Is not!"

"Is so!"

"Is not!"

Jane smirked before shouting: "Is not!"

"Is so!" Thomas snapped before realizing what he had just said. "HEEEEY!"

Jane smile triumphantly showing of a missing front tooth before she noticed something very wrong. Ronald wasn't anywhere to be seen. Jane looked around for the other boy when she felt a hard tug on her pigtails. Jane screamed out in pain as she was pulled to the ground off her swing. Her sweater was covered in dirt and mud and her pigtails in disarray. Ronald stood over her grinning like the Cheshire Cat,

"Ha! Not only did you lose your swing but now you caught cooties!" Thomas snickered as James sat on the swing in front of her. Ronald smirked some more before kicking some more dirt her way. Thomas laughed wickedly as well and Jane huffed and sniffed trying her best not to cry.

"And what a stupid drawing! She drew a cross, that's not Christmasy! Right Ronald?" Thomas laughed and Jane's jade colored eyes watered. She sniffled and cried softly before she glared up at the 3 boys. She took a deep breath to try and stop her crying.

"You're going to pay." Jane hissed as her eyes narrowed. She clenched her hands into fists against the dying grass and thought hard on pain and misery. Suddenly the boys started screaming and writhing in agony, while a look of horror washed over Jane's face. She felt as if all energy she had in her tiny body was being sucked out of her and shot at the boys. James, Thomas and Ronald fell to the ground not far away from Jane. Ronald gave on last terrified look at her before his brown eyes had a glassy dead look to them as his body went limp. Jane's small body began feeling drained and blacked out as she heard the other children's screams and the teachers' panicked voices

Ambulances came 45 minutes later but by then it was too late. Thomas and Ronald had already been dead. James was the only survivor. They all had suffered from severe heart attacks, which baffled the doctors to no end. For how could three healthy 6 year old boys have heart attacks out of nowhere? The doctors dismissed Jane's black out as a small panic attack due to the scary activity with Ronald, Thomas and James. But something felt wrong to Jane. It didn't feel like a 'little panic attack' but what did she know? She was only five. It wasn't until a few days after the accident when a young man had come up to her and confronted her about her episode.

"It's called Biokinesis. Do you know what that is?" The man had said and Jane had shook her tiny little head.

"It's when you can control stuff inside people. Like the heart and brain. What happened at the play ground was part of your biokinesis." He explained, "I'm sure you didn't mean to hurt those boys did you?"

Jane shook her head silently taking the information in. She felt a stab of guilt running through her gut, realizing she had killed 2 people.

"We have a group of people who can help you learn to control it. You can come live there with us if you want." The man offered and Jane frowned.

"But what about my mommy?"

"She can come visit you anytime you like. And besides it's not for forever. Just until you can control you biokinesis." The man explained and Jane thought about it for a few minutes.

"I'll be the only kid there….won't I?"

"Oh no we just got a little boy in the program, you won't be alone." He smiled kindly but Jane continued to frown.

"I don't want to go." She murmured softly, "I don't want to be away from my mommy."

The man gave a soft smile and squeezed her tiny knee.

"Okay, but if you ever change your mind here." He handed her a card with a couple of numbers and an address on it. "Call if you ever need us." And with that he walked away. Jane never told her foster mother about her bionkinesis or about the strange man. Jane just stayed silent and did what she was told. She was released from the hospital a few days later. To make sure she didn't have any signs that she may have a heart attack as well. After that she remained with her foster Mother for another year. But eerie quietness had taken its toll on Carol and she soon gave Jane up.

"I can't keep her." Carol stated, "She's never been the same since her panic attack! Always quiet and secretive! I just can't do it anymore!"

Then she was removed from other homes because of several other 'incidents' that followed. But instead of little boys and girls, the ones who ended up dead were her often abusive foster parents.

Jane sighed, shaking those thoughts away as she shifted the bags around in her arms to help hold them up. That was a long time ago. Jane had to focus on the future and not on her past. So here she was now 6 bags of groceries, no car and no money left over for a taxi had left her with the option of walking home. Deciding to take a more scenic route she walked through the park instead of the busy New York streets just because it felt…..safer. Jane looked around at the dormant trees and moonlit sky for any signs of danger. Shadows seemed to dance around her and the winds scraped against bare tree branches causing a bone-chilling howl.

Paranoia getting the best of Jane, she quickened her footsteps. Snow crunched under her boots and winter wind blew past, causing the remaining ebony hair that wasn't tucked under her hat to blow into her face.

"This is just great." Jane muttered under her breath as she continued on her way. A sigh left her lips as she tried her best to huff the strands of black hair out of her pale face. "Out alone, at night…..in the cold and dark. With my arms and feet killing me…..and I'm talking to myself…just great."

Jane frowned again and continued on her way wondering where and when the park was going to end when are loud shot was heard followed by a blood curdling roar and a loud 'AW CRAP!'. Her pale green eyes widened and she nearly dropped her groceries. Another roar was heard and Jane looked around for the source of the unnatural sounds.

'You should walk away right now. Walk away Jane and don't turn around. Don't look back and keep walking. Just walk away, forget this ever happened and….aw damn it!' Jane pressed her lips together into a pale thin line and looked around for anyone else in the park.

Empty, no one but her and whatever was making those horrifying sounds. She rested her grocery bags on a nearby bench and followed the sound the best she could. Walking down the steep ice covered hill the best she could without falling, Jane found a sight that she never, not in a million years thought she'd find. There falling through the air was a bright crimson red man in a long leather duster, black t-shirt and leather pants with a tail poking out from the back. On his head were large circular stumps and his right hand was made of solid stone. As the man crashed into the snow Jane scrambled behind a tree to hide.

The large man stood up stumbling slightly before he turned his back to her and faced a large…..frog like monster. Its body slimy and a grayish green color, tentacles were around its head and its eyes had a hungry, soulless look to them. The appearance of this monster sent shivers down Jane's spine. It let out a hiss much like a snake and lunged at the large crimson man.

The man let out an angry screamed and pulled out a huge gun. He looked like he was about to shoot when the monster wrapped its large and disgusting tongue around the strange man's arm. He shouted out in pain and fired multiple shots, all of them missing the monster.

"Ah, ah, ah first date no tongue!" the man growled before he cringed slightly.

'Yikes. This doesn't look good.' Jane frowned as she watched. Finally he punched the creature in the face with his stone hand so the tongue released his other one.

He looked in pain and winced as he held the arm that was just licked by a giant frog. He pulled out his gun one last time and with his hand shaking he took a shot. The bullet ran right through the monster's head. The creature gave an unholy scream and fell to the ground dead, not 2 seconds later it disintegrated to a pile of bone and ash. The bright red man gave a choked laugh before he fell to his own knees.

"Damn…" he croaked out before falling face first into the snow. Jane looked at him for a few moments from behind the tree, before she quietly and cautiously walked from behind the tree and towards the man. At first she just stared at him. Then she hesitantly tapped him on the shoulder. Nothing. He almost looked dead, and if she hadn't seen the rise and fall of his back she would've thought he was dead. She poked his back with the front of her boot a few moments later hoping that would get him up. But much to her disappointment, it did not.

"Hey…..are you okay?" Jane asked after a few minutes only to be greeted with silence. "Mister?"

Nothing. Not a word. Not even a groan. Jane looked around once again to see if anyone else was around. She couldn't take him home. Who knew what would happen if she had let this giant in her apartment. But she couldn't leave him out here alone, unconscious. Jane pressed her lips together so they form a thin line before she sighed.

"I can't believe I'm doing this."

Walking through the door to her apartment, Jane grunted with the effort of getting the large man into the warmth of her home. Once they were through, she wasted no time in getting him to lay flat on the fairly large leather couch. It really was a miracle that she managed to get both her groceries and the stranger into her apartment. The stranger who just happened to way 350lbs!

"You better be damn grateful when you wake up." Jane mumbled before she put her groceries on the kitchen counter. After the groceries were out of the way she walked back to the living room and stood where the stranger's head rested half on/off the arm of the couch and looked down at him.

She must've been insane. No scratch that, she was insane. Jane had let a complete and utter stranger into her home. A stranger with skin that was bright, bloody, red who she found fighting a frog with a giant stone fist, a gun the size of her head.

But he was hurt and the Christian inside Jane told her to help him. So here she was now, sitting the large man up against the back of her couch to get his leather duster off so she could examine his wounds. Jane was lucky enough to build up her muscle mass to give her enough strength to drag him in her home. She prayed that her Biokinesis would be enough to heal his wounds for the sight before her was appalling. Scars littered his muscular arms, scratches cut through the fabric on his torso and blood stains were under his black t-shirt. On his normal hand there were large ugly blisters over the area the frog monster's tongue had been.

"Oh God." Jane gasped before sitting down beside him and placing her hands over the scars. She took a deep breath and focused the energy in her body to help heal his wounds. Her pale green eyes glowed white as she focused on using her ability. She imagined the tissues and cells repairing themselves as quickly as she could before she felt herself being drained of all energy she possessed. As soon as it was gone Jane gasped for air and looked back at her 'patient'.

He was still out cold but a majority of his scars were gone, along with the blisters. Jane put a weary hand on her forehead trying to keep a headache at bay. She looked back at him and smiled at the almost angelic look on his face as he slept. She smiled softly and moved him so he was lying down again.

"Guess I should make you comfortable huh?" Jane mused to herself and walked over to a closet in the hallway. She pulled out a couple of blankets from the closet and went to the guest bedroom and pulled out the largest pillow she could find.

After she had, Jane walked back to into the living room where she pulled up the man's massive head and placed the pillow beneath it. She then looked at his gun in its holster on his hip. It probably would be horrible to sleep with it on and she still didn't know him. How did Jane know he wouldn't get up and try to shoot her or something? With that in mind Jane sighed and pulled the gun out of its holster and placed it by the man's leather duster on the coffee table.

After that she pulled one of the blankets and placed it over him, then another because the first one didn't cover him all the way. When that was done she smile satisfactorily and placed both hands on her hips.

"Well now that you're all cozy, I'm going to put the groceries away." Jane said to herself and walked to the kitchen and pulled the different items out of the paper bags putting them into the fridge or different cabinets. After everything was in its place Jane let out a yawn and walked back out to the living room. She tilted her head to the side and studied the person of her couch.

"Goodnight big guy." Jane waved him off and took his coat and gun with her to her room and got ready for bed.

The raven haired woman looked down at the ashes of the creature with a wicked look in her soulless black eyes.

"You've done your job well, my pet." The woman hissed, "Bringing the children together, very well done. I will finisssh what Grigori has sssstarted but unlike him, I will not fail."

Her glossy, blood red lips turned upward giving off a devilish grin showing her fangs.

"For now you may ressst. That isss until I require your ssservicccee again." She spoke, her fork like tongue slipping out of her mouth. The pile of ash turned into a small green fire and flew up into the woman's hand. "The time isss near. Do not worry my pet, pesssky humansss will not bother usss much longer."