Hellboy: Destiny & Heartstrings

Chapter 15: Who are you Really?

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Jane had been living inside the B.P.R.D. for five months now. She mainly stayed in the room provided for her, only coming out when Hellboy insisted, and even then she clung to him the entire time. Her previous stay with the government organization wasn't as friendly as this time, and even though Hellboy promised he wouldn't let anything happen to her, Jane still couldn't trust anyone.

Jane was an outsider at the Bureau. A freak amongst the freaks. But Jane supposed it was her own fault. She had always been antisocial. Even as a little girl, she stood out, preferring to be alone and having only one companion, whether it was James or now, Hellboy.

The few people she had been introduced to - Dr. Krauss, Abraham Sapien, Agent Clay, Agent Myers, and Dr. Kate Corrigan, were still strangers. She had met them briefly and they tried to make her feel welcome, which she appreciated, but she still stuck by her red-skinned friend.

One other person Jane had met was a pyrokinetic named Liz Sherman, and Jane thought she seemed nice enough. Jane could relate to their mutual fear of losing control of their abilities, but they weren't 'close'. Liz was always going on missions or spending her time in the library with the other agents, and Jane normally stayed with Hellboy.

But she now knew the history between Liz and Hellboy, understanding why he didn't like to talk about her. She knew that if Hellboy ever found out about James, she wouldn't want him to press on about it. So they mainly talked about anything else, from favorite colors to stories of some of his missions. Jane had everything about him memorized - his favorite musician, favorite foods, and she could even name all of his cats! Give her any subject and Jane knew it, and the same was true for Hellboy. They often spent time in his room just talking or watching TV, and every now and then, she would watch him work out.

Jane couldn't help but notice how well built the demon was, and the more she got to know him, the less she saw his horns and red skin. The tug on her heartstrings grew stronger when she was around him and for once, Jane privately let it happen.

Hellboy didn't mind having Jane around. Okay, that was an understatement - he loved having Jane around. She gave him a distraction from Liz and everything else. The crazy lady who had been stalking him at night had stopped visiting, though he suspected it had something to do with his newest 'roommate'.

After the first night Jane had slept in his room, she never left and as far as anyone else knew, Jane had not been sleeping with him. But the truth was, Jane never spent a single night in her own room. Nights were always spent with Hellboy. She was too clever to get caught by the nanny squad. Her biokinesis helped with that. She would hide when the agents came in with his breakfast, rush to her room when they left, and act like she was just waking up.

But the fact remained that as soon as Jane had appeared in his room, the lady stalker disappeared. Hellboy was curious, but for the time being he didn't want to look a gift horse in the mouth and just let Jane sleep in his bed. She had noticed this too, but was too relieved to question it. Jane was actually able to sleep, actually living her life, not just waiting for the day to pass, and not regretting everything that had gone wrong in her past.

But it never went anywhere beyond sleep, though. They were just friends who slept in the same bed, as odd as that sounded. But they never talked about it, and in fact, tried to ignore it. Sure, there were nights when they got a little too cuddly, and days when he caught Jane staring while he worked out, and times when he might have accidentally walked in when she was changing, but for the most part their system worked out fine.

Jane tried to deny that she was beginning to have feelings for Hellboy. He did the same. They told themselves that the other was just a rebound for James and Liz. But there was something there, they both knew it. They just didn't want to admit it.

Jane currently sat in a room with metallic walls and floor with Hellboy at her right. The demon had agreed to stay with her while Abe and Dr. Krauss analyzed her nervous breakdown of a few months before. They had run all manner of tests on her once a week and still had no success in determining what had caused it. This time, she wore wired suction cups attached to her temples, while she held a firm grip on Hellboy's hand. Dr. Krauss informed they were trying a new technique that was 'guaranteed to vork!', if she quoted him exactly. She didn't like being a test subject, not one bit. But she would put up with it for the time being.

"Now, we're going to ask you a series of questions and will calculate your answers. This may give us the cause of your last episode," Abe told her as Krauss set up an odd looking machine on the table. A number of scientists stood to the side with clipboards while Dr. Krauss operated the machine and Abe asked the questions.

"Alright," Jane sighed, giving Hellboy's hand a gentle squeeze, "Let's just get this over with."

The machine whirred to life with odd beeping, sounding like a heart rate monitor.

"Now, how much sleep did you get the week of the accident?" Abe asked, while his obsidian black eyes looked into hers. A shiver ran down Jane's spine before she swallowed, her throat suddenly very dry.

"An hour….maybe," she mumbled, noting Hellboy's worried gaze. The machine buzzed and the scientists scribbled their notes while Jane bit the inside of her cheek nervously.

"Were you eating?" Abraham continued, and Jane looked down at the metallic table top.

"Not much…..just enough to get me by."

"Did you put in extra hours at work?"

"I did," Jane muttered, squeezing Hellboy's hand a little tighter.

"Jane, were you having any money trouble?"

"Yeah…..my cat Maggie was having back problems. The vet was expensive…" Jane explained as the machine buzzed once again.

"Were you under any stress?"

"No," Jane lied, and the machine's indicator changed from buzzing to a soft screech. The Icthyo Sapien and Hellboy shared a look which made Jane's stomach sink. The scientists scribbled more notes and shook their heads. Anxiety built up inside her and Jane averted her gaze to her lap, ashamed.

She realized they had caught her lie, that now they were expecting the truth. She sighed then answered, "Yes."

The machine buzzed again and the scientists returned to their recording.

"Did this stress have anything to do with a Mr. James Douglas?"

"H-h-how did you know that name?" Jane asked, slipping her hand away from Hellboy's. Her brows furrowed slightly and her jade eyes sharpened. The machine began a rapid beeping.

"We saw his number in your phone records. Please answer the question," Abraham requested. Jane's eyes narrowed, but she answered as instructed.


"Do you know what happened to your parents and siblings the night they disappeared?" Abraham went on, and Jane froze, suddenly feeling sick to her stomach. She swallowed hard, memories of her mother's and sister's cries of horror running wildly in her mind.

"I do," she croaked, tears brimming in her eyes.

"What do you remember?" Abe pressed on.

"My…..my mother had put me to bed and….then my dad was yelling….and then my mom was crying, asking why, and then…..then I woke up the next morning and they were gone…." she told him, a single tear spilling down her cheek.

"Has any other demonic activity occurred before or after that night?"

"I…I…I-" Jane looked away from them, feeling that her heart was being crushed by an invisible hand. Hellboy patted her back then spoke softly, so only she could hear.

"Hey, you're doing great….I'm right here, just tell us the truth." The last part stung her, knowing the failure of her first attempt to lie. Having no choice, Jane had to make up for her previous fib, or else her conscience would never let it go.

She sighed, gathering her courage and answered, "Before they died…..there was this voice….this horrible voice that sounded like…..nails against a chalkboard, telling me….these….these awful things and….after that night…." She stopped, raising a hand to her mouth. All these questions about her past were making her anxious, too much on edge.

"Did you get along with your siblings?"

"I uh….I don't really remember."

"What about your parents? Did you get along with them?"

"I think so."

"Were you upset when they died?" Abe questioned, and Jane's eyes flared.

"Of course I was! How could you ask that?!" she demanded, clearly upset. Hellboy sent the fish-man a threatening glance as he held Jane's hand tighter.

"How many people have you killed with your biokinesis?"

She bit her lower lip at this, wondering if they were trying to blame her for something she'd had little control over as a child. Jane had to swallow before answering, her heart cringing as she did so.

"Two hundred thirty-four," she muttered, anger rising up.

"Do you feel responsible for those deaths?"

"What kind of question is that?! Of course I do!" Jane scowled with irritation as the scientists continued their detached writing. Abraham paused, letting the woman compose herself before posing the next, and more personal question.

"What are the terms of your relationship with Mr. Douglas?" he asked and at this, Jane threw a glare could freeze hell over and stood straight up.

"How is this any of your business?!" she exclaimed, visibly rigid. The machine emitted a combination of fast beeps and screeches.

"Ms. Lee-"

"Really? What does my personal life have anything to do with my biokinesis? And while we're on the subject, why were you going through my phone records?!" She leaned over Abraham, her palms pressing hard into the table top.

"Jane…" Hellboy began, but was cut off by the troubled woman.

"Stay out of this!" she hissed, her voice raspy and cold, shocking everyone around her.

Hellboy looked at her in dismay. This wasn't Jane….it couldn't be. The hate burning in her eyes wasn't his Jane's, but her irises were no longer the beautiful jade green he adored, instead they turned into a bloody crimson. Hellboy recognized and understood possession, not that his knowledge could relieve his concern for Jane.

"Jane, snap out of it. They were just trying to help," he urged, trying to get back the Jane he knew.

"You're afraid of me, aren't you!" Jane snarled like an animal, ignoring Hellboy completely. Her ivory skin slowly turned to a cold blue and horns sprouted from her brow. Claws grew from her fingers and her feet transformed into hooves. She grinned with malice at the fear in Abraham's eyes. "You're scared I'll snap and kill you with a thought!"

"Jane -"

"I should! Since you've acted so rudely to the future Queen of Hell!" Jane growled ferally, causing Dr. Krauss, Hellboy, Abe and the Bureau scientists to tense in horror. Their minds began to reel at her words, praying she hadn't actually said them. But before any of the supernatural beings could speak a word, the humans collapsed to the floor, clutching their throats in panic.

The special agents dropped to help the fallen men, keeping watch on Jane, whose eyes now glowed an eerie white, her teeth morphing into dagger-like canines, with her upraised hand crooked into a choking grip.

Abraham made his move towards her and at this, Jane flicked her wrist, her power launching him and Dr. Krauss across the room as if they were flies. Still, she controlled the humans, strangling them to near death.

"Jane!" Hellboy's hand landed on her shoulder. She gasped. The eerie glow retreated and her irises returned to their regular green hue. Her skin returned to the normal pale color and the claws, hooves and horns disappeared. The scientists were freed to recover, while Abe and Krauss shook off their stunning fall.

Jane looked around the room before turning to Hellboy, "I…I….please tell me I didn't do this…."

Her red skinned friend remained silent, and regret, guilt and shame washed over Jane like a tidal wave. A pale hand flew to her mouth as her eyes began to water. She slowly backed away from him until she reached the wall. At this, a large shadow began to consume the area around her, covering the wall in an inky blackness.

Hellboy's hard stare followed as she turned to the shadow, wide-eyed with intrigue and fear. Her hand, stretching out to touch the blackness, pierced straight through it. Snatching her hand out quickly, she faced Hellboy with deep pain etched on her features.

"I'm sorry!" she cried back before running away into the blackness, leaving Hellboy to wonder who she really was.