Callie waited for Arizona to come home that night. She was willing to forgive no matter how much it hurt her because they were married and they had a daughter. She had nothing to fight for with George but this, this was a whole different story. She wanted to fight for Arizona. She wanted to just forget about everything that has happened in the past year. Plane crash, Arizona losing her leg, Mark's death. But instead when Callie got home with Sofia she noticed that the apartment was scaringly quiet. Sofia wiggled out of her embrace to play with her toys as Callie noticed a paper on the kitchen counter. She knew that handwritting. She gulped before slowly reading it.

Dear Calliope,
First of I just wanted to apologize. Not only for betraying you but for betraying myself too. I promised not only to you but to myself for loving you until death do us apart and I broke that promise. I know this is not what you expected and it's also not what you deserve but a personal apology wouldn't go with my plans. I'm deeply sorry and I want you to know that I didn't mean what I said. I know that you did what you did only to save my life and as much as I sucked showing it I was grateful for it. I also want you to know that Mark's death was painful to me too. I spent two days with him laying in my lap and watching him slowly die. I was heartbroken. We kept talking about you and Sofia and how we both have to make it home to our family. And we did it. But then everything went wrong. He died and so did a part of me. I changed. And we both know it. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for everything I've done wrong this past year. So I did something. I did something stupid. My whole life I've been terrified of this and now.. Well I joined the army. My dad mentioned something about them needing a PEDs surgeon. I have been thinking about it for a while and then this happened and I was too ashamed to even look at you or our daughter. I guess this is just me bailing again. If I don't make it back I hope you find someone who's going to love at least half as much as I do because I really love you Calliope, and I truly am sorry. You deserve someone much better than me. This whole time I kept telling myself to be a better wife than George was a husband and now I hate myself for doing the exact same thing. Please don't cry because this is none of your fault. I did something stupid that I will regret for the rest of my life and live with the consequences. Tell our beautiful baby girl that her mommy loves her and that she had to leave to save some lives. I hope that while I'm away I'll get the chance to find myself again. To find that missing piece. Don't worry about me I have my brother watching out for me. And you have Mark so I know I don't have to worry about you either though that doesn't mean I won't worry about you.

I will love you forever no matter what
- Arizona

Callie had tears streaming down her face. She wanted to hate Arizona. She wanted to hate her for cheating and she wanted to hate her for leaving like that but she couldn't. She loved her too much. She glanced at Sofia who was happily sitting on the carpet and playing with her Barbie. She was glad her daughter hasn't noticed her tears or heard her quiet sobs. Callie went to the bathroom and washed her face with cool water but that didn't stop the tears. It only made them fall harder. She started sobbing as she slid down the wall. She felt so alone. She couldn't talk to Mark, Arizona left, Addison was far away. Right now she felt like she had no one. And that only made her cry harder.

In the living room Sofia heard noices coming from the bathroom. She let her curiousity take over and when she found her mami crying on the floor she ran to her and hugged her tightly. "Oh baby girl," Callie said as she hugged her daughter tighter. "I guess it's just you and me now." Sofia stepped back and observed her mother. "Mommy?" Her voice was soft and innocent and that only made Callie cry harder. "Mommy decided to be a good man in the storm so she left for a while to save some lives." Callie wasn't sure Sofia even understood what she was just told but the little girl nodded anyway. Callie took a deep breath and whiped her tears away. "Why don't we visit godmother Cristina huh?" Sofia grinned and nodded. Callie stood up and grabbed a bag and threw in some Sofia's clothes before entering her bedroom. Arizona's dresser was empty, all of her stuff were gone. Callie bit her lip not wanting to cry some more in front of Sofia and grabbed some of her own clothes. Sofia stood in front of the door with her teddy bear clutched to her chest. Callie smiled slightly at her and that made Sofia smile because she made her mami smile. They sat in the car as Callie drove to Meredith's ex house where Cristina was living again since she was in the middle of her divorce and Derek and Meredith had their own house.

She rang the doorbell as Cristina looked at her oddly. "Arizona left. She just.. left." Cristina's eyes widened as she took Sofia from Callie's arms. Callie knew that no matter how harsh Cristina seemed ever since her divorce with George they became great friends and the time when they lived together really helped them bond and then she became Sofia's godmother so they got along pretty well and Cristina may even found a soft spot for her goddaugher. "Did she leave a note or she just dissapeared like Erica?" Callie left out a shaky breath. "She joined the army." Cristina's eyes went wide. "Wait we are talking about the same Arizona right? The one with perky dimples and wheeling shoes?" Callie laughed slightly for the first time today. "Yes." Sofia yawned slightly. "Honey are you tired?" Sofia just nodded. She wasn't much of a talker anyway. "We have a spare room since..uhm Lexie if you need a bed. Or you can stay in my room and I'll move in Kepner's room since she's on call tonight. Trust me she wouldn't mind anyway." Callie didn't want to stay in Lexie's room so she decided to go with Cristina's room. She placed Sofia on the bed and she was asleep in less than 5 minutes. "She's exhausted," Callie said. "So uhm are you okay? Want some tequila?" Callie nodded. "Yes actually I just wanna drown myself in it." They went in to the kitchen and instead of glasses Cristina grabbed a bottle of tequila for each. "Cheers," Cristina mumbled before they started drinking.

Arizona looked through the window of a plane. She was wearing an army suit even though she was only a surgeon. She was silently crying and slightly panicking. She hated the fact that she left her wife and her daughter and she also hated flying because the last time she was on the plane she lost her leg. She hoped they wouldn't accept her because of the fact that she only has one leg but they told her that that is not a problem. So here she was on a plane to go in the middle of the war to save lives. She thought she would feel different. She thought she would actually feel like a good man in the storm. But no she was feeling like crap because she cheated. "I cheated," she mumbled to herself in disbelief. She looked at two photos she was holding the whole time. One was a photo of her and her brother Tim. He was wearing the same suit she is wearing right now but he also had a gun. He had a proud look on his face, his blue eyes holding a huge spark. The other photo was a photo of Callie and Sofia that Arizona took a few days ago. A few days ago everything seemed perfect although it hasn't been for a long time now. Arizona wished she could at least go back to that day. To hold her wife and watch stupid cartoons she secretly enjoyed watching with their daughter. Tears slipped down Arizona's cheeks onto the pictures. How did she go from being a good man in the storm to someone who bails all the time? Would her brother be proud of her? The answer that popped in her head only made her cry harder.