Callie was having an incredible busy day. Who knew that a football game would bring her so many broken and crushed bones? "Doctor Torres," she heard her intern Heather Brooks say. "Yes Brooks?" Callie was slightly irritated by someone disturbing her in the OR while she was trying to pop a hip back to where it belongs with Owen's help. "Your father is here." Callie looked at Owen. "Don't worry I got this." Callie smiled in appreciation.

"Daddy?" Callie said softly as she watched her father observing Sofia and her friends playing in day care. "Calliope," he said pulling her in a tight hug. "I'm sorry if you were busy I was just around and thought I could say hi. Maybe a dinner with you, Arizona and Sofia. And maybe Mark if he's lonely." Callie hated herself sometimes for not telling some things to his dad. He never told him about the plane crash or about Arizona leaving. "Can we talk?" Callie offered. "Sure mija." Carlos silently followed his daughter in her office. They both sat down. "Okay I'll just say it and it might gonna be too much on you but I need you to listen." Carlos was getting worried over her daughter's words but decided to hear her out. "A little over a year ago a plane crashed. With our doctors on it." Carlos gasped. "Mija that's ter-," he started but Callie cut him off. "Wait for me to finish. Arizona, Mark, Lexie, Derek, Meredith and Cristina. Those are the people who were on the plane. Lexie died out there in the woods. Mark made it home but he.. He agreed that after 30 days of being brain dead we turn the machines off so he didn't make it either. And Arizona well she hurt her leg pretty badly and while we were waiting for her infection to go down I had to operate on Derek's hand so he was able to regain full mobility and while I was in the surgery Arizona crashed which meant that the infection was worse and they had to cut her leg off." Going through the memories over the past year made Callie slightly cry and she didn't notice until Carlos whiped her tears away and hugged her tightly. "I'm sorry Calliope. How is Arizona coping with all this?" Callie decided not to tell about the cheating part. "We had some bumps and bruises but eventually we were fine. We are fine." Please don't ask for Arizona was all Callie could think about.

"Where is Arizona?" Of course he would ask. Callie sighed to herself. "She uhm had this uhm conference thing. Yeah conference." She was convincing more herself than Carlos but thankfully he didn't catch on. "Oh well I could use some time with Sofia. I also brought her a present since I wasn't there on her birthday party." Callie smiled in appriciation. "Thanks. And she's probably gonna make you push her around in her tricycle for like 2 hours so I'm really sorry about that." Sofia quickly grew attached to the little bike her godmother gave her and it was now the only thing that helped her sleep so Callie usually spent her evenings pushing Sofia around her apartment to get her to sleep.

Arizona was doing a post op check up on one of her patients when she felt someone watching her. She turned around to meet Teddy's worried eyes. "What?" Arizona asked, her voice gave away a hint of confusion. "Nothing you just seem distant a bit." Arizona smiled at her patient who sadly didn't speak English so it was hard to explain things to the patient but she gave a thumb up showing that everything's okay. "I'm not actually. Just busy. No cardio trauma today?" Teddy shook her head and sighed. "No. The hightlight of my day was an old man who had a heart attack." Arizona chuckled to herself. "You poor little thing." Her and Teddy became really great friends and it was hard to keep them apart except for the surgeries.

"Robbins?" Arizona turned around and looked at a man who she never saw before. He walked to her and hugged her tightly slightly lifting her off the ground. Once Arizona was placed down and was balanced she started talking. "Uhm I'm sorry but do I know you?" The man observed the woman. Blonde hair, deep blue eyes, dimples. She was definitely the one he was searching for. "I'm Sergeant Mike Johnson." Arizona still had no idea who this mean is but she decided to just go with it. "Oh well pleasure to meet you." She stuck her hand out to Mike who hladly shook it. "Your brother was an incredible man and I'm truly sorry about your loss." Arizona's head snapped up as she looked at him. "You knew Tim?" Her blue eyes watered at the thought of her brother. Lately she was missing him like crazy. Being here in desert and listening to guns going off and bombs exploding somehow made her feel like Tim was someone around. He would probably yell at her for cheating and then drag her away from war back to Seattle to make things right with her wife. "We served together before the accident happened. I owe him my life. I always wanted to thank his family. Tim was one of the best if not the best. He never shut up about you." Arizona smiled sadly. Tim was always proud of her. Not so sure if he would be right now. "Yeah he was an incredible brother." Mike looked around. "Wanna talk somewhere?" Arizona smiled. "Sure just follow me."

Arizona's been standing for a whole day and her leg was really sore where her limb met the prosthetic so she shifted her whole weight onto the right foot. Callie would know what to do. "You alright?" Arizona stopped by the tree. "Yeah it's just..." She slightly rolled the sleeve of her pants up revealing the prosthetic. "Oh my god what happened?" Mike helped Arizona sit down. "Plane crash over a year ago. We were in the woods for a few days and it got infected really badly so they had to cut it off. I had a really hard time accepting the fact that I don't have a leg but it got easier I guess." Mike lifted his shirt showing a huge scar across his chest and down to his abdomen. "Bomb explosion. My internal organs were practically hanging out. Tim saved me that night. If he wasn't there, if he wouldn't push me away I wouldn't survive. He was a brave man and I'm more than grateful for what he did to me." They talked, shared some informations about Timothy. Well mostly he talked and Arizona listened. He showed her a picture of him and Tim and they were both grinning widely with pride. Arizona told him it would really make her parents happy if he would visit them some day. "So you're married?" Mike asked noticing the ring on her hand. " I know you're into girls. Well women. Tim told me basically everything about you." Arizona smiled to herself. She knew how much her brother talked about her. "Yeah I got married to the most incredible woman," she said smiling but soon frowned remembiring what an idiot she is. "I'm an idiot," Arizona mumbled to herself making Mike chuckle. "Excuse me?" Arizona looked into his eyes and shook her head. "Nevermind. It's a story for some other day." Arizona was trying to find a way to change to subject. "So what about you? Do you have a family?" Mike smiled and nodded. "I'm not married yet but I have a beautiful fiancée and two lovely children at home." He showed her a picture of his two sons. "This is Adam, he's four and this is Timothy, he's seven." A breath got stuck in Arizona's throat at the mention of her brother's name. "Timothy?" Mike smiled sadly at Arizona. "After your brother, yes." Arizona didn't say anything instead she threw her arms around Mike and hugged him tightly. With Mike she felt like Tim's presence was even stronger. After they pulled away from a hug Arizona had a few tears slipping down her cheeks. She pulled the picture of Callie and Sofia out of her pocket. "This is my wife Callie and our daughter Sofia." On that picture Sofia was grinning widely and reaching out for Arizona who was snapping the picture while Callie was staring at their daughter lovingly. "She's cute." Arizona laughed. "Yeah she is. She actually just turned three a week ago."

Callie ran after Sofia who opened the door of Mark's apartment and ran in. No one has locked the door since Mark passed away and the last time Callie was here was when Sofia was searching for Arizona but she only just walked in and took her daughter back into their time they took more time. There was dust everywhere and a few boxes from what Derek packed since they were best friends but no one had a heart to take anything out. "Daddy," Sofia said softly and pointed at the framed picture of Mark and baby Sofia. Callie bit her lip and nodded. "Mhm. And he would probably be really mad that you're not in bed yet." Sofia pointed at the picture again when Carlos entered the apartment but didn't make any sound. "You want me to take the picture in your room?" Sofia nodded shyly. "Hey it's okay baby girl he would want you to have his picture." Callie gently placed the frame in Sofia's hands. "Come on let's take it in your room." Callie tickled Sofia's belly making her giggle which made her smile. That's when they noticed Carlos leaning agains the door frame. Sofia ran in her room wanting to place Mark's picture somewhere as soon as possible while Callie was pulled in a hug from her father.

"I miss him so much daddy. He was my best friend." She started crying softly. "I know mija. He was a good man. And a good father." Carlos finally accepted the whole Callie, Arizona, Mark thing while Callie's mom was still ignoring her own daughter. "He was so great with Sofia and he and Arizona were finally getting along and then this stupid crash happened. UGH!" Callie was still crying but now she was also really frustrated.

No one really talked about the crash so everything Callie was feeling was just bottling up and ready to explode like bomb. "¿Quiera hablar de ello? (Want to talk about it?)" Carlos asked carefully. Callie shook her head. "No, no it's just.. Sólo me hará gritar más difícil. (It will only make me cry harder.)" Carlos lead his daughter back to her apartment closing both doors in the process. "A veces usted sólo tiene que soltarlo mija. (Sometimes you just have to let it out.) Talking about it would help Calliope." Callie sighed. She knew he was right but she never talked about the crash unless it was her and Arizona figting over the leg. "Maybe just not today please daddy." Carlos nodded. "Okay." Little Sofia ran in the living room and jumped on Callie's lap. "Wow there baby girl. Ready for bed time?" Sofia left out a cute little yawn and nodded. "Looks like we don't need to push her around today since the park with grandpa worn her out." Sofia climbed from Callie on Carlos. "Stowy." She tucked her bottom lip out creating a pout face and with her big brown eyes it was really hard to say no. "It's story time," Carlos said and lifted her granddaughter. "You don't have to dad." Carlos chuckled. "Nonesense mija I want to." Callie smiled and followed the two of them into Sofia's room.

I'd just like to clear some things up. I know nothing about army or medical things. I've been in hospital once in my life and that was when I was born haha. So go easy on me and just use your imagination. Also I'm leaving for a few days so there won't be an update for a while. Hope y'all are having fun out there whatever you're doing and be aware that they started filming 10th season of Grey's Anatomy. I'm SUPER excited to see how Callie and Arizona will work things out in the show. Thanks for reading this fanfic.