A/N: Last night's episode broke my heart. It was so low of Callie to say Arizona's dead. I do like the new friendship April and Arizona built. It was refreshing. Now about this episode. It's THE LAST CHAPTER of this story. I though about doing a sequel but I think this is a pretty good way to end it. Thank you all for reading and sticking with me. It was my first fanfic and I'm still learning how to be a better writer. This last chapter is dedicated to Mark Sloan who may rest in peace. Thanks for giving reviews even if it was just to say that my story sucks. We learn on our mistakes. Walk tall. :)

Callie made her way down the concrete path with flowers in her hands. She smiled when she saw her best friend's name. "Hey Mark. It's been a while," she said as she placed the flowers down. "A lot has happened in the past year. You won't believe what I'm about to say but Arizona and I have know 4 children. She gave birth to twins. Can you imagine that? And to think we broke up because she didn't want any kids," Callie said with a light chuckled. She bent down and lit a candle. "Marcus Timothy Robbins Torres and Alexandra Faith Robbins Torres. Yes they're named after you and Lexie. Watching them get born was the most amazing thing ever. Well beside having Sofia and adopting Aaron. I never though I could love another human being as much I do," Callie said. a smile playing on her lips


Arizona was laying on the hospital bed bored out of her mind. She was admitted by Addison early in the afternoon because Addison wanted to get the babies out since she already passed the due date and with twins that could get dangerous. She was no near any kind of pain. Alex dropped off some charts when he came by so it would keep the blonde busy. Callie was freaking out over the babies coming and even though they had everything ready she was still nervous so Owen put her in a surgery. Addison walked in and laughed slightly. "You should let me go home. Just because I look like I'm ready to explode doesn't mean I will."

"No I'm keeping you here because if nothing happens by tomorrow midnight I'm doing a C-section." Arizona whined. She didn't want to do it that way. "My whole life's about surgeries at least I want these babies to be born in natural way." They didn't get to experience that with Sofia. "I know and I'm really sorry. I hate to say it but the sooner they get out the better." Addison shot Arizona a sincere smile. Arizona sighed. "The only thing that hurts is my back for laying in the bed for so long." She has been here for over eight hours and nothing was happening. "But Callie gets to do surgeries while she was suppose to be here with me," Arizona complains. Addison laughed and checked all the stats. "Tomorrow I'm gonna give you some meds that will make your water break and contractions to start and we'll see from there. "


"They were so beautiful Mark. He was born with 6.3 lbs while our girl only weighted 5.2 lbs but still, they were perfect. We alredy had a middle name for Marcus but we were a little stuck with Alexandra. So we told Aaron and Sofia to come up with a name and even though they admitted that they got some help from Teddy I think they did a very good job."


Callie darted her eyes from sleeping Arizona to a beautiful awake baby girl in her arms and a sleeping baby boy in the basket. Her heart was ready to burst from everything she was feeling. Arizona had to have a c-section earlier than planned because the meds didn't work the way they were suppose to. They just made the babies to move a lot and their girl got her umbilical cord wrapped around her neck. So they rushed into the surgery.

Callie gently ran her fingers over the dimple that showed when she scrunched her tiny face. For some reason Callie couldn't put her back in her own basket at the thought of something going wrong with her mini Arizona. She already had a head full of very light hair and a piercing blue eyes. It seemed like the baby couldn't sleep as well. She just stared at Callie's eyes while blinking heavily. Nothing made Callie happier than getting the news of having two healthy babies. She wasn't allowed in the OR or in the gallery so she had to sit in the waiting room like a regular person.

The baby yawned and closed her eyes making Callie melt. This was her dream come true. Callie sighed happily and her eyes went to her thumb that was hold tightly by her new daughter's whole hand as much as it was possible through baby mittens. She couldn't feel more complete. This was the first time she felt relaxed in the last two weeks and the first time the babies were settled in the room after birth. First Addison was worried about girl's breathing and then with the boy's body color but after a few tests and meds they got them under control and after a few hours of observation they transformed them into Arizona's room.


Callie was now sitting on the concrete next to Mark's grave while telling the story of her twins. "You should see Arizona's face when she held them for the first time. Marcus has always had a bit of darker complexion and his eyes are green while Lexie is a complete Arizona. They both have the same birth mark though on their lower back. Just like Arizona. Sofia loves being an older sister. She's learning how to read and she read, well tried to read them a story a few nights ago. You would have been proud Mark." Callie looked at the picture of Mark that was framed as a memory. "Oh and she also scrubed into her first surgery a while ago. And no I don't mean watching from the gallery she was in the OR. Cristina got her this tiny blue scrubs for her birthday and well why have the scrubs if you can't use them. So she observed a 5 hour surgery. Usually it was a challenge to make her sit still for longer than 10 minutes but in the OR she didn't move from her spot. Now about Aaron. He's quite an artist. Every day when we pick him up we have another picture to add on the fridge. He drew this for you. He doesn't know you but he knows you're Sofia's daddy." Callie placed the draw of two figures down. It was Sofia and her daddy, he told her. Though it looked nothing like Mark it made Callie happy.

"I'm happy Mark. Like really happy. My life's perfect. Me and Arizona are doing more than amazing. We even got married. Legally this time. It wasn't as beautiful as the first wedding since you weren't there but I am now legally Torres Robbins," Callie said with a goofy smile. It never failed to make her as happy. "I even have it on my lab coat. Calliope I. T. Robbins MD. Arizona also has my last name on it. It feels amazing. I think if you and Lexie weren't so stubburn you could feel that too."

"I think we chose your names as our twins names because the story you two had might be sad but it was beautiful. I hope you're treating her right this time. Don't ever let her go."


Arizona couldn't stop grinning as she was staring down at her babies. Her cheeks were starting to hurt but she didn't care. Their wide eyes opened and looking around curiously. "We need names," Callie whispered afraid of being too loud and starling any of their babies. "I agree." There was something on her mind and Callie didn't miss it. "What's wrong?" Arizona smiled sheepishly. "I was just thinking we could use my brother's name as his middle name but we don't have to." Callie's eyes widened. "Are you kidding me? I wouldn't have it any other way." Arizona puckered her lips and tilted her head. Callie got the message and leaned down to kiss the blonde softly on her lips.

When the boy started squirming Arizona started panicking since there already was a baby in her other arm. "I'll take him," Callie offered lifting the baby in her arms. "Hi something Timothy," she said grinning at him. His forehead wrinkled as his eyes started to water. Callie immediately grabbed the already prepered bottle and pressed it against his lips. Arizona bit her lip as she watched Callie react with their newborn son. To her it was the most beautiful thing ever and it nearly broke her that she couldn't be apart of all this. "Is this how you felt?" she asked. Callie looked up to Arizona and noticed the familiar look on her face. "Yes," she simply stated. "We still need names," Arizona said after some silence. "Marcus," Callie quietly offered. She wasn't sure how the blonde would feel about it.

Arizona was quiet for a moment and it made Callie start to freak out. "Or not. I just though... Well since... I," she stuttered nervously. Callie looked down at the baby she was holding. Suddenly no other name would fit him better. "We can't have a Mark without Lexie," Arizona replied quietly looking down at her baby girl. "Do you think she looks like Alexandra?" Callie's eyes watered. She hasn't really though of it this way but it made everything even more perfect. "Yeah," she breathed. "Marcus Timothy Robbins Torres," Arizona tried. It sounded perfect. "We still need a middle name for Alexandra," Callie said. On cue Teddy walked in with Sofia and Aaron and she knew they will go on a big mission soon.


"I don't think any other middle name would be more perfect than Faith. Because that's what all this has been. You, me growing up. I didn't feel this way with George. Erica was just a mess. But with Arizona I have a story to tell. Not all flowers and rainbows but I think this is it." Callie sighed. "I wish you were here. To be my best friend," Callie said sadly as she remembered something else. "I guess my sister grew up too. She had a baby so Sofia has a cousin too. I still tell her the story of her daddy. And she knows Marcus was named after you." Callie looked around her. Since it was kind of late no one was really here. The stars were shining bright in the sky and the moonlight was making her feel save. She felt like Mark was with her in that exact moment.

"I just wanna thank you. You were the one that made me realize who I am and if it wasn't for you I don't think Arizona and I would end up together. Thank you for Sofia even if it wasn't under the best circumstances. Thank you for your friendship. You were not only an amazing friend but also an amazing father. Thank you for bringing Arizona back. I think she would give up in the woods if it wasn't for you," Callie said her eyes started to water. She really did miss her best friend.

"You once told me to walk tall and I do today. I walk tall. I guess in a way you were always my good man in the storm," Callie said using Arizona's words that did nothing to help with her emotions. "I got my dreams come true. I got the house I always wanted, the most amazing partner even though I never knew it would be a woman. And I got my big family. Four kids might not seem a lot but trust me they are handful. Especially Sofia. She's getting sassy and well I want to blame you but I know it's totally me," she said laughing slightly even if tears slipped down her cheeks.

"Walk tall Mark. I guess I'll talk to you soon. And keep your eyes on Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. I love you," Callie ended her conversation. She kissed her hand and placed it on the picture over Mark's chest.