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The good news it that I know someone who might know what we have to do..." her/his voice barely conceived the disgust in admitting that he needed help .

" Who ? Is someone I know ? We need to call him, or her, right now !"

" You know him. It's Mycroft "

Having been almost completely clothed by Sherlock when she was lying unconscious on the floor, Molly was ready to go out, the only thing missing the Belstaff,still on the coatrack . Instead Sherlock...well the consulting detective was currently inspecting her wardrobe, an expression of horror and disgust on his face, and dissing every pice of clothing she owned . Thankfully, she had already prepared a set of bra and panties on her bed, so he would be away from her lingerie's least she hoped .

" Your taste in clothing is abysmal, Molly " Sherlock grimaced while examining a pair of khaki trousers, and tossed them back in the wardrobe,unceremoniously .

" So I've heard you say before..."

" Your childish fixation with fruit's and cat's design on your shirts and cardigans deserves a further examination..." and maybe a trip to a good shrink he added, but only in his mind, "but for now, I just need something devoid of cherries and feline in a suitable this !"

He pulled out the second-to-last dress she wanted to see in that moment - and for him to wear ( the last being the one she wore at the infamous Christmas party at Baker street, but fortunately it was hidden in a box under the bed) : a purple sleeveless cocktail dress that she had put in the wardrobe a very long time ago. It was everything she wasn't : refined, sexy, with those lacy panels tone-sur-tone on the shoulders, hips and partially on the back...very fitted, perfect on a body with more curves than hers...

"No. Not this one, Sherlock " she stated firmly .

" Why not ?"

" Because I said so - you're not going to wear that dress !"

" Why ? Tell me why, Molly, you're hiding the only stylish dress you own in the furthest corner of your wardrobe . It seems quite pricey, surely vintage...Valentino ? No...probably Emilio Pucci...Ah! I understand why it's so out of place - is it not yours, isn't it ? A gift...or something you inherited, probably from..."

Molly cut him off . "My mother . It was a gift from my father to my mother, the last one he gave her before he died . She never wore it, nor did I . I know you think it's stupid and silly, not using it and taking it hidden, like a keepsake, but-"

" I don't think it's stupid" he interrupted her . " I just don't understand why you insist in not wearing it - the colour would be perfect with your skin tone, and I presume this model will do wonders for your petite figure..." at that moment he dropped his/her voice,and added, in a conspiratorial tone " And now that I can take a closer look at you ,Molly, I would like to rectify a previous statement "

" Really ? About what ?" she asked, suddenly curious .

" Well...about your breast size - it's more than adequate, very proportionate to the rest of your body, which owns the right amount of curves, I must add ".

Molly would suspect he was flirting with her, if the situation were not crazy enough...but she quickly dismissed the thought as bizarre, and murmured an embarrassed " Thank you", that sounded even more strange when pronounced by Sherlock's voice. This reminded her that time was of the essence, and returned to the reason why they were both in front of her wardrobe . "Maybe we can find something your liking, what do you think about this ? " . Thankfully, in the mess Sherlock was making, she found a black pencil skirt with a very discreet slit on the front,and a black tailleur blazer that she usually wore when she was required to attend an important meeting at St. Barts or a conference . Sherlock seemed satisfied, but his/her eyes lightened up when he found the perfect piece with which complete his/her clothing : a satin, sleeveless plum coloured blouse that she had bought a few weeks after seeing Sherlock wearing his Dolce and Gabbana purple shirt for the first time, and that she had never had the courage to wear. After having convinced him that choosing a pair of stilettos (another purchase she had almost forgotten) was not very wise since it was his first time wearing heels, and that her flat shoes were surely less stylish but more comfortable, they were finally ready to visit Mycroft .

The ride to Diogene's club was full of whispered instructions and impatient sighs . They had agreed that they had to try to act like the other as long as they can, in order to avoid embarrassing stares and questions ; but with Sherlock Holmes, often plans were changed without a warning. That's why the other members of the club witnessed an impetuous little woman heading towards Mycroft personal room, followed by a strangely self-conscious Sherlock Holmes .

The woman opened the door of Mycroft's office without waiting to be announced . " Mycroft, we need to talk. I don't care about your coup d'├ętat or shadow cabinet : this is paramount "

" To what do I owe the pleasure of you barging into my private room, Miss Hooper ?" Mycroft's voice, usually very composed and neutral, was laced of amusement .

" It's Dr. Hooper to you, Mycroft..." the harsh tone of Molly's voice was sufficient for the older Holmes to understand, but seeing in the furthest corner of the room his brother's body curved by embarrassment and apprehension was the cherry on top of the cake .

" I've always believed that, if you decided to get rid of your burden, it would be Miss Adler's body the one you would have temporarily...possessed . It appears I was wrong..." this time Mycroft didn't waste energy to hide the smirk on his lips,and appreciated the blush spreading on his brother's face ( or was it better to say that it was Miss Hooper the one embarrassed ?).

" We have no time to waste with your jokes, Mycroft...just tell me how to reverse this unfortunate...accident "

Mycroft deliberately ignored his brother's request ." Have you told our dear Molly about our family curse, Sherlock ?"

" Y-yes, he told me " This time the pathologist anticipated the consulting detective, and Mycroft found himself surprised at hearing Sherlock's voice stuttering - it seemed the shy doctor couldn't stop with her stammering even when "wearing" his sibling's body .

" Really ? Did you tell her all of it, Sherlock ?" . Mycroft saw the pathologist's face grimacing, but it was all over in a second. " Mycroft, if you don't tell me this instant, I will..."

" No need to threaten me, little's quite simple, really . To reverse the process, you just have to...repeat the act that lead you to this...inconvenience. In other words, you two have to-"

" No need to continue, Mycroft - we have to go now, Molly ". Both of them were on the threshold, the tiny pathologist dragging the tall detective with him in haste, when Mycroft's voice reached them again .

" It's quite bizarre...I would always thought that it would be Miss Hooper the one eager to have intercourse with you, instead you're the one with an unusual spring in his step, Sherlock..."

" It's Dr. Hooper to you, Mycroft !" This time they both exclaimed in unison, before leaving the room and slamming the door .

From the moment they hailed a cab to the one when the car stopped, Molly and Sherlock remained silent and still, not uttering a word. Well, Molly heard her own voice barking their destination to the driver, but it was only when the cabbie announced cheerfully " Here we are !", that she noticed that they were outside Baker Street .

" But..." . She found her own eyes glaring at her and quickly fell silent. Still quiet, she followed him inside and removed the Belstaff when Sherlock gestured for her to sit down on the sofa . She watched her own body settling down on his armchair, and a frustrated grunt escaped from his/her lips . Molly ruffled nervously the curls that were not hers, and took a moment to savour the feeling. She was touching Sherlock's hair, she could appreciate how thick and soft they were, but it felt wrong . One of her fantasies became reality, but it was like a twisted dream. They had sex, but she couldn't remember it : and now, they had to "repeat the act", as Mycroft said, but she couldn't truly enjoy it because of this perverse trick. How was she supposed to have sex with him, with their bodies swapped like that ? She was so lost in her thoughts, that she didn't notice Sherlock stood up and too a sit besides her.

"Would you like a cup of tea ?"

"Y-yes, thank you...or maybe, a glass of wine would be better "

Molly watched again Sherlock reaching the fridge with a grace that she was sure her body couldn't master,when she was the one owning it, and extracting a fancy looking bottle . " Seems John left here a bottle of it good for you ?"

She simply nodded and waited for him to return, two glasses and the bottle in his hands . He put them down on the coffee table and quickly opened the bottle,careful to not let the cork pop, then he filled the glasses and offered her one of them. For a moment she thought he was thinking of making a toast, but he started to sip the liquid slowly, while she gulped it down in a sip . She saw her smirking when she eagerly reached for the bottle and refilled her glass.

It was only after the third glass that Molly found the courage to speak . " I think it's time know ?! Let's do it and it will be all over, won't it ? It's not that strange, having sex with yourself, isn't it?" she said, giggling at her own joke, and at the sound of Sherlock's voice giggling.

"Molly,what have I told you about jokes ?"

" It's just that- That I can't, Sherlock ! I open my mouth, and I hear your voice - I know that it's you that I have in front of me, but all I can see is myself. It's...surreal, and disturbing, and I'm sorry, but I don't think I can-"

The sudden feeling of lips on her/his mouth silenced her instantly. She let out a content sigh, lost in the sensation, before snapping out of it and distancing herself from him/her.

" Why ? How could you be-?"

" What ? Kissing you ? Kissing reduces anxiety, Molly- it increases the levels of oxytocin,and the hormone helps producing a feeling of peace and should know it, you're a doctor after all..."

" Of course I know it, but that's not the point, you can't go around and snog me without-". Another kiss stopped her, and this time Sherlock didn't let her interrupt him." Just close your eyes, Molly" he ordered, and she obeyed. Between a series of soft pecks, he made her lie down on the sofa, and slowly started to undress both of them. When they were both completely naked, he sighed and gave her a final soothing kiss. Molly was a lttle calmer, but then she felt a hand on the "appendage" ( It's called a penis, Molly !You're surely familiar with the concept and mechanics of sex, stop fretting! her inner voice chastised her again ), and a gasp escaped her . Was it strange being turned on by the tone of Sherlock's voice moaning, when said voice was escaping from her mouth ? Surely it couldn't be stranger than the sensation given by the fact that Sherlock was lowering her/his body, and now...Oh my God, this is beyond bizarre,he's...or is it more correct to say that I'm the one inside ? Oh, Molly, why dothings like this always happen to you ? He's moving now...and I'm feeling...good, and this is what happens inside a man when-?"

She was coaxed out of her inner turmoil by a voice, Sherlock's deep voice. " You can open your eyes now, Molly"

She did as instructed, and the first thing she noticed was that her perspective was changed; she saw a very male body between her thighs, and finally she noticed that she had not talked, and so it must be the man under her the one speaking...

" We...we did it ! Oh goodness, my boobs are back ! We're back !" she laughed and bounced over him, before letting a out a surprised gasp, mimicked by Sherlock.

" are still...oh my God, sorry !". Molly blushed vividly, she could feel the blood rushing to her face, and started to move to let him...slip out, when his hand closed swiftly around one of her wrist, effectively yanking her back and letting her fully experience how...full she was.

" Don't you dare..." he growled, and Molly fixed her gaze on his eyes, fully dilated and almost animalistic .

" Don't you want us to stop ?"

" Why ?"

His question unsettled her. Yes, why ? She was having Sherlock Holmes exactly where she had dreamed him to be, and she was still being mousy and shy. It was only out of routine that she let her responsible part of her brain answer him. " Because now we are back in our bodies, there's no need to-"

He rolled them so quickly, that she lost her breath for a second, before her head touched the sofa. It astonished her that he had managed to position them still on the sofa, without falling on the floor. Sherlock towered over her, his hands on both sides of her head, trapping her- not that she wanted to escape. He had succeeded into remaining inside her, and started to move slowly. She saw how concentrated he was, trying to catalogue every moan, every sigh, every caress. Suddenly he pressed his lips against hers, and nibbled at her bottom lip, before forcing her mouth open with the tip of his tongue. He tasted teh champagne in her mouth, before descending on her neck, his soft lips taking her pulse. At the same time, Molly felt his long, musician fingers slipping under her, trailing across her spine. She shivered, and involuntarily bucked against him. Oh, the glorious sensations she was feeling in that was pure heaven.

" You were a virgin a day could you be so good ?"she murmured, surprised that she was still able to think, and speak.

" I'm a fast learner..." Sherlock smirked, before deciding to pick up his tempo, his hips snapping faster against her. He raised a hand, and let his thumb touch lightly her eyebrows, her cheekbone, her pointy nose, before resting upon her opened mouth. She surprised him taking his finger between her teeth, licking it and learning every ridge of his fingertip,before firmly sucking it. He gasped, and thrust deeper inside her, his eyes closed. Molly freed his thumb with a pop, and the consulting detective proceeded to trail it on her breast, caressing her erect nipples, then down on her stomach, drawing unknown figures around her belly button, until he finally reached her clit. Sherlock flicked gently his still wet finger against the tight bud, once, twice, agonizingly slow, than he lowered his mouth against her ear and breathed " Come, Molly". The whisper triggered her orgasm, and she lost herself, her inner walls tightening against his cock, milking his own climax.

Sherlock fell exhausted upon her, not bothering about his weight on her tiny frame, and let his lips caress her forehead, before kissing her sloppily on the mouth. Molly sighed, all-content, and run her fingers through his wild hair. They remained silent, their breathing returning more controlled, happy to simply savouring the moment.

It was Molly's voice the one breaking the quiet." Sherlock...your brother said-"

" Do you really want to talk about Mycroft, now ?!" he asked, incredulous.

" It's jus that he said something about the curse...we are back, alright, but he hinted at something else..."

Sherlock buried his face on her shoulders, and hummed." Nothing important, now let me rest before the encore..."

" What are you hiding from me, Sherlock ?!"

He raised his head, his curls bouncing. " It's nothing's just that now, we are basically bonded"

" we are soulmates, or something like that ?"

" Yes, something like that...and I've probably already impregnated you" he added with a boyish smile.

" What ?!"

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