Chapter 4: Rigby's Questions

Margaret's voice came through the phone. "Hey Mordecai what are you doing?"

Mordecai stared at his phone as he heard Margaret's voice. "Um not a whole lot.. Margaret did you get a new phone?" The number was different from the one she usually called him on, he didn't understand. She would have written him or something if she was getting a new phone, and it seemed like there was something off with her voice. "Are you sick Margaret?" He asked slightly concerned into the phone, he was pretty sure at this point it was Margaret though.

The voice picked up again seeming to have corrected the imperfection that had previously been heard. "No, just was in an area with bad reception, hey I'm going to go I'll talk to you later." Before Mordecai could respond Margaret had hung up.

Mordecai closed the phone and then turned back to ask Rigby again why he had hid the phone and not told him about the message, but as he turned he noticed the fur ball was gone. "Rigby?!" He yelled out looking around, now he had to go and find the Raccoon again, great.

Doug closed his cell phone and cleared his throat smiling to himself. He had devised all of this so far and it was going according to plan. Well with the whole Rigby situation anyways, he wanted Mordecai to talk to Rigby, but expected Mordecai to get a little rowdy with Rigby so sent the call to stop Mordecai and give the blue-jay a little more time to think. He also told Mordecai he knew exactly where Rigby would be, and went the complete opposite direction of him so Mordecai would do the opposite and go directly at Rigby. Now he just needed to wait and see if the rest of his plan would come to fruition.

Rigby rubbed his eyes as he walked towards the path; he had no clue where Doug would be, so he felt as if he should go looking for Pops. Pop's had always been easy to read that he was gay, even though some people just thought he was messed up in the head. Pops had come out to Rigby and Mordecai not too long ago, being that most of the rest of the guys at the park knew, especially Benson and Skips being they have been around the lollipop man for quite some time.

Rigby started to quicken his pace; he needed to figure out how to deal with this situation before Mordecai ran into him again, the blue-jay couldn't know the truth yet anyways. As he walked down the path he passed random people they were all going about their business. It was a nice day other then the fact of what was going on with the phone and the earlier robot destruction, no one even seemed like they knew about it, of course a few hours had gone by. As he walked on the path he ran into a brown possum knocking himself and the possum to the ground, he hadn't been paying attention to where he was going, and it seemed neither did the possum. "H-hey Sorry about that I'm in a rush." He said turning to face the brown possum.

"R-Rigby?" The brown possum asked standing up with the help of his Ostrich friend. He then grabbed Rigby's hand and helped the Raccoon to his feet. "Sorry dude, I didn't mean to run into you."

Rigby grabbed the Possums hand and used his help, he couldn't believe it these two were in the park again. "Chad.. Jeremy, what are you doing here?" He asked rubbing the back of his head he felt a little awkward about this situation being the last time they meet they got in a huge fight. Chad laughed a little before Jeremy spoke up.

"Enjoying the park, you know it is open to the public." Jeremy thought that Rigby would understand this but obviously the Raccoon hadn't caught on. As Jeremy grabbed Chad's hand he asked. "Why are you in a rush?"

Rigby's eyes went between the two, what were they a couple now or did Chad go blind. He didn't need to worry about that, he needed to get to pops. "Um, true it is, go ahead and enjoy it, I need to get back to the house. So see ya around." He said awkwardly before moving past the two and running down the path.

Chad and Jeremy just looked at each other dumbfounded, well something big must have been going on, but right now it wasn't their place to intrude.

Rigby hurried down the path the house getting in sight, but as the house came in sight so did Benson. Shoot, if he catches me he will probably bust his crank, I don't have time to be yelled at. He stopped looking around for something to hide behind before he heard Benson yell his name. His shoulders dropped great, now he had to deal with the angry gumball machine. He turned to face where Benson was and saw Benson yelling at... a complete look alike of him. Doug? Was Doug trying to steal his job again? Doug had told them that he didn't plan on doing anything bad while in the park, he said he had changed. Rigby growled a little to himself, but he still needed to get to pops, plus by the looks of it Doug was taking the brunt force of Bensons rage. Rigby took this chance to sneak into the house through the back door, he ran through the kitchen and into the living room.

"You good for nothing slacker, your always ruining everything I was almost shot!" It was easy to tell Benson had been holding in this rage for a little while.

Rigby cringed, he felt kind of bad for Doug having to take the brunt force of the anger, but if Doug planned on trying to steal Rigby's job again he might as well let him understand Bensons rage. Rigby turned and started up the stairs getting to the hallway he could hear the sound of Piano. He let out a relieved sigh as he could tell Pop's was actually in the house. He continued through the hallway until he had reached Pop's room knocking on it softly.

"Come in." The cheerful voice of the lollipop man rang through the door and into Rigby's ears. Pop's turned on his ottoman to face Rigby and could already tell something was bothering him as he came in the door. "My good man, where is Mordecai?"

Rigby closed the door as he went into Pop's room and sighed. "I needed to ask you something that would be better without his company." He said softly looking up to Pop's he was certainly a cheerful person, but it could be seen on his face that he was concerned. Pop's patted the spot beside him for Rigby to sit.

"Come now take a seat, and tell me what's on your mind." Pops couldn't tell what kind of issues Mordecai and Rigby would be having that Rigby would need to come and ask him for advice.

Rigby sat beside Pops and leaned back against the piano taking in a deep breathe he didn't know how to say it. Just say it outright, pops don't care he is gay too. Rigby looked over at pops and then smiled. "Well, I hide Mordecai's phone because Margaret wrote him and then he found it and wants to know why I hide it and the reason I hide it is because I love Mordecai and want him to be my boyfriend but I don't think he is gay and I don't know how to tell him why I did it and I don't how to deal with this whole situation and I really need your advice pops."

Pops took off his top hat and scratched his head. "Well, I can only really tell you to tell him the truth and tell him you don't want that to change your relationship with him." It was simple and straight forward but it may work with the way Mordecai could be. Pop's looked towards Rigby who sighed.

"That's pretty straight forward isn't it pops?" He asked looking over at Pop's it was a bit confusing how that could even be advice, just go out and tell Mordecai how he felt. Rigby wasn't sure if Mordecai and his friendship would change if all of this went down, it probably would depend on how it did happen.

"Well, yes it is, but I feel like Mordecai would want you to be straight up with him. You are his best friend after all; he hates it when you keep secrets." Pop's could always tell when fights were going on, between any of the employees at the park, he could pretty much read them all. Pop's could read Mordecai and Rigby the best, being they spent the most time around him, always cheering him up and caring for him. The least he could do is help them back with this situation.

"I guess you could be right Pop's, I'll think about it. Thank you." He said looking back out of the window and watching as the sun was in the middle of the sky. He felt Pop's hand on his shoulder and looked back at the Lollipop man. "Did you ever have a boyfriend?" He and Pop's never had talked about Pop's relationships before, he didn't know if it was a sore subject, but while he was talking about gay matters he might get to know Pop's past a little more.

Pops let out a gaily laugh and then looked out the window. "I have had my fair share of prances through the man field, but none have really stuck no flower brighter then another, none prettier." He said explaining it in his own way a confusing way but that is why it was his own. "I have had my fair share though, many have made me happy and many have given me different life experiences, all of them own a little piece of my heart though even now."

Rigby let out a soft sympathetic gasp it was sad no-one ever stayed too long with the lollipop man but, at the same time Pop's seemed like they all made him a better person in some sort. He smiled brightly and stood up on the ottoman hugging Pop's. Rigby blushed as Pop's hugged him back he held on for a few moments before the two let go. "Pop's thanks for sharing that with me it means a lot. Also thank you again for the advice, I appreciate that as well. I better go and find Mordecai then." He said this while jumping off of the ottoman and heading towards the door.

Pops smiled turning back to his piano. "Your welcome, please do tell me how things turn out will you."

Rigby nodded of course he would do this for the lollipop man. "Sure thing Pop's I'll be seeing you later." He opened the door leaving the room before he closed it behind him the sound of piano filling the halls again. He felt like Pop's advice was good, but he did want to have two different outlooks on this situation, he really didn't want to screw things up. So now he had to find Doug, but wait Doug was pretending to be Rigby, would he still be a good choice for advice? He didn't know where else to turn though, he only knew Pop's and now Doug were gay. He growled to himself, might as well confront Doug and ask for advice at the same time.

Doug had sat through all of Benson's yelling and just took it, didn't say anything back other then he was sorry. Once Benson finally finished yelling at him and got in his cart speeding off Doug switched back into his otter form not needing to be Rigby any more. He stretched his arms out and rubbed his ears Benson's anger sure could get loud. He turned to the house just as Rigby opened up the door looking right at him. "Hey Rigby, nice to see you again."

Rigby was surprised to see Doug right outside of the house still, he must have waited for the Raccoon, but the odd thing was he was back to his normal look, naked but his normal form. "H-Hey Doug, what are you doing out here?" He asked this while walking down the steps on the porch and in front of Doug. Once in front of him he felt a little awkward it was just them, the last time it was just the two Doug had fought with him. "Also why were you me earlier?"

Doug laughed and then looked towards the direction Benson had driven off to pointing that direction. "I had to stall your pain in the rear boss of course." As his eyes laid back on Rigby he began to blush it forming little red dots on his face. He could already expect what Rigby was going to ask him or he hoped he had predicted this far.

Rigby couldn't help but smile, so Doug had changed and for the better it was intense, overwhelming his happiness that someone could change so much. For some reason.. He looks extremely cute.. ugh.. no you're asking him for advice not kissing him. He cleared his throat and then looked away. "So.. um Doug can I ask you advice for something?" He looked back at Doug who had a mischievous grin on his face.

Doug crossed his arms and smiled wide everything had gone according to his plan. "Sure, but if you want my advice you have to kiss me."

Rigby's skin heated up steam rolling from his face, just kiss him?! "W-What you would just let me kiss you, I thought you had a boyfriend." Rigby couldn't believe it, for one he had never kissed anyone, and for second he didn't want Doug to be his first kiss. W-why would he ask me to kiss him?! He took in a deep breathe trying not to lose it.

Doug chuckled to himself. "It's not really that big of a deal you know, just shut up and do it." He knew word of it wouldn't get to his boyfriend Lione, plus he had wanted to kiss Rigby, the little raccoon was always a boy of perfection in his eyes, even if he was a bit dumb. He couldn't help but keep smiling as Rigby seemed to have steam rolling off of him in embarrassment.

Rigby closed his eyes and then leaned towards Doug. "O-Okay." He placed his lips against the others, feeling Doug wrap his arms around him and pull him closer this made his skin heat up even more. Rigby wasn't sure what to do but copy Doug, Rigby moved his arms around Doug and pushed a little harder into the kiss. The kiss didn't last for too long though, being Rigby wanted to pull away and get his advice. As the two's lips departed Rigby looked away, a small gasp of air coming from his little lungs. "Okay Doug.. Advice please." Finished and straight to the point, Rigby had other things he had to do then dwell on this small kiss between him and Doug.

Doug licked his lips after Rigby's lips departed before crossing his arms and looking at Rigby. "Alright, I guess a deals a deal." He stepped away from Rigby a little giving them space, he really just wanted to keep kissing Rigby but he had to help Rigby of course. "So what is going on that you need my advice?"

Rigby sighed and then rubbed the back of his head. "Well it's the whole cell phone situation I don't know how to explain it to Mordecai why I did it and all. Pop's said to be straight forward and just tell Mordecai what happened." He said explaining the bit of information Doug didn't already know from finding the phone and most likely dealing with Mordecai. "A-Also thanks for dealing with Benson and Mordecai for me." He grinned and rubbed the back of his head.

"That's why I had you kiss me; it's the least I deserve for putting myself through so much trouble." He chuckled a little. "Just kidding, it's the least I can do after putting you through so much yourself." He then put his paw on his chin thinking, what he could tell Rigby for advice, something better then being straight forward. That would be if there was anything better then being straight forward, Pop's probably had better advice, which is why he let Rigby get to him. Now Doug didn't really know that Rigby wanted to speak to Pop's when he took Bensons rage, but did know he was going into the house for something. "I guess I really can't think of anything much better then being straight forward with him, maybe when you tell him shower, have flowers or something and look your best." He knew this wasn't much better then what Pop's said but it was a little extra.

Rigby growled and then looked down. "I kissed you for nothing basically then. Thank you though, I guess I should go and get a little nicer before I meet up with Mordecai." He looked back up at Doug and forced a smile, he couldn't really be rude after all the help the otter had given him.

"Good luck Rigby, if you need anything just give me a ring." As he said this he handed the Raccoon a piece of paper he had been holding in his hand. He then turned over towards a bush and walked towards it before reaching in and grabbing his clothes. He put on his clothes before looking back at Rigby. "I'll be seeing you I'm sure." He grinned and then left the Raccoon where he was to allow him to go do as he wished.

Rigby waved as Doug left and then looked at the paper in his hand, it had a number, one that would most likely be Doug's and some writing saying good luck. He grinned and gripped the phone number tight in his palm, he really needed to go get ready. I-I hope this goes the way I want it to. He looked around and then turned back to the house going up the steps. He didn't know what he was going to wear or how he was going to tell Mordecai. He took a deep breathe and pushed the door open.

Earlier in the woods…

Mordecai threw his hands up in the air before crossing them. God dang it Rigby.. Where did you go? He took a breath to try and calm himself. Rigby obviously had left the woods, so maybe he was somewhere else in the park. He really was peeved at Margaret for ruining his chances to figure out why the Raccoon had done the deed. He really couldn't wrap his head around it, it was weird for the Raccoon to do things and then be so shy about telling him about it. Mordecai picked up his pace as he started back to the pathway, he could maybe ask someone if they had seen Rigby anywhere. It took him about thirty minutes or more before he got to the cobbled path and had other park goers passing by him minding their own business. He turned and decided he would go check by the snack shack first.

"I wonder what Rigby was doing.. in such a rush.." Chad and Jeremy walked right passed Mordecai without even noticing the blue-jay . "Eh, maybe we will find out somehow, you know how those two's news gets everywhere."

Mordecai raised a eyebrow, so Chad and Jeremy had seen Rigby earlier. He glared for a moment at Jeremy he still had hatred in his heart for the ostrich and what had happened between them all. He decided to look down the path, the snack shack was down one way and the house down another. He wouldn't go hide at the house that would be silly. He thought to himself as he started down the path towards the Snack bar. He hadn't seen Doug since the two split up, maybe he would see him somewhere near the snack bar who really knew. He had headed down the path for quite a bit before he could really smell the food from the snack bar. As the snack bar came into sight he heard two people laughing not too far away from him. It had been pretty much quiet down the path not too many people really talking. He had walked past a blonde male jogger, it seemed like that guy was always in the park.

"D-Dude, say it again it's so cute." The first voice said, but Mordecai didn't recognize it, he could tell though it was a male's voice. Mordecai wasn't sure if he should bother looking, but he continued listening as he walked past, not stopping.

"Gimme some sugar." This voice sounded quite familiar, this made Mordecai turn and check out who the two were. There was a bush separating him from seeing the two, or there may have been more then two to his knowledge. He started towards the bush and saw a raccoons head over it. Maybe Rigby was pretending to be Don or something for someone. Don was a pretty funny dude.

"Rigby?" He asked walking through the bush stumbling on a white tiger and Rigby's younger brother snuggling against each other. "O-oh." Mordecai face heated up, what was it everyone gay now days?

"Heh, no guy I'm not Rigby." Don spoke softly as he unlocked his arms from around the white tiger so he could stand up. He smiled and opened his arms looking right at Mordecai. "Gimme some sugar Mordo." He said with his normal cheerful tone and posture.

Mordecai could never tell Rigby's little brother no, so he walked over and gave Don a manly hug before backing away from him. "Um, have you seen your big brother?" He asked this while rubbing the back of his head his skin still warm from blushing at the sight of the two. To be honest, Don always struck me as gay. He laughed a little at his thoughts making Don give him an odd look Mordecai just waved it off.

"No I haven't seen Rigbone recently; I did plan on visiting him soonish. Why what is going on?" He asked a little concerned, at this time the white tiger had stood up and walked beside Don grabbing his hand and nudging him in the side. "O-Oh this is Whisper, and Whisper this is Mordecai." He said smiling and looking between the two.

Whisper's face flushed bright red before he hid his face behind Don. "H-Hi M-Mordecai, it's a pleasure." The white tiger was obviously pretty shy or at least he seemed like he was. He squeezed Don's hand a little tighter as he stood behind the large raccoon.

"Hello Whisper it's nice to meet you too. Um, so Don I'm going to leave you and Whisper alone. Have fun." He knew that Whisper just gave him an out from explaining the situation the last thing he needed was Rigby's little brother to get involved.

Don shrugged and then turned around to Whisper pulling him into a hug and twirling him. "Alright Mordo, see you later." Don and Whisper laid back down on the grass and went back to cloud gazing.

This gave Mordecai and chance to leave so that he could continue his search for the older raccoon. So if Don hadn't seen Rigby then maybe he wasn't over near the snack bar. He walked back through the bush and onto the path looking down towards the snack bar, if anyone was running it, it would be Muscle Man and HFG, and he really didn't want to deal with them. He turned and started back up the path to the fork section and turned going towards the house, no need to cut through or anything, plus maybe Margaret would be around.

"Hey Mordecai do you have any clue where Mitch is he isn't answering his phone." Mordecai turned around and saw Starla running to catch up to him.

He couldn't help but choke a little as he watched her run. As she got closer to him he pointed towards the other path. "He should be running the snack shack right now. I dunno anything about his phone though sorry Starla." He said this trying to get rid of the zombie women, it wasn't that he didn't like her, its just she could get on his nerves.

"Alright thank you Mordecai." She said as she happily turned and started down the path towards the Snack shack.

Mordecai turned back and started down towards the house, it was weird he still had not seen Rigby, so the Raccoon most likely had went to the house. It was looking like it was starting to get a little dark out the sun had started to set and storm clouds had started to come as he got closer to the house, walking around the park took a lot more time then driving in the cart that was for sure. As he came upon the house he took a breathe and looked around, Bensons cart was parked in front of it, but he most likely wasn't around. Pop's light was on and so were his and Rigby's rooms light. Finally, he would be able to confront Rigby again and hopefully get an answer this time. Now I can finally get some answers from that dang raccoon. He started up the steps before stopping as Rigby came out of the door dressed in a tie and had his hair combed back holding a bouquet of flowers. W-Wow.. he looks stunning..

Not too long before..

Rigby closed the drawer in the bathroom after having brushed his teeth and hair looking at himself in the mirror. He looked pretty nice he fixed up his tie and smiled at the mirror, he had showered only a little bit before. He grabbed some spray deodorant and put it on and took a deep breathe, how was things going to go? He can't say no. He isn't going to.. He looked at the door and then opened it some steam leaving the bathroom.

"You look fancy if I may say so." Pop's had just been heading down stairs as Rigby walked out of the bathroom causing him to look back. "So your going to tell Mordecai?"

Rigby blushed at the compliment he was glad that he was getting a compliment from Pop's it made him feel a little bit more comfortable about the whole thing. It even gave him confidence to do it giving him the burst of strength he needed. "Thank you Pop's and yeah, I plan on telling Mordecai. Heh, if anything goes wrong I can just hambone him." He said laughing awkwardly which caused Pop's to do his cute little giggle. "Do we have any flowers and ribbons?" He asked hoping that Pop's would come up with something, the lollipop man was pretty good about these kind of things.

"Oh, a bouquet, going full out fancy! I'll whip you up one here in a few moments, meet me downstairs." Pops then continued down the stairs, leaving Rigby in the hallway.

Rigby smiled he could do this, he wouldn't back down he needed to tell Mordecai the truth, especially after the robot incident he would feel horrible if he got killed and Rigby hadn't told him about how he felt. The Raccoon looked at his hands and then clenched them, he needed to do this whole thing soon or he was going to psyche himself out. He ran back into the bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror once more. "You got this Rigby, you can do this." He jumped off of the counter and then went back to the hallway and heading down the stairs. As he took his last step off of the stairs he looked over towards Pops who had a few flowers wrapped up in a blue ribbon. "Hey that looks great."

Pops cheerfulness jumped up a level at the compliment. "Thank you Rigby, and good luck out there, I'll be wishing you the best of luck." Pop's gave Rigby the flowers and then patted him on the shoulder.

"Thank you Pop's I'll need it." Rigby took the flowers into his hand and then walked towards the front door taking another breathe. "I got this." He pushed the door open and the first thing he saw was Mordecai standing at the bottom of the porch steps staring up at him. Rigby gulped then blushed, he needed a couple seconds before he could actually go ahead and just tell Mordecai. Now the blue-jay was right in front of him. "H-Hey Mordecai." Awkwardness had definitely taken shape between the two, it could be cut with a knife it was so thick.

Mordecai couldn't help but blush a little looking up at the dressed up Rigby. "Hey Rigby, What's with the get up?" He didn't mind the look it just wasn't something Rigby did unless he was going on a date. Who was he going with though?

Rigby slowly walked down the porch stairs and then stopped right before Mordecai handing him the bouquet. He moved a paw through his gelled back hair and then looked down to the ground. "I..I have something to tell you Mordecai." He said stuttering as he spoke his body was shaking a little, this wasn't something that was easy to do.

Mordecai looked at the flowers it was a beautiful group of them, but Rigby had given them to him. W-Wait what's going on? He was starting to put two and two together was Rigby, no way Rigby wasn't in love with him. "What do you need to tell me?" Mordecai's voice showed that he was even a little nervous about everything.

Rigby took in a deep breathe before he started to lay it on the line. "M-Mordecai, I hid your phone because…. because I love you and don't like you spending time with Margaret… she-she treats you terribly, and I feel like.. I-I could love you a lot better then her. S-She doesn't even love you for god sakes Mordecai." Rigby looked back up into Mordecai's eyes and could see something wasn't right. Oh.. Crap he is going to be mad at me!? He took a few steps away from Mordecai.

Mordecai took in a deep breathe his eyes widening as he looked down at Rigby did the raccoon just tell him that he loved him. What was he supposed to do about it, he didn't know how he felt about Rigby, not in a romantic sense of a way. I-I have been having odd thoughts about him.. I don't know I'm just not ready.. Mordecai starred directly at Rigby staying speechless not knowing what to say in response to Rigby.

Rigby couldn't understand why wasn't Mordecai saying anything, did Rigby confessing his love break him or something. He not only was worried but was extremely hot from his blushing, this situation was so awkward he didn't know what to do. Is he thinking about it or is he trying to figure out the quickest and easiest way to kill me? Sweat was starting to roll down his head as he waited for a response.

Mordecai continued to stare at Rigby staying silent still. What should I tell him? I don't feel as if I can date him or say I love him back.. yet anyways. He took a deep breathe and closed his eyes a little before opening them wide, he figured out what to do. He got onto his knees in front of Rigby so he was directly at the raccoon's height.

Rigby blushed as Mordecai got to his level, was the blue-jay planning to kiss him? His face was like a stove he was so hot from everything he didn't know if he wanted Mordecai to kiss him or not. "M-Mordecai, w-what are you doing?" He asked stuttering still in his speech.

Mordecai smiled some before placing one of his hands onto Rigby's shoulder and gripping it some. "Rigby.. I-I can't say I love you back, or that I want to date you, but I do appreciate the gesture." He let go of Rigby's shoulder and then stood back up giving Rigby back the flowers. He sighed and then walked up the stairs past Rigby and into the house.

Rigby could hear Pop's telling Mordecai that he had no heart from inside the house. Rigby fell back onto the bottom stair and dropped the flowers in front of him, darkness had set and the sound of thunder had started as he sat there. Lighting light up the sky blinding him momentarily the storm was definitely upon him. He closed his eyes trying to fight back the tears that were starting to form. I.. I no, this wasn't how it was supposed to go.. Rigby cried out tears leaving his eyes and hitting the ground. Other drops started to hit the ground before it turned into a full down pour the thunder picking up. Rigby sat on the stairs the cold water soaking his fur as he sat his head in his hands and salty droplets leaving his chin along with water. His skin shivered from the cold as he continued to sit in the darkness.

"Rigby, come inside you're going to get sick.." A soft hand touched Rigby's shoulder, Pop's having come out trying to get Rigby to come inside and into the warmth.

"No…No!" He said slamming his fists onto the wooden stairs his tears running faster from his eyes. He didn't know what else to do, he was told no by the one he loved. "I'll come in soon Pop's.. I just need to think."

Pop's sighed and frowned. "Oh, okay please do come in soon Rigby." He turned and left going back inside, he felt bad but Rigby wouldn't go inside with him.

Rigby sat there staring into the darkness as the rain continued to pound down on him and around him. He felt alone and dead in the world, he couldn't believe that Mordecai told him he didn't love him, so bluntly. He stood up and turned going inside, he knew the next few days were going to be long and a big struggle.