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Ch 1 : Conception

"YOU'RE LEAVING AGAIN! But you just got back!" Kushina practically screamed in frustration. She never got to see her husband anymore. It had been a month since he was last back, and now he had been tasked with another mission!

"I'm sorry Kushina, but there is really nothing I can do", Minato reasoned with his wife. He really hated doing this, but he had no other choice. The Third Shinobi War was vamping up and he had to make himself available at every possible moment to help save the lives of Konoha Shinobi and help the Hidden Leaf win this war. Unfortunately this arrangement wasn't working out to well with his wife; this was third major fight regarding his absence.

Kushina sighed. It was the kind of sigh that broke Minato's heart every time he heard it; a sort of knowingly defeated sound. She knew this was what he had to do, this was what they signed up for when they became shinobi, but with her Jinjuriki status tying her to the village, Kushina was finding herself increasingly lonely.

"I have to go" Minato all but whispered.

"I know" was all the response he got, and with that he disappeared with a yellow flash.

Kushina sighed deeper as she reached her shaky hand into the cabinet. After retrieving her trusty sake, Kushina proceeded to take multiple gulps of the strong alcohol; but all the sake in the world couldn't keep the fresh tears from spilling down her face.

"GET ME ANOTHER ONE!" Kushina screamed at the young bartender. The man who had previously been hesitant to give the clearly hammered women another shot, quickly ran off to retrieve said shot while he was still able to.

"How lady like of you Kushina" said a gruff voice directly behind her. Kushina sighed as conflicted emotions determined whether to be satisfied now that the bartender had finally brought her more alcohol, or pissed because her night had already been ruined before it even started. She chose to turn around and confront the man who would undoubtedly drag her back to the house and ground her like she was a teenager. This man was brother to the yellow flash, Ichiro Namikaze.

Anyone with eyes could spot the family resemblance between Ichiro and Minato. Sunshine blond hair, electric blue eyes, and a tall slim build all seemed to be common traits among members of the Namikaze. Yet beyond genetic traits is where all similarities stopped.

Minato was the star. He had good looks, strong character, and shinobi talent not seen since generation of Sarutobi and his predecessors. Minato's position as the future Hokage was all but set, and most believed the only reason he was not already Hokage was because the Third didn't want to pass on the position in the middle of a war.

That was Minato Namikaze, and the people of Konoha couldn't be happier when they had learnt Minato had tracked down his lost brother and convinced him to join the leaf. However, they latter learnt that Ichiro was not his brother.

Ichiro was a boar of a man. Unlike Minato, Ichiro's hair was cut sharp and short. Height wise the brothers were the same, but Ichiro's build was noticeably more muscled and broad. If Minato was the panther, quick and silent, then Ichiro was the lion, fierce and bold.

The most significant difference however, was the difference in personality. Minato had an aura to him, one that radiated a kind, calm, and supportive persona.

Ichiro was unapproachable to most people. There was a dark coldness that surrounded him keeping people away.

To the ninja of the village, Ichiro was welcomed and treated with respect if not slight suspicion. Ichiro's shinobi talent was on par with his brothers, making him one of the strongest ninja's in the village. Such talent was welcomed in the fact that they now had another weapon to fight for their village. However, being so powerful also made him a threat, especially when Ichiro was neither raised in Konoha, nor in possession of reasons to stay loyal besides his relation to Minato.

However, to the villagers Ichiro was just another loose canon waiting to blow. In the aftermath of Orochimaru's defection, villagers started to become increasingly fearful of powerful, relatively unknown, ninja's; Ichiro was no exception.

"Who ever said I was a lady" Kushina drawled out while eyeing him critically. She expected Ichiro to drag her home, but by the looks of it he was already drunk himself.

Ichiro just snorted, swiping the shot out of Kushina's hand and downing it in one fluid motion.

"Hey that was mine!" Kushina yelled and stood up to face him. Unknowingly she pushed herself up against him as she stood on her tippy toes to get closer to his eyes. Noticing the blush on his face she looked at him now with a drunken smirk, "You lookin for a fight Blondie?"

Challenging words seemed to be enough to ignite his pride and reclaim his words, "You think you could handle me?" he asked with a cocky grin she rarely got to see.

Kushina's body temperature rose by a few degrees as she looked at Ichiro in a new light. His toned muscles and rough handsome features were making her so hot. Her alcohol soaked brain didn't seem to process that this was going in a very bad direction.

"We'll find out won't we?" Kushina said seductively before grabbing Ichiro by the collar and pulling him down into a fierce kiss.

That night Ichiro couldn't sleep. The alcohol had worn off and now it was just him and his sober mind. Despite the warm body next to him, Ichiro had never felt this lonely in his entire life.

He was finally with the women he loved, but she wasn't really with him.

He had slept with his brother's fiancée while they were both drunk. He couldn't possible think of a worse situation. After all the passion and heat of the night, all he felt now was shame, guilt, and a bitter cold creeping though his body.

This was never meant to happen. He could never be with her. He was a cursed man.

For the first time in forever tears rolled down Ichiro's cheek.

A Few Months Later

Kushina stood nervously in the kitchen wiping down the same dishes she had finished 5 minutes ago. Today was the day she was supposed to tell him, she couldn't put it off any further. Minato had to know.

"Kushina what is it?" Minato asked as he slid up behind her. He could feel her body go stiff as he hugged her, trying to calm whatever was bothering her. "You've been acting strange all morning".

Kushina gently pushed him off and turned to face him. She bit her lip nervously, it felt like her stomach was going to explode. "Th-There's something I need to tell you" she just barely squeezed out.

"Kushina you know you can tell me anything" Minato said gently as he slowly rubbed her shoulder.

Kushina took a deep breath and tried her best to stop her nerves, "I'm pregnant" she said looking straight into his eyes. Kushina then watched the emotions cycle through Minato's eyes: shock, disbelief, and worst of all … joy.

"That's gre-" he started to say before recognition flashed through his eyes. He had never had sex with Kushina before. They had both agreed to wait until marriage. Then why was she so terrified? Why did he have this ball in his stomach that felt like it was stabbing up into his heart? WHY WAS SHE PREGNANT!? "WHY ARE YOU PREGNANT!?" he all but screamed. Why was Kushina pregnant!?

"It happened after our last fight, after you left for your mission", Kushina whispered. Her head and shoulders were withdrawn; she looked like a lamb ready for slaughter. Minato grabbed a chair from the dinning table, unable to support his own body anymore. How could this have happened!? There were so many questions in on his mind right now. The main question on his mind came to him a second later as his head shot up to look Kushina in the eyes with a cold gaze.

"Who was it?"

Kushina shuffled her feet as he asked the question she dreaded more than telling him of her pregnancy.

"It was Ichiro"

Minato gasped and with the answer to his question came the destruction of his entire world. Everything he had worked so hard for … destroyed. Words that could describe the agony he was feeling would never exist. Thoughts that could help him come to terms with what he had just been told may never come. But like the good little soldier he was, he sucked it in. In a matter of moments the sorrow, distress, and anger that had once littered Minato's face were gone, and that's what scared Kushina the most.

Minato stood up and began to walk towards the front door. "DON'T GO! Please don't go" Kushina pleaded as she grabbed his arm, but Minato shook her off. "If that's how it is then go be with him Kushina!" Minato yelled as a few tears defied him and rolled down his cheek.

"That's not it! That's not it Minato! I love you! I love only you!" Kushina cried as she slid to the ground. "I never meant for that to happen. We were both drunk. It was a mistake, a terrible terrible mistake! I'll do anything! I'll get an abortion, just please don't go!" Kushina finished between gasps and sobs.

Minato stopped and calmed down a little bit. "You're not getting an abortion" Minato said as shadows covered his eyes. Abortion was still a fairly new procedure. Their best medic nin had only just begun to offer it to the public, but the success rates were low and the process put not only the mother at risk, but also the baby if it was still born after the failed procedure. He may be angry, but he didn't want either Kushina, or the innocent baby to die.

"I'm not leaving either" Minato said again in dark voice. No matter what happened he wouldn't leave Kushina to raise the child alone. Ichiro wouldn't father the child, he was sure of that. He and Kushina may not be married, but he still had the responsibility of taking care of her. Her promised her father that much.

"But I am going to see my brother" he said now looking directly into her eyes "And when I come back we're going to finish this conversation".

Minato walked up the steps to his brother's apartment. He hadn't gone to see Ichiro straight away; he honestly didn't trust himself not to kill his brother. He had waited a few days but even that hadn't been enough to quell the fire burning in him.

He turned the knob to the door. Unlocked. As he walked inside he was assaulted by an arrangement of foul smells: Rotting, dirty dishes and clothes, lots of alcohol. His brother had been in here for quiet some time.

In retrospect the situation made sense. Ever since he had returned from his mission Kushina had been action strange, and he hadn't once seen his brother. From the looks of it his brother had fallen into a pit of shame.

Most of his anger remained, but slowly some began to form into pity. Near the closet was a rope forming a noose tied to the ceiling. There was no body, and if he knew his brother at all then Ichiro had most likely decided he would rather continue to life with his shame rather than bring more upon himself by taking the easy route.

Looking over in the corner he found Ichiro protected by a fortress of empty bottles. He looked ragged with dark circles under his eyes, and a scruffy beard lining his mouth and jaw. Ichiro looked up at him with dead eyes.

"So she told you" he drawled out

"Yes" Minato simply said. He sighed, suddenly feeling very exhausted. "I came here to get answers, to punish you, maybe even kill you" Minato paused then to look down at him, "But I see now that there are no answers, and you're already doing that to yourself".

Minato felt as if he was at a loss for words. Everything he had wanted to tell his brother was starting to feel pointless. Things like what you did was wrong but your still my brother, or I'll never forget but in time I may forgive, just didn't seem to matter anymore. His relationship with Kushina, his brotherhood with Ichiro, they were all broken beyond repair.

"I want to leave Minato" said Ichiro quietly. "There is nothing here for me. I can't stay here any longer. Bringing me here in the first place was a mistake. You know I can never be normal. I am, no, we are cursed. You should know that."

"Again with the curse Ichiro? You're a fool" Minato said looking down with pity. He then looked at Ichiro with anger. "You don't get out that easy, not after what you've done. You will stay here and watch as your son grows within my house. You will watch here and suffer knowing that Kushina loves me, not you" Minato said with venom to his voice. "That is your punishment".

Minato began to walk back out of the apartment. Ichiro didn't stop him, didn't even move. It was over, and both sides had lost.

As he stood in the doorway Minato asked one last question, "What will you name it?"

For the first time in the entire conversation Ichiro showed an emotion other than misery, he was genuinely surprised. Surprised that Minato would let him name the baby.

Ichiro sat there for minutes mulling over it silently. "Naruto" he said finally. It was Minato's turn to be surprised. Ichiro had chosen the name his sensei Jiraya had introduced to them through his first novel. The name of the main character was Naruto, a hero of strong character and unshakable determination.

A fine name, but Minato didn't share his thoughts.

Minato then raised his eye brow, "And if it's a girl?"

"It won't be" was the only response he got.

With that Minato turned to leave, but as he left he caught the last mumbled words of his brother.

"Nauto huh … it's ironic. A heroic name for a cursed bastard"

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