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Ok this story is based of Naruto Neglection, yes, yes I know been there done that but the reason for that even being there is to input some family drama and give a little more explanation as to why naruto would turn bad.

In this story I'm having Naruto play the role of being the bad guy but not really the bad guy, kind of like what Itachi does. He will be best friends with sasuke and has his sister chasing after him when they leave, like a sasuke-Itachi relationship with Naruto and Natsumi except Natsumi will not hate Naruto as much, she just wants to stop him.

Oh and here's were the bleach crossover come in. Basically Naruto has one half of his mother's bloodline, the hollow bloodline which is what happens when an Uzumaki walks the path of darkness. Although his mother and his sister have the other half which is the Shinigami bloodline which will obviously be when an Uzumaki walks the path of light.

Naruto won't be overpowered, God-like, or a major duchebag and I won't have him flaunting his powers allover the place (that means to show off by the way) he will be the true definition of a perfect ninja so don't expect all the fights to be perfect.

To all those who read this thank you for your time

For all you who skipped, good luck understanding anything


In this story when the Kyubi attacks Kushina survives the unsealing and Sarutobi seals the Kyubi instead of Minato so they both survive the Kyubi attack.

Kushina gave birth to twins Natsumi and Naruto, Naruto being the oldest by 2 minutes. Minato chose Natsumi for the sealing of the Kyubi and from then on deemed Natsumi to be the first priority.

Minato and Kushina favored Natsumi over Naruto and soon forgot about Naruto even going as far as to vent their anger on him, not physically but just verbally.

After receiving this treatment Naruto developed a quiet, serious, calm and collected personality. Naruto was a child with unlimited potential yet it was put to waste with both Minato and Kushina focusing only on Natsumi.

Even though Naruto wasn't being trained by his parents like Natsumi, Naruto still trained by himself and anyone that could help him using all the resources available to him. Being the Hokage's son did have some benefits.

Naruto took after his dad and had spiky blond hair with long bangs on the side just like how Minato's was when he was a kid. Naruto also had a chiseled jaw line, Crystal blue eyes, lightly tanned skin, and a muscular build for one his age. If anyone happened to notice him more often they would notice he was practically oozing handsomeness.

He is fairly tall for his age and preferred efficient clothing wearing a sleeveless midnight black jacket with an equally as black sleeveless shirt. He was also wearing ANBU issued pants but without any tape, and bellow those were his black combat boots.

On his hands were simple black fingerless gloves with metal plates on the back and under his jacket there was a hidden tanto that he used in kenjustsu practice.

Natsumi while lacking as much potential as her brother was no slouch either and was fairly talented, which was more than enough for her parents to shape her into a fine shinobi.

Anyone else in her position probably would have become arrogant and jaded but Natsumi's personality was the exact opposite. She was kind to everyone, funny, pretty, smart, energetic and just like her mom was a bit of a prankster but only small ones like putting pincher bugs in her parent's beds. She could accurately be described as the perfect child.

Natsumi also took after her dad in most areas and has long beautiful blond locks, sparkling violet eyes, and an angled sharp jaw line with smooth clear skin. She has a slim but strong figure with more developed curves than even those older than her. All and all she was drop dead gorgeous yet stayed modest in her clothing.

End Of Prologue


The class was noisy. A little to noisy for Naruto's liking.

'Grrrr' was the faint growl that escaped Naruto's lips as he hit his head against the desk trying desperately to escape the annoying noises that came from his equally annoying classmates.

If you listened carefully over the noise you would here a snort of amusement from a boy called Sasuke Uchiha. Sasuke was a handsome boy that wore a navy blue turtle neck with his clan symbol on the back with tan tapped shorts and standard ninja sandals.

Sasuke was also that last loyal Uchiha and one of the three last holders of the Sharingan bloodline. The cause of all that was the end result of Sasuke's brother defecting and massacring the entire clan except for Sasuke but not with out leaving him traumatized and full of hate.

Naruto was probably the only one who could get Sasuke to open up and that was because of one simple fact. They were best friends. They had been friends ever since Naruto could imagine and Naruto loved Sasuke like the brother he never had.

'Shut up I know you hate this as much as I do Duck but' was Naruto's reply with a small smirk. Sasuke's scowl only severed to amuse Naruto more as his smirk grew.

'You know I hate that nick name' Sasuke said as he faced forward getting ready for Iruka who looked like he was ready to start.

'Ya why do you think I use it so much' said Naruto as he also straitened up and plugged his ears for when Iruka decided it was time to start yelling.

'SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP' Iruka yelled with his famous big head no jutsu and instantly every body when quiet. 'I know you are all excited but you need to be quiet so we can start the exams, now follow me out side so we can started the weapon accuracy portion of the test'.

'That's right' Naruto thought as he excited the class with the others. 'Today is the graduating exam'.

'Now I will call you up one by one for the exams' spoke Iruka as he begun calling names of random civilian children. 'Next, Sasuke Uchia' said Iruka beckoning for Sasuke to come to the practice area.

Sasuke strode up to the practice area with confidence as his fans screamed his name and proclaimed there love. With all the cheering gone as he picked up his kunai and shuriken Sasuke's confidence was then replaced with boredom as he threw them all with at once with accuracy into all there respective targets.

'Bulls eye' was all he said as he walked back in line with the cheering of crazed fans screaming even louder about how cool he was.

'Tch, show off' Naruto mumbled with a small smile. That was ok because after all Sasuke was just playing his part. All part of the plan.

'Well done, next Natsumi Namikaze' Iruka said as Natsumi walked up waving to all her friends that were cheering for her to do well and all the fan boys proclaiming the love.

Naruto on the other hand had a emotionless face, that was just a cover up for his inner turmoil. Naruto didn't really now how to feel about his sister. When he was young he hated her because he felt it was her fault his parents ignored him.

Growing up showed him how really stupid he was, what he felt was only childish jealousy. She had no more control on the situation then he did. But that didn't fully explain why she didn't even bother to make the slightest contact with him, ignoring him just like his parents.

But even through all these feelings he couldn't help but admire her. She was the most amazing person he had ever met and he couldn't help but feel protective about her.

So for the moment Naruto just considered himself neutral on the subject.

Natsumi walked calmly up and grabbed the kunai and shuriken, throwing them all at once much like Sasuke and also getting bull's eye on every target.

'Thank you' is what Natsumi said to all her friends as she passes them, but as she was returning she made eye contact with Naruto and almost instantly her brain was thinking mile per minute.

Naruto was a sore subject for her mostly because of how complicated it was in her simple life. Naruto was her older brother. That was about it, she couldn't really say much more about him.

He was her brother, son of her mother and father yet he was an outsider in there own house. She barely saw him and when she did she felt so awkward that it was hard to talk to him.

She didn't hate her brother, far from it. She admired her brother. He was the strongest person she had ever met.

He lived in that house with them day in and day out, constantly being ignored, constantly being neglected for his whole life. Yet he says nothing, he doesn't cry or complain, he just quietly goes along with his business.

Even when her parents yell at him for something he didn't do or something he had no control over, he just stands there quietly and then apologizes.

She couldn't help but feel sorry for Naruto, she couldn't imagine what it'd be like to be in his shoes.

'Naruto Namikaze' spoke Iruka in an expressionless tone. Iruka didn't know what to think about his bond student. It was obvious to anyone genin and above that Naruto was holding back. Iruka remembered confronting Naruto about this once.

'I have my reasons, I'd expect you to respect that' was Naruto's simple response.

Well if the kid was sure about that and was still passing then he didn't really have to worry about it.

Naruto walked up and grabbed his kunai and shuriken. Then slowly he tossed them one be one hitting his targets, which were far from a bull's eye but good enough to pass. That was all he needed any way. Good enough to pass. All according to plan.

You see Naruto and Sasuke's plan was to have Naruto score the lowest possible score and Sasuke score the highest points possible so that they would be placed on the same genin teams.

That of course was made difficult because of Natsumi, but luckily Mizuki another instructor still held a grudge against Natsumi for holding the Kyubi and help back her grade a little. That little bit was all Naruto and Sasuke needed.

So as the exams went on the results were much the same. Sasuke scoring the highest next to Natsumi and Naruto scoring the lowest. Time flew by and soon class was over.

'Good Luck to all of you, I am very proud to have called you my students. Good-bye class' spoke Iruka as he watched all his student run out of the class, all wear hidden leaf hitai-ate.

'Bye Naruto I gotta go see you later' said Sasuke as they got out of the class and then he walked off.

So there he was stuck walking with his sister back to the house. Now normally he wouldn't walk home with his sister, he would go off to a training ground and train till he had to go home.

Unfortunately today the training ground he usually used was being occupied and he figured he would just go home and raid his fathers library while he was at work.

But still walking home with Natsumi was awkward.

'Oh well' thought Naruto as he looked around his surroundings trying not to make eye contact.

He couldn't help but notice how people looked at Natsumi with respect and admiration and simply ignored him. The people of this village where always a group of trash. They thought they were above everyone and when they finally found someone to respect they kissed the ground they walked on.

All this just to try and gain more political power and family status, disguising. They were just a group of filthy pigs.

As he approached the house with Natsumi some noises could be heard inside the house and both Naruto and Natsumi looked at each other in confusion.

'Is someone here to visit' said Natsumi, as they got closer to visit.

Naruto just shrugged 'I wouldn't know' was his reply.

When they opened the doors a loud 'CONGRATULATIONS NATSUMI' meet their ears. And when they fully entered Naruto and Natsumi could see Minato, Kushina, Jiraya, Tsunade and some other non-important people.

There was a banner that said "Future Hokage" on it and there was lots of food and drinks with party decorations all over the place.

'Oh My God' was all Natsumi could say with wide eyes and her hand covering her mouth. She ran over to the group and hugged then all issuing a lifetime of thank you's.

All this time Naruto just stood there with wide eyes, but slowly by slowly his eyes narrowed until they were closed. And with that he did the only thing he could. Sigh.

Naruto then began the longest journey he had ever made. The journey from the front door to his bedroom with a heart that weighted 100 tons.

Mean while Natsumi was busy laughing and talking away when she suddenly remembered she had come home with her brother and looked over to see something that she thought she would never see. She looked over just in time to see her brother shed a single tear. A tear from Naruto containing all his sorrows and his pain. The first tear and the last tear shed by Naruto Namikaze.