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Wade noticed the good doctor was not exactly paying attention to him. And that bothered him more than he would want to admit. Looking over his shoulder, he began to see why.

He had never really been George Tucker's number one fan but in that moment, Wade could not think of a single thing he liked about the Golden Boy.

His head turned back towards Zoe and he threw out some accusations of her having the eyes for Lemon's old man and the two of them got into one of their bantering conversations they were becoming quite known for. It was fun, as always, but the whole idea of her and George was bothering him more than he was wanting to deal with.

He had zero interest in mooning over that girl, all the while she mooned over some other guy. So, Wade left her with the paperwork and the material for the float and went to go get his ass something to drink.


Wade liked that this girl didn't bother knocking on his door, not even standing out there yelling and pounding. Nope, she just stormed her little butt right on in and let him have some of her mind.

He glanced over at the clock and found more time had passed than he had been meaning for. He'd wanted some time apart, time to collect himself, but he really hadn't meant to leave her all on her own with the workload.

Suddenly, he was more surprised that she wasn't more mad than she was.

Oh, but then she went on a'rambling spree and he found out why that was. It was cute actually.

Wade watched her slow build, start going into psycho Zoe land. He began to stand, trying not to let some goofy ass grin take over his whole face.

Then, he kissed her. Couldn't help it. She looked too damn cute and he was not one good at over emotional female breakdowns.

His mouth closed over hers and he lightly pulled her closer. He'd only meant for it to be a cute kiss, snap her out of her ramblings, but he found he couldn't pull away.

He also found her kissing him back.

He nibbled lightly at her bottom lip, his hands moving, pulling her even closer.

Then, that seemed to bring the doctor back to her good senses. She broke the kiss and asked him what he was doing.

He smiled. "You were freaking out!" he began.


Wade knew that if Zoe kept looking at him that way for one more second, the two of them were going to be a naked pile on his floor in the next minute. Not that he would mind such, but he was sure she would.

He walked around her, trying to calm his racing heart.

"What are you gaping at?" he asked her, turning around. "We got a boat to build don't we? Come on girl!"

Wade started walking out, already feeling the cool air hitting him more a few steps out. He took a deep breath and soon heard footsteps following behind.

Not done messing with her, he stopped. In a second, Zoe came crashing into him.

"Jesus, Wade!"

He chuckled. "You ran into me, woman. You should watch what you're doing."

She glared and snarled her nose.


He was trying to be nice, letting her take a cat nap, but Rose was about a half a step from driving him to go find a bridge to jump off of.

He was starting to rethink his earlier actions. If he hadn't left, maybe this teenager wouldn't have joined the fun. Maybe watching Zoe make moon eyes at George wasn't so bad in comparison.

Then again, when he could sneak a look over at her... that wasn't the worst thing in the world.