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Harry was just on his way to Grimmauld Place to start packing when Hedwig, she had managed to instinctively dodge the killing curse, winged her way to his shoulder. It was the summer of his 18th birthday, the summer right after he defeated Voldemort and he had had enough of the wizarding world. He was taking off to parts unknown to get away from it and certain people in the ministry. He was also fleeing from the head of the aurors that had threatened to stick him in Azkaban because 'he poses a threat to the ministry of magic'. From what Harry gleaned from listening in to the minister, Harry was the most powerful wizard that they had known in a couple of centuries. The minister, who was not Kingsley, was also restricting the rights of the dark creaturesfar too much for Harry's liking.

He pulled out his bag of owl treats and picked out a couple pieces of bacon and fed them to her. Hedwig gobbled them up and stretched her leg out, holding out the letter attached to her leg in the process. He unrolled the letter, which was short and in goblin handwriting.

Harry's accountant had written to say that his money had been transferred to a muggle account in the states. He quickly skimmed the letter and tucked it into his pocket. Hedwig nipped his ear affectionately to which Harry reached up hand to pet her back. She preened and then flew off to her perch at Grimmauld Place. Hedwig was the only owl that had chosen him; the others were scared of him. He would be grateful to her for however long she lived. She had taken a on a mothering nature of him when he had chosen her. She was his first friend.

He had had enough especially when a certain reporter, Rita Skeeter, had gotten wind of the fact that he was a dragon. Harry wished that hadn't gotten out, but he supposed it had been bound to come out sooner or later, especially with how the first task in the Tri-Wizard tournament had gone. The hungarian horntail had bowed to him, which had made everyone gasp. The horntail had then told him what he was and that dragons held their kind, even half-dragons in regard. Ron and Hermione had later said that they couldn't understand any of what had been said in the arena. No one had and they had asked. Dumbledore had even come up to him later with an awed look on his face.

Of course, people had noticed his eyes changing color occasionally throughout the years. The Dursleys had observed his eyes changing to a light gold when he had at last had enough and ranted at them. Harry still chuckled at the reminder that he had left his relatives shaking with fear and he was pretty sure that Dudley had peed his pants that one morning. After that, they either ignored him or raced out of his way when they saw him coming.

No one had known that both Lily and James had been fully dragon, though Harry had suspected that the Marauders had known. His mother had left him a letter to be opened on his 16th birthday detailing her heritage and then telling him to avoid his secret getting out. Which if his mom had known him now, she would have known that it would be far from easy keeping something like that under the radar.

Being a dragon was kind of like being a werewolf, but with a more deadlier different form to change into. He was also able to change into a dragon anytime, not just during a full moon or whatever. Harry had told Ron and Hermione what he was and they had supported him and Hermione had even dug up books about dragons that had had information on what half dragons were.

He had taken to shifting into his dragon form at night during the school year and running rampant in the forbidden forest, just to release pent up frustration at the ministry. And when his secret got out, Dumbledore had even put up wards around the forest, just so reporters couldn't watch him shift in there. He had even met another dragon in the forest at the start of his sixth year and they had become fast friends.

It had made fifth year even harder when he had had to master his temper, lest he start to change in front of everyone. However, when the Toad had realized that he was not human, she had hunted him even more. Harry had smiled at her, in a not so nice way, all teeth when the centaurs had dragged her off at the end of the year.

It had also made getting out of Malfoy Manor back in March quite easy. Along with the fact that he was able to hear a certain Slytherin's harsh sobs and gasping breaths in a bathroom, which had clinched that particular issue for him. He had been able to get through to Draco and go to Dumbledore for help in his sixth year. Harry had come to the realization that their bickering and fighting throughout their school years had just been Draco pulling his metaphorical pigtails.

It accounted for the parseltoungue that he was able to speak; it was a more rough version of the dragons' language, hewn for lesser reptiles, but dragons were still able to speak it. It also explained why from the beginning of his childhood, he had experienced enhanced senses, such as smell and hearing and sight. Harry was also able to run faster and cast spells with better reflexes than humans. Surprisingly he had also managed to find his animagus form. It had been weird for him though, because he could already shift into a big freaking dragon, but then Hermione cleared that up. He had been born dragon; it was already a part of him and the animagus spell didn't have any requirements or anything of that sort.

The last battle between the remainder of the order of the phoenix and Voldemort was made a lot easier when a couple of groups of dragons joined their side. They had still lost many people, but the battle ended quicker than it would have.

Harry was leaving tomorrow, no matter what. He was going to try to aim for somewhere on the west coast of the United States to settle. He also was going to go to one of the colleges in California, UC Davis. They had accepted him under the name Evan Black. He had initially applied to UC Sunnydale, but had received word that it had gotten swallowed up by a giant sinkhole, so UC Davis it was. Harry had wanted to teach at Hogwarts, but with this, he had changed his plans to teaching at a muggle school. Once, Hedwig had flown off to their home, Harry followed her.

He was expecting Ron and Hermione for dinner, so when he arrived home, he called to Kreacher. Hearing a pop, he walked into the kitchen. The house was much cleaner and nicer since he had moved here temporarily after the last battle.

"Kreacher?" he glanced into the hallway.

The elf was right at the doorway, looking at him expectantly. They had gotten along much better after he had taken Voldemort down. The elf was also one of the few creatures that although he respected that Harry was a dragon, he wasn't scared of him.

"Does Master Harry want something?

"Kreacher, we're going to have Hermione and Ron over for dinner. Would you make sure the kitchen is clean, please? Would you mind making dinner for three?"

"Yes, sir. Kreacher would do anything for Master. "

Harry watched as Kreacher popped away, presumably into the kitchen to clean it and pull out ingredients for dinner. Harry went upstairs to pack his things. There wasn't much to pack, but he did want to make sure he got everything. He had already moved everything from the Dursleys to Grimmauld Place, so he didn't have to go back and fourth.

He had kept his letter from his mom and dad, since it was the only tangible thing that had come from them that he still had. It had smelled of kin, his parents, when he had opened it and he had been reluctant to open it until he had put on gloves. Harry remembered the feeling of warmth and love that he had felt from the letter.

It was a couple of hours later when the smells from downstairs brought him out of his thoughts. He had managed to pack everything in the third hour and just had lost himself in the memories of this house. It was another reason that he was moving to a different continent. Harry had too many bad memories here; he wanted to move somewhere where nothing reminded him of Sirius or Remus or Dumbledore or even Dobby.

As he was walking downstairs and floating his couple of suitcases behind him, he heard the door being unlocked. It was probably his two best friends, though as he heard them chatting with each other, he heard another pair of footsteps. Whoever, the third person was, he or she was silent as they walked in behind Ron and Hermione.

Though, as he finally reached the ground floor, he realized that he recognized that smell. Harry wondered why he was here; they were friends but with their different statuses, they hadn't seen each other since the last battle.

"Harry!" Harry walked into the hallway, seeing Hermione and Ron and Draco behind them. He always knew that Ron and Hermione would make a good couple and had seen them work their way to where they were now. And that was clearly and obviously in love.

"Hi guys," he replied. They hadn't seen each other in awhile; as Harry had made Hermione the secret keeper to Grimmauld Place, the two of them hadn't come around for a visit since they didn't want to alert the ministry that they knew where he was.

"Harry, how are you?" Hermione asked.

"I'm good," Harry responded, "You two?"

"We're both good, mate," Ron commented. "It's this one here that isn't okay." He jerked a thumb behind him, indicating Draco. "We found him in a bar, a block away from your place."

"I am fine," Draco finally said, looking upset. Though, Harry wasn't sure of the reason that Draco was uptight now. Last Harry had seen him, Draco, well his family looked very relieved that Voldemort had been offed. Though they had also seemed subdued, as if knowing that there would be consequences, which was to be expected as they were known death eaters. And yet, now Draco was clearly anxious about something and not doing a very good job at hiding it. "These two dragged me over here."

Harry walked up toward him, aware of Hermione and Ron going into the dining room to leave them be. Harry had called a truce between him and Draco right after the battle. Harry reached out a hand to grasp his shoulder in reassurance. He was very careful not to squeeze too hard, lest he break a bone with his strength. Draco looked away at his touch, but Harry could feel him lean into it.

"What's wrong, Draco?" he asked softly, moving his hand from Draco's shoulder to catch Draco's chin and turn his face toward him. Draco seemed to deflate at the continued touching.

"My father was moved to Azkaban today," he murmured. Harry sighed, and pulled him into a hug. Draco would not have submitted to a hug just a couple of months ago, but right now, he was having difficulty holding it together. Harry had been able to convince the aurors to leave Narcissa and Draco alone, due to her saving his life in the forest.

"Oh," he muttered. "I'm sorry." There was really nothing else he could say to that, other than apologize. Harry didn't especially like Malfoy senior; as he hadn't done a good job at keeping Draco out of harm's way, but he had taken a liking for Narcissa after what she had done for him.

After a couple of minutes, Draco pulled away and walked into the dining room like nothing had happened. Typical. Though Harry did see him walk off with a better posture, which meant he felt better, if only by a little. Harry could also smell some of the sadness disappear momentarily too. Though that was replaced by arousal, if only for a couple of seconds, which made him smirk and walk off to join him.

The dinner was fun, if only a little dampened by Draco's anxiousness. Though they inevitably talked about the current politics. All of the dark creatures rights were getting curtailed at an alarming pace and the ministry was even restricting their citizens rights the three of them was always fun. Ron and Hermione promised to write regularly to keep him updated with news. Ron had jokingly said, 'we'll write every day!' to which Harry and Hermione laughed, though it was strained laughter.

Harry also promised to write to them too. He would of course have the floo open too, wherever he settled down. They of course would be the only two people who would know where he was.

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