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There was finally something Zoe Hart was afraid of.


She had tried brushing it off the entire trip over, but he saw right through that. It gave him a whole ton of ideas of how to mess with the tiny brunette in the near future.

It made him swell with some male pride that she'd asked him to come with her. He knew she could have found another way of going about all this, asked someone else, but no, little Miss New York had asked him. And like hell if he was going to pass up that sort of chance.

Not that he'd let her in on that. No, he'd gripped and complained the whole way.

"You are my ride, not my help. Very different."

He gave a nod. Okay, well, you got your ride," he told her and began getting back into the car. He could almost feel the fear dripping off of her.

"But!" he heard her quickly say. He stopped moving to look at her. "But there's a snake in there."

He looked the twing of fear, silently begging him to stay and come in her with her. Not that she'd ever want to admit to such or come out with it. "Probably a few."

"Aren't you gonna come in too?"

Ah, that tone remained. Her face looked a little more panicked, though she did a pretty damn good job of hiding it still. "No," he answered. "I'm just the driver."

Okay, now she was having a harder time of keeping her cool. Wade watched as her eyes darted around, her breathing hitch. She was fighting to not beg him to stay.

He sighed. "Say please, Doc."

She tried to not look relieved and about rolled her eyes. "Please."

He smirked, stepped back and shut the door of his car. "Here snaky, snaky, snaky," he called when he got closer to the door.