"Shinra, I'm bored."

Shinra glanced over at his raven-haired friend to see him dangling upside down from the couch. He sighed, "Well, what do you want to do?"

Izaya hoisted himself back to an upright position and sat cross-legged on the couch. "Hmmm, well I don't know, but I'll do pretty much anything at this point. At high school sleepovers you're actually supposed to do something."

"You could go die in the corner over there. That'd be doing something," Shizuo smirked.

"Well, my dear Shizu-chan, I'm afraid that is one thing I will not be doing anytime soon. But you, on the other hand, can go do that any day!" the raven retorted and smiled sweetly.

"Tch, like HELL I will!"

"Shizuo, calm down. Izaya, shut up," Kadota rolled his eyes at his quarreling friends. For once, Erika's theories were right. It was so obvious they had a thing for each other.

"Fine, fine. Maybe I will shut up if we actually have a little fun!" the raven's eyes lit up. "Oh! Maybe we can-"

Shinra abruptly cut him off. "Izaya, we're not going to wreak havoc on other people."


"We could play Truth or Dare," Shizuo suggested.

Shinra clapped his hands together in satisfaction. "Great idea, Shizuo! Now, who wants to go-"

"Woah there. Not so fast, my lovely scientist friend," Izaya smirked mischievously. "If we're actually playing Truth or Dare, we've got to play by my rules."

Kadota raised an eyebrow. "And these rules are . . . ?"

Izaya grinned innocently. "I knew you would want to know! SO," the raven narrowed his eyes and brought back his trademark smirk. "One, every truth or dare must involve at least two people. Two, every command is do or die. Three, all dares must be sexual in some way. And I know we're all guys, but whatever."

"Wow, flea, horny much?" the blonde raised an eyebrow and smirked.

"Neh neh, Shizu-chan. Rules are rules."

"Tch, well fine. I'll play by your rules."

Kadota leaned back against a wall and crossed his arms. "Fine by me."

Shinra hesitated. "Um, well okay then . . . I guess."

"It's settled then!" Izaya cheered. "So who wants to go first?"

"I'll go," Kadota volunteered.

"Alright! So, Dotachin, truth or dare?" Izaya grinned evilly.


"Humph. Dotachin's no fun," the raven pouted.


"Hmm, well then. Who did you lose your virginity to, Do~ta~chin~? And don't say you haven't gotten some yet, cause I know you have."

"Wait! What the hell kind of a question is that?!" Shizuo interjected.

"My kind of question," Izaya chuckled.

"Oh dear," the scientist sighed.

"What's your answer, Kadota?" the raven asked again, growing impatient.

"Errmnnnna," a slightly blushing Kadota muttered through his sleeve.

Izaya cupped his hand around his ear and asked once again, in a teasing tone this time. "What was that?"




Izaya fell backwards onto the couch, laughing his head off like a mad man. Shizuo could only gape at Kadota, while Shinra couldn't help but shout with wide eyes. "What?! You had sex with Karisawa-san?!"

Kadota sighed, "Ugh yeah, I did. But that was a long time ago at some party where we both got totally buzzed. Chill out, guys. It's not THAT big of a deal."

"Um, yeah it is!" Shizuo gasped, still completely shocked.

"Whatever! Shizuo, truth or dare?" Kadota asked becoming increasingly exasperated.

"Hm, well I wouldn't exactly want the flea to know anything about my life that he can use against me, so dare."

After some thought, Kadota decided that he would get Izaya back for asking such an embarrassing question. "I dare you to kiss Izaya. On the lips."

"What?!" Shizuo roared. "I am NOT going to KISS the flea!"

The raven immediately snapped out of his fit of laughter. "What the hell, Dotachin?! Seriously?!"

"Damn right I'm serious. And like you said, 'do or die'." The brunette couldn't help but chuckle at his cleverness.

Izaya was now blushing a bright pink color. "Godammit . . . " he mumbled, looking down at the floor. Then, all of a sudden, he felt warm lips press against his, and he looked up into the glowing hazel eyes of Shizuo.

The blonde finally pulled back after what seemed like an eternity to the raven. However, Shizuo only pulled back a few centimeters, lingering, and almost not wanting to leave Izaya's warm breath behind. Both boys hearts beat at a rapid, adrenaline-pumped rate. Five seconds passed.

Then ten.

Then twenty.

A full thirty seconds passed before the two so-called enemies moved back to their original seats.

Kadota and Shinra gave each other questioning glances. What exactly had Kadota just started?

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