Dear Fanfiction 1

Dear, Fanfiction

It has been brought to our attention that all of you are evil. We are farmers. We are chefs. We are bar attendees. We are shop owners. We are doctors. We are cats. We are snakes. We are Luke.

Yes, Luke is… special.

We understand, you have imaginations. But is it necessary to change up or personas for some stupid cheesy little romance?

We aren't crazy. We don't just live to love people. You know after a lot of love, our animals would surely die of starvation. The crops will cripple. Luke's axe gets no blood. (Because seriously, why do you think he just randomly swings it around.)

But you know what? It's (not) okay. We understand. A bit. Seriously though? What are Pokémon doing here? What are the characters from Kingdom Hearts doing here? WHY IS SONIC THE HEDGEHOG RUNNING AROUND?!

Sincerely, The Harvest Moon characters.

p.s Just because there's witches and wizards doesn't mean this is Hogwarts.

p.p.s. Hogwarts is that way

Star: Thanks to the amazing our dancing days for letting me use the idea.

Read me: I know, they deserve to love and they should! Heck, in most games, you have to get married. But this is for entertainment only. I do not criticize much less flame. Go to my profile. I'm a weird and cheery girl. But I'm writing for the characters. How would you feel if you were in love with one character but they hooked you up ten times more with the other guys on the island? How would you feel if you were in love with smexy Chase and people made you fuck Van. Yeah... So this is for entertainment purposes only. Put yourselves in the characters places. So yes. Please don't rant at me and enjoy the story.

p.s I'm mental.

~Star out