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On a rare stormy Los Angeles night, Bella sat in her house and worked on her computer. She owned a bakery, almost every night she spent hours looking through her sales and finding ways to improve her bakery. Bella was a single, independent, hard working woman. She loved her job and wouldn't have her life any other way. Of course, like most women, she dreamt of having a husband and family someday. But until then she enjoyed what life handed her so far.

Bella concentrated on reading a new recipe she found on line, thinking of ways to improve it for her bakery. The ringing of her cell phone brought her out of concentration. She quickly reached over to answer.

"Hey, Ali." Bella answered after checking who was calling.

"Bella, you have to come to the hospital." Alice said quickly.

"Are you in labor?" Bella asked while quickly getting ready to leave.

"Yes, and it hurts like a bitch." Alice responded.

"I'm on my way, Ali. Be there in a few." Bella told her and hung up, to quickly finish getting ready.

She knew she had to dress up to Alice's standards. Even though Alice is in labor, no doubt she would criticize what Bella wore. So rather then making Alice mad by wearing sweats, she'll just dress to Alice's standards. She decided to wear the seven's skinny jeans Alice got her, with a cute sweater, and Uggs. Simple, cute, and Alice would approve.

Alice Whitlock, Bella's best friend, had gotten married a little over a year ago. With the news of them having a baby Bella found out she'd be the godmother. That made her over the moon excited. Bella had planned a baby shower for Alice, she had bought a ton of gifts through out the pregnancy, and she had been there every step of the way.

Being a godmother obviously meant there was a godfather, whom Bella didn't know. All she knew was he was Jasper's best friend. Some best friend he was, he wasn't even at their wedding. Bella was anxious to meet the man she had to share godparent duty with.

Rushing through the rainy streets of LA Bella finally made it to the hospital. She quickly navigated her way through Labor and Delivery until she found Alice's room.

"Bella, you're here." Alice said, looking exhausted.

"Of course, Ali Bear. I wouldn't miss this for the world." Bella said, using the nickname she gave Alice when they were younger.

"I like the outfit, by the way. I was afraid you'd wear sweats in public." In true Alice fashion, she commented on what Bella wore, despite being in labor.

"I knew you would comment, that's why I made sure not to wear sweats.

When will my godson be born?" Bella asked with a smile, as she gently rubbed Alice's belly.

"I'm almost there. The doctor said just an hour or so more and I can push.

Can you believe it? I'm having a baby!" Alice told Bella excitedly. "I always thought you would be the first to get married and have a baby. Guess life had other plans for us."

It was true. Growing up Alice never wanted to get married and she especially didn't want to have a baby. Bella was always the one to want those things, more then anything. But Alice was right, life had other plans for them.

"Guess so." Bella answered. "I brought you a gift basket. I had to get my godson a birthday present." Bella told Alice pointing to the basket full of baby clothes and toys.

She bought a ton of cute onesies that read things like, "Mommy's new man" and "lock up your daughters". She also bought bibs, pacifiers, and some toys. Bella loves shopping for babies, so she went all out for David throughout the whole pregnancy.

"You've done so much for me through the pregnancy. Thank you. I knew you were a good choice for my son's godmother." Alice said emotionally.

Before Bella could respond someone walked in. A tall, skinny, bronze haired, green eyed man. He was wearing dark wash jeans, a t-shirt that read "geek is the new sexy" Bella doubted he was much of a geek, and he wore a leather jacket. He was so handsome, Bella lost her train of thought for a minute. Following behind him came in Jasper. That must have been Jasper's best friend, the baby's godfather.

"Edward! You made it!" Alice cheered happily. If she could, she would run over to him and hug him. But since she couldn't Edward came over to her.

"Of course I did, I couldn't possibly miss my godson's birth." Edward said with a smile.

That answered Bella's assumptions. He was indeed Jasper's best friend and the baby's godfather.

"Hey Bella, glad to see you here." Jasper greeted her as he gave her a hug.

"This is Edward, the baby's godfather. Edward, this is Bella, the baby's godmother." Alice introduced.

"I've heard a lot about you, it's nice to finally put a face to the name." Edward said extending his hand to Bella.

"Nice to meet you." Bella responded, shaking his hand.

Before conversation could start Alice's doctor came in and said it was time to deliver. As Bella started to follow Edward out of the room Alice stopped her.

"I want you in here with me." Alice told her.

Bella's eyes filled with tears, "I'll stay then."

After an hour of pushing and crying. Alice and Jasper's baby was finally born. David Edward Whitlock. He was a beautiful baby, blonde hair like his dad and green eyes like his mom. Bella couldn't be more proud of Alice and she couldn't be more honored to be that beautiful baby's godmother.

"Bella, while they clean Alice up, you go with David and the nurse to the new room." Jasper told her while they cleaned David up and got him ready to go to another room.

Once he was cleaned up and held by his parents the nurse pushed David through the halls in his bassinet, while Bella followed her. They arrived to a bigger, much nicer room. Alice would definitely like laying in this room more.

Once the nurse left, Bella picked David up from his bassinet and held him close. She was so emotional, you would think it was her who had the baby. But she felt a special bond to David, there was a connection.

After a few minutes Edward came into the room and quickly walked over to them. "Oh my God. He's so beautiful." He said as he gazed down at the baby in Bella's arms.

"Edward, meet David Edward Whitlock. Our godson." Bella introduced.

"E-Edward? They named him after me?" Edward said as tears filled his eyes.

Bella nodded. Then Edward carefully took David from Bella's arms. As Bella and Edward's skin touched, they felt a spark, a connection. But neither said anything, just gazed at the baby.

Edward was never the type of guy to be emotional, especially over a baby. But he found himself getting teary. He couldn't explain why David got a reaction like that out of Edward.

After a while Alice was settled in the room. For someone who just gave birth she was very hyper and looked great. Edward handed David over to Alice before congratulating her.

"I'm so proud of you, Ali. You did great!" Bella said as she hugged Alice.

"Congratulations, man." Edward said to Jasper. "I'm honored you named him after me. Thank you." He then said to both Alice and Jasper.

"We couldn't have chosen better godparents for David. He's a lucky little man to have you guys there for him." Alice said, still emotional from the days events.

After a few hours Edward decided to leave. Alice took that opportunity to see what Bella thought of him.

"He seems like a nice guy. He'll be a good godfather." Bella responded honestly.

"No, I mean for yourself. Jasper and I took the liberty of setting you up on a date this Friday." Alice told her.

"What? No, Alice. He's nice and all, but doesn't seem much like my type." Bella said, annoyed that they set her up like that.

"Exactly, he's not your type. He's so different from your type. But let's face it Bella, your type isn't working well for you. It's time to explore other types."

Alice told her, being honest. She knew Bella would be annoyed with her, but she also knew in the long run she'd thank her for pushing her to explore other things.

"Bells, Edward isn't the typical guy you would date. You go after the doctors and lawyers, the ones who seem to have their life together but in reality they don't. Those guys have never worked out for you. Go out with Edward, see what he has to offer." Jasper pitched in.

"Yes, I go after the ones who I know can support me when I get married. The ones who have their career together. Don't say they haven't worked out, I've had a few that have lasted several months." Bella said annoyed. She looked down at David, who was asleep in Alice's arms, knowing that seeing him would calm her.

"When we say they haven't worked out, we mean you were never that interested in them and they never lasted more than a few months. You also told me that they're boring, so don't lie and say it works for you." Alice argued back.

She knew Alice and Jasper were right. She wanted that type, but when she dated them they never interested her. She was left bored after each date. When things lasted a few months, it wasn't because they excited her in any way, it was because she knew staying in the relationship was the right thing to do.

Bella was cornered on this issue. She had to go out with Edward, try out his type, see if maybe his type is after all what she has been looking for. Alice wouldn't take no for an answer anyway. But Bella didn't have a good feeling about it.

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