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"Bella." Alice sang as she walked through the door of Bella's home without bothering to knock, instead she used the emergency key Bella gave her.

Alice walked through the house, finally finding Bella in her room. She set the car seat David was asleep in on the bed. Then Alice went into the walk in closet where Bella was sitting on the floor.

"What are you doing?" Alice asked as she watched Bella separate her clothes.

"Some of these clothes are old. I don't wear them. So I decided to give them away." Bella explained.

"Oh, good idea! That means we can go shop for new clothes." Alice said excitedlyas she sat by Bella and started to help her sort.

"Alice, how are you feeling about tonight?" Bella asked, knowing it's the first time they could finally have sex after having to wait since the baby was born.

"Nervous. I feel like something will happen. Maybe the dinner will go wrong or he won't like the lingerie I wear. I don't know, I have a weird feeling though." Alice told Bella, obviously nervous.

"Don't worry, Ali. You're just nervous and worrying about nothing. You guys are going to a great restaurant, their food is always good. As for the lingerie, you have nothing to worry about he will love it. Everything will go smoothly." Bella tried her best to reassure Alice.

Alice was silent for a few moments before saying, "You're right. I'm worrying over nothing. Everything will go great."

David started to cry, letting Alice and Bella know he was awake. Bella was the one to get up to go get him. She gently picked up her godson and took him over to Alice.

"Set up the swing, please. So he can sit in it while you do my hair and makeup." Alice told Bella.

Bella came back in with the swing for David. For a moment she wondered why Alicebrought so much stuff for David, but then she realized it's his first night away from home and Alice wants him comfortable.

"I can't believe Edward took you to a basketball game!" Alice exclaimed after hearing about how Edward and Bella's date went the previous night.

"It was a disaster. I told you he's not my type." Bella said as she loosely curled Alice's hair.

"I have to agree, it was a disaster. But I still have hope, I think you two will come around and end up falling in love." Alice said which had made Bella roll

her eyes but not comment.

Bella finished Alice's hair and started on the make up. As she did her makrup Alice asked, "When was the last time you had sex?"

"Um... I don't remember. Probably that one night stand the night we went to the club." Bella answered.

"That was over 10 months ago!" Alice exclaimed shocked.

Bella shrugged and Alice said, "I think you should try Edward out. I've heard he's good in bed."

"Alice!" Bella exclaimed.

"Maybe if you sleep with each other you'll realize you're actually perfect for each other."

Alice said, explaining the logic behind her previous comment.

"No. Stay out of my sex life." Bella said, ending the conversation.

She quickly finished Alice's make up and then left the bathroom without a word. Bella was still surprised by the comment Alice made.

"Bella, don't be mad. I simply want the best for you." Alice said when she came

into the living room where Bella sat.

"I know you do. But I can't date a man that I don't get along with." Bella said.

"It'll work out between you two. I know it." Alice said before handing David over to Bella and getting her handbag to head out.

"Whatever." Bella said annoyed.

"I love you, Bella. Thanks again for watching David." She said before hugging Bella and kissing her son goodbye.

Once Alice left Bella looked down at the baby in her arms and said, "Well it's just you and me now, buddy."

It was 1 am. Bella sat against the headboard of her bed with David in her arms. He was up for one of his few night feedings. Bella found that David is a very calm and happy baby. He was easy to take care of. She also found that she loved having a baby to watch after. Those motherly instincts seemed to come to her when she was left alone with David.

As David finished his bottle Bella's cell phone started to ring. Bella wondered who would call at that hour. She quickly set David down in the play pen and answered her phone, not recognizing the number.

"Is this Bella Swan?" A male voice said after Bella answered.

"Yes. Who is this?" Bella asked getting a bad vibe.

"I am Officer Uley. I am calling because you were on Alice Whitlock's emergencycontacts. I am sorry to inform you that Alice and her husband have been in a car crash." The officer said.

"Oh my god! Where? When? How? Are they ok? Oh my god!" Bella fired out the questions, feeling the tears fill her eyes.

"Can you come down to the police station? I will be here to answer all your questions." The officer asked Bella.

"Yes, of course. I'll be there in a bit." She said before hanging up.

Bella was scared. She didn't know what happened, how it happened and if they were okay. She could feel herself shaking from fear. Bella quickly changed from pj's to tights and a striped pastel shirt. She then went to David's play pen and decided not to change his clothes, she quickly bundled him up in a thick blanket to keep him warm.

Bella went to the living room where David's car seat was, she quickly buckled him in. She threw on her jacket and Uggs. Finally getting in the car and making her way to the police station.

"Is Officer Uley here?" Bella asked after rushing into the station.

"I am right here, Bella. Come into my office." The officer said.

Bella nodded and followed him to his office. She set David's car seat down and took a seat. "Where are they?" Bella asked.

"I'm sorry ma'am, but they didn't make it." Officer Uley said sadly.

Bella's vision blurred with tears. Her head started spinning and her body was shaking. Deep sobs broke through.

"What happened?" Bella said thickly after a few moments.

"They were hit by a truck. The truck driver was drunk, he didn't see their car.

He also died." The officer said softly. "Jasper Whitlock died upon impact and his wife died just after arriving at the hospital."

Another sob broke through Bella. Everything had happened so fast. One minuteAlice was at her house and the next she was gone. Bella lost her best friend but more importantly, David lost his parents. At the thought of David Bella started sobbing harder.

"Bella, you need to breathe." Another officer said as Bella started gasping air. "Breathe."

She started shaking her head, gasping for air through her sobs. Then Bella doubled over in her seat, falling to the floor. She was sobbing couldn't breathe, she couldn't think, she could only cry.

Edward walked into the office just as Bella fell. He was also called to the station because he was on Jasper's emergency lists. As the officers jumped up to help Bella, Edward stopped them.

"I've got her." He said.

"Oh you must be Edward." Officer Uley said.

Edward nodded in confirmation and then got on the floor by Bella. He pulled her into his arms, hugging her close. Bella wrapped her arms around him and continued to sob.

"Shh Bella, calm down." Edward whispered quietly into her ear.

After a few more whispers from Edward, Bella was able to control her sobs.

Edward took a seat on the chair, pulling Bella into his lap. They didn't have a good start, but they put their differences aside because they needed each other now.

"One of the officers filled me in on what happened. So now let me ask you, what happens to the baby?" Edward asked, his voice thick with emotion.

"We will have Children Services here in the morning to let you know what happens. "The officer told them.

Bella gasped, "They can't take him away from me! He already lost his parents, we're all he has left. I won't let him go!" Bella started to shake again.

"Shh Bella, everything will be okay. We won't let David go." Edward tried to sooth her.

"I believe the child will be able to stay with you. But they will clear that upin the morning." Officer Uley said.

"Bella, Alice woke up at one point as she had one request before passing." The other officer in the room said.

"What is it?" Bella asked.

"She wanted you to have this necklace, she specifically said she wants you to

wear it. It was around her neck during the crash." The officer said, handing over the necklace.

Bella held it in her hands, running her finger over the two hearts on the necklace. She knew that necklace meant a lot to Alice, she rarely took it off.

Bella felt honored to have it. She put the necklace on and held her hand over the hearts. Bella once again started to cry.

Edward, Bella and David stayed in the station waiting for Children Services. They had a long night, full of endless crying coming from both Bella and David. Bella cried on and off for hours. When she cried, she sobbed hysterically. David cried from feeling the distress coming from Bella. As for Edward, he did everything to sooth Bella and David while trying to keep his own emotions in check.

They all had something to cry for. Bella and Edward lost best friends, people they thought they would never lose. David lost his parents, but he was too young to understand.

Around 7:00 am, two people walked through the doors of the station. One which Bella recognized as Alice and Jasper's lawyer.

"This is Mr. Jenks the Whitlock's lawyer and Leah your case worker." Officer Uley introduced.

Bella and Edward greeted them politely, wanting to get down to business all took a seat and started discussing what would happen.

"I don't know if you were aware, but Mr. and Mrs. Whitlock recently expressed their desire to have you two take custody of David if anything happened to them." Mr. Jenks told Edward and Bella. It was news to them. Alice and Jasper never mentioned the custody agreement.

"We were not aware. But I personally am okay with that. I would love to raise David for them." Bella expressed.

"I will help raise him too. I am more than willing to help co-parent." Edward stated.

"Now we can't give you custody that easily, unfortunately. I will have to come over to your home once a month to evaluate. I need to make sure you two are fit for the responsibility." Leah told them.

"Speaking of home. They also said that if anything happened to them you two should take their house and raise David in it." Mr. Jenks stated as he handed them a copy of the house key that Alice left him months ago.

Edward took the key and said, "They were prepared for the worst. That was responsible of them."

"Well, Jasper wasn't happy about arranging this, he was sure nothing would happen. But Alice insisted to always be prepared for the worst." Mr. Jenks said.

"That sounds like something Alice would do." Bella laughed sadly, tearing up again.

After talking about a few more things Edward and Bella finally left the station. They both split up going their own ways, each to their own home. They needed to pack their things quickly and move to Alice and Jasper's home, upon their friend's request.

Edward and Bella were incredibly overwhelmed. A day ago they were living alone,spending time with their best friends and not really liking each other. Now they found out their best friends were gone, they had to raise a baby, are moving in together and working on getting along for the sake of the baby. Both of them were having trouble wrapping their mind around these changes.

After Bella got home and got David settled in, she started packing her stuff in the boxes she had picked up on the way home when she came across an album. She started to look through it, seeing pictures of her and Alice, Bella started to weep again.

Across town Edward was curled in a corner, sobbing. He had kept his emotions under control at the station. He didn't want Bella to see his weakness. But now he had no one to hide from. He cried for the loss of his best friend, he cried for David's loss and he cried for the change he was facing.

Almost everything Edward and Bella knew was taken away from them. Their whole world had changed. They were basically starting a whole new life.

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