swimming anime crack, because when life gives you hot anime boys, write fic. (Also do you get it, confinement, because it's totally the opposite of freestyle swimming)

"Nanase Haruka, you are under arrest for public indecency!"


Haruka stood there, blank-faced. Who knew he would be arrested today,
of all days? Frankly, he should have been arrested a long time ago.

"But officer!" Makoto cried out, jumping in front of his friend. "He's
still wearing a swimsuit! Isn't that still decent?!"
Nagisa joined his cause, throwing the jacket Haruka shed mere minutes
ago back onto him.

"That's true," the authority pondered, "but he's still being arrested.
I have a list."

Clearing his throat, the officer read off said lengthy list.

"Nanase Haruka is being taken to juvie for the following offenses: public
indecency; stripping in front of a group of minors; ignoring the use
of facilities, ie. changing rooms; swimming in areas that are
off-limits, for example, park ponds, water fountains, closed school
pools, and that one incident of the dolphin habitat; and finally,
disturbing the peace. You should be ashamed, really." The officer
tsked and put the list away.

"Th-that's not fair! Haru-chan meant no harm... he just wants to
swim!" Makoto and Nagisa blocked the officer from Haruka, but couldn't
bring themselves to stop him when he pushed past them.

Haruka looked down at the handcuffs slapped harshly on his wrists.
They were lined with fluffy pink fur. What the hell.

Makoto and Nagisa gasped in surprise when the officer took off his hat.

"You're coming with me, loser." Rin cackled, grabbing the barely
covering jacket and looking eye-to-eye with his old friend.

"Rin." Haruka suddenly looked determined. To race, probably. Did he
ever think of anything else other than swimming?

"Rin?!" Nagisa and Makoto seemed to be the only ones surprised here.
Rei was nowhere to be seen.


"So...You're not arresting him? Where are you taking him?"

Rin's eyes took a dangerous glint. He had already took hold of the
chain between Haruka's locked hands and was slowly dragging him to
god-knows-where. Haruka was putting up some fight.

This didn't irritate him much. "Haru, I have an indoor pool." At the
prospect of pool, Haruka's eyes glittered and he stopped struggling
completely. Rin grinned, shark teeth looking more menacing than usual.

He slowed down when Makoto and Nagisa were close enough.

"The closest thing I have to an indoor pool is my waterbed. But don't
worry, Haru and I are gonna do a lot of 'swimming.'" The two boys
paled at his words.

Haruka wasn't even listening. Still thinking about the new pool he
would soon meet, he wandered unknowingly into the shark-infested deep



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