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Three years later

"Mochida!" Nobara called. She was sitting in the bench inside their college while eating her bento, when the other girl rushed to her. She set down the box before it will spill from her hands. Nobara, along Tomo, and the other girls, smiled at her.

"What are guys shouting about?" she asked them, "can you please lower down your voice. Everybody's looking at you."

"Heh. Cool off, Mochida," Nobara said. "The guys are coming back!"

She stared at her friend. The guys, meaning: Yushiin, Haibuki, the volleyball guys... Tsuchiya... Tsuchiya..

She waits for him, as she promised. When they are still in high school, they always stay together. They are Best Friend.. Then most of them want to try things so the gang separated for a while in college. The girls and her went to the same college, though, and they got to play varsity volleyball in college. It is part of their scholarship too. The college supervised kinds of sport, and they want a strong volleyball team to play the regionals and nationals. And the girls volleyball team went to the nationals two times already, and even though they didn't won championships, they are first runner-up, always.

It makes them want to try harder, so for this upcoming nationals, they are practicing like crazy. Of course, the boys, who chose to go to different colleges, compete with each other but they are still friends. When they are all present, the gang get together.

"Oi, Mochida," Nobara said, cutting off her wandering mind.

"Hn," she said, tilting her head to look at her. "When is the get together?"

"Same place, same time, on Saturday," she answered.

"Okay, I'll be there."


"Hi," she said to them, "Nice seeing you again."

"Ugh, you sound like we don't email each other every night," Tsuchiya said. She blushed.

She walked over to his side and sat down. The other guys are already eating and having their won world, like Tomo and Haibuki who were feeding each other, and Nobara and Yushiin whose faces were dangerously close to each other.

What's wrong with these people, really? Even though their boyfriends didn't go to the same college as them, they still see each other occasionally, or rather, everyday. Yushiin go to a college ten minutes away from theirs, as well as Haibuki. So, the four of them go on a date almost every weekend and they meet after school too.

While she was glad for her friends, their sweetness sometimes get to her. And when they talk about her love life or lack of it, she wants to hunt Tsuchiya and smash his face. She promised she would wait, but it has been three years. Ugh.

"Where did your mind went?" Tomo asked silently. She's beside her and apparently observing Mochida.

"Heaven," she whispered back.

The night drags on. It always happen every time they meet. They would talk and eat and laugh and everything.

They all got up and walk outside. Every one start to say goodbye. Of course, the couples in their group go together, the younger ones walk home together, some of the guys are with them to protect. Until it was only her and Tsuchiya.

"Let's go to the nearby park," he said.

She walk along with him. They sat in the bench by the fountain.

"I made you promised to wait for me..." he started, and she got tensed. He held her hands to make her relaxed. "I'm sorry you waited so long."

"Tsuhiya," she whispered his name but he kept going.

"... Please, say you still want me. I've tried to restrain myself every time you are around, but I couldn't take it anymore."

"Tsuhiya," she said again, this time, a bit louder.

"... And I love you," he said, then look directly to her eyes.

Tears welled up. She's been dying to hear him say those words.

"I love you too," she said.

They stayed silent. He hugged her, then hold her hand. They stay like that for a long time. They were thinking of the same thing as they stared in the sky full of stars. The trees are swishing lightly from the night's silent air. The stillness of the night and the sound of the crickets, the light of the fireflies and the nighttime strolling of couples make the night feels so right.

As they stay there, they thought, 'Nothing is right when you are away from the one you love most.. So I am going to stay by her/his side for ever.'

The End

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