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1. 12, 000 Feet Above the Ground

She was going to die, she was so sure of it. Why hadn't she listened before? Her mother had warned her, she did, and all she said was that she could handle it. She couldn't and now she was going to face her imminent death. Surely someone up there was laughing down at her misfortune. Her father had told her she was a crybaby and cry baby's didn't belong in what she was doing now. Well now he couldn't call her a cry baby because then she'd be able to haunt him for doing so since she'd be dead in minutes.

She wanted to faint but she couldn't she had to be strong, take one for the team. She scoffed, team? There was no team here, just her and her stupid boyfriend, stupid, stupid boyfriend who couldn't do anything but manage to get her killed. If he survived and she didn't she was coming back to drag him to hell for what he did, she wasn't about to let him off the hook.

How silly of her to think her boyfriend would be of any help, surely she wasn't that stupid as to trust a man with her life. He had brought her to her death time and time again, like the one time when he dared her to jump off a cliff and into the ocean. She had told him she valued her life and to just do it himself and his answer had been that he would but she would forever be the big cry baby her father talked about. That caused her to jump into the water where she managed to hit a small rock, she had a minor concussion but a concussion no less. She shut her eyes tightly as she tried to recall exactly what had led her to this horrible mistake.

"Wait a minute, you want to do what?"

"Ah come on, baby, skydiving," he smirked, "it's some serious shit."

"Yeah but I value my life so I'll just let you do that on your own," she chuckled nervously as she began to cut up vegetables

"Hm, I didn't know your father was right about you being a crybaby," he smirked

There it was, the famous two words that Andrew Mendez spoke to her more often than she could recall. Those words had been said to her when she was too scared to go swimming for the first time, when she refused to give up her training wheels, when she refused to go indoor rock climbing And somehow when he said them it caused her to go all courageous (with courage she didn't even have) and do all the stupid stuff her dad deemed her too scared to do.

Even when she proved him wrong time and time again he would still call her a crybaby. Her older brothers always agreed with him, well Scott only ever agreed because if he didn't then her father and Michael would just tease him instead and in their household it was basically survival of the fittest and A.J was nothing but a small and skinny little pip squeak, well according to her father.

"Stop that," she hissed, "I'm not giving in."

"Come on, it'll be so much fun," he chuckled, "I'll be with there with you, I've done this before."

"Look, you're an adrenaline junkie, last time I tried anything you said I had a concussion for almost a month," she snarled

He scratched his head, "no hard feelings, right?"

"The answer is no, Phil," she frowned

"You hear that Sir?"

She watched Phil take out his iPhone and she hissed, he didn't just do what she think he did. He seemed to be pouting as he spoke to the other person on the line, she heard the laugh from the phone and instantly she knew who that was. She squeaked out as she looked around the kitchen, surely something would knock Phil out for a few seconds and just make everything go away. She looked at the frying pan currently on the stove, it was probably hot but it would teach him a lesson right? She watched as he laughed before pressing something on his phone.

"A.J, you crybaby!"

She frowned, "Father, stop calling, you're annoying."

"Is that any way to speak to daddy?" he asked, she could feel his pout over the phone, "daddy is sad."

"I'm not going skydiving with Phil, that's that," she frowned, "I always do what you two say and I always, almost, die."

"Ah, you big crybaby," her father laughed, "that doesn't stop a warrior from doing what needs to be done for the good of the village."

"What the hell are you talking about?" she frowned

"It's okay though, once a crybaby always a crybaby," he smirked

A.J gritted her teeth, "fine, I'll go, Phil, happy?"

"Yes," he winked

He took the phone off speaker phone and talked to her father for a while longer. She frowned, she wished her dad would just hate him like he hated her ex-boyfriends, when they met they hit it off as soon as Phil called her a crybaby for spilling something on her dress and whining about it. Her dad had smirked and agreed with him and then proceeded to tell Phil all about her crybaby days.

Once he hung up he smiled at her, "so we're going tomorrow."

She sighed, "fine, Phil."

He chuckled and wrapped his arms around her as she cocked, "you're hot when you cook."

"You're a kiss-up," she frowned, "father taught you that, too?"

"We'll have fun, I promise," he smiled kissing the top of her head, "I just want to be able to have fun with you."

She sighed, "okay."

With that he started trailing kisses down her neck she frowned and whacked him with a spatula, "don't interrupt the cook, now go sit."

"Fine," he pouted

She rolled her eyes, perhaps it'd all be okay since they were going together, he'd protect her, right?


Oh so terribly, wrong!

Once they had gotten to the place Phil had been so excited to go skydiving once again and he promised her she'd have nothing but fun. They spent a few hours in training before they finally got the go to leave towards the plane. He was anxious to do this as to where she was praying to God to let her go to heaven because everything she'd ever done bad in her life had been because of her dad and his use of the word 'cry baby'.

Once they were on the plane she had suddenly wanted to jump out and save herself, but then again that's exactly what she'd be doing real soon from a higher distance. Once it was their turn she turned to Phil and frowned.

"If I die I just want you to know I hate you," she gulped

"Whatever, crybaby," he snickered

A.J rolled her eyes as he took her hand and jumped, she screamed a little before settling a bit. As she watched herself free fall she smiled slightly, the view was nice and everything wasn't as bad as she made it seem. She turned to Punk to tell him that she was enjoying herself when she noticed he had his eyes shut, she frowned.



Her heart stopped then, the idiot had gone and fainted. She wanted to kill him, then but then she realized she'd just have to use him as a cushion for her fall. She figured that was payback enough for almost killing her about a million and one times.

So close and yet she couldn't do it, she wanted to cry. She was going to die, she wasn't going to get married or have children and it was all Punk's fault. She looked at the earth all around her the ground seemed so much closer than it did a while ago. She sighed, maybe if she took a picture of Punk then someone would find it and post it for her, so everyone could see the real cry baby. She took the picture and placed the camera away giving another heavy sigh, If only something would just cushion her fall, and then it hit her like a ton of brings. Her stupid parachute.

She went towards Phil and hugged him tightly as she released the parachute. Giving a heavy sigh at the way it slowed their fall, she was going to kill Punk when they landed, no more calling him Phil because this prick wasn't deserving of his name. Punk was what he was going to get for a few months after causing her such distress. Once they landed the doctors checked Punk and told her he was just fine.

He woke up shortly and smiled, "so we going, yet?"

She frowned, "we already went, Idiot."


"You fainted," she laughed, "you went and you fainted."

"What exactly happened afterwards?"

"I saved you, duh," she smirked, "you can call me hero or your majesty."

"Live I'd ever do such a thing," he frowned

"But you seriously did faint," she smirked, "it was a sight."

"Like anyone will believe you," he smirked back

"On the contrary my dear, Phillip," she teased, "I've got this."

And his eyes widened comically as she waved the camera before him, he reached out to grab it but she pulled back stuffing the camera in bag. She laughed at his pout and shook her head.

"Don't post it," he begged

"Too late, Punky-poo," she winked, "this baby is going viral."

"I hate you," he frowned

"Ah don't be such a crybaby," she pouted back and batted her eye lashes

Punk cursed as she laughed at his expense, now she had him and next time they had dinner at their parents house she would speak of her courageous deed in saving Punk -because lets face it she could of let him die if she truly wanted to- and then she'd pass the picture around and let her dad see who the real cry baby was.

"You know, I'll get you back," he hissed

"I'm making this picture my Christmas card," she winked, "it'll look absolutely lovely."

"A.J," he warned reaching for her

"Ah, ah, ah," she teased

"Look, I've learned my lesson, delete it," he frowned, please delete it."

"As if," she chuckled, "now let's go home."

He sighed, he'd have to delete the picture later.

"I sent it to your mom btw," she called over her shoulder

Yeah, he'd delete it right after he killed her.

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