15. Forever

This is it, her stomach is in knots and she can't really find it in her to sit still for a few seconds. She feels the urge to pee but she knows very well that it's just nervous pee and that it will go away as soon as she goes through this whole thing.

She's wearing the dress she picked out with everyone else's help. Everyone around her is in a state of hysteria as they search for their shoes, finish their hair, find their bouquets and their pins. She just watches, time seems to be ticking slowly and that makes her all the more nervous. When the time finally comes she feels her heart stop, this is it. She clasps her bouquet in her hands and they walk towards the hall.

"Are you nervous, sweetie?" Kelly asks

"A little," she replies, "is that weird?"

"Not at all, I was nervous too," she giggles, "I promise this will all be okay."

"If you say so," she grumbles

Because when it comes to herself and her boyfriend/fiancé/soon-to-be-husband, things don't really go as planned. They've had a relationship like no other, constantly yelling at each other and still being okay with each other. Constantly trying to kill him had become a hobby, one he's grown accustomed to so when she shows up out of no where with some weapon in hand he never questions her just asks her to explain what her motives are today and when she's done he tries to explain and nothing usually ever works so it ends up with him tricking her into the closet in the hall that locks from the outside.

They usually end up in situations where someone's life is at stake but they guess that's the thrill of their relationship. She doesn't mind putting his life on the line every now and then in order to provide some sort of entertainment for herself, after all it's only fair, right?

It's a vicious cycle they share but she wouldn't have it any other way.

When her eyes land towards the crowd of people the butterflies flutter faster in her stomach. When the music starts her legs become like jelly and she probably looks like a flustered mess to the people attending today.

She can see him standing there with a big smile on his face and she becomes a little more confident in her steps. Everyone is looking at her like she's the most beautiful thing in the world and she likes it. Most of her life was spent comparing herself to other girls, girls with more assets than she had, but now it seemed that compared to everyone else in this room she was the most beautiful.

When she reached him his eyes softened, they always did that for her and her only. The ceremony was something she didn't pay much attention to, she preferred to get lost in his green eyes, this was it. After months of aggravation and frustration with him, of love and happiness, of amusement and companionship she was finally going to marry him.

When his question was asked he answered "I do" before the man could even finish. When he asked her she nod and smiled brightly, "I do."

When they were finally pronounced man and wife it was almost a relief, nothing had gone wrong. He kissed her after it was okay to and she swore she'd never felt something so sweet before in her life. No matter how many times they'd kiss each other this felt brand new and it was something that would be burned in the back of her mind.

"I love you," he breathed

"I love you as well," she giggles

The reception was wonderful and everyone had a great time, they had made the unwise choice to let a half-drunk John give a speech and congratulations to the newly wed couple. He had spoken about having a victory such as the one John was having now but his involved a new surround system, causing Mickie to huff out in annoyance. Then he proceeded to tell everyone about their little trip to Vegas, prompting the boys to go up and drag him away.

Randy had decided to steal their thunder and propose to Kelly right then and there. Kaitlyn had ended up punching Derrick into a smear for hitting on her when he was pretty drunk -not that she'd admit she liked it a lot. Layla and Cody had their obvious hook-up because they were inseparable. Things were as they should be.

"Well it's almost time to go home," Phil chuckled

"I agree, my legs are killing me," she giggled

"S'cuse me," a voice yelled into the microphone

A.J's eyes widened as she noticed Marigold standing there in her big puffy, flower girl dress, she was looking at everyone with a serious expression. Phil groaned beside her and she hear faint whispers from him begging whoever was up there to give Marigold something totally not embarrassing to and Adam seemed a bit appalled at the sight as they tried to reach her in time before she said something that would end in the total embarrassment of the newly wed couple.

"Congrats auntie A.J and uncle Phil," she giggled, "congrats! congrats! congrats!"

A.J bit her lip and she hoped the small girl would end her speech there, but alas with Marigold Copeland few words were never ever enough.

"I've known auntie A.J and uncle Phil all my life," she told them seriously

She chuckled at that, the small girl was only 5 and yet she was speaking as if she was someone with a lot of experience in life and practically as if she's known them forever.

"And I'm veryveryvery excited they got married," she squeals

"Marigold, sweetie, come down," her mother calls to her

"Wait," she frowns, "okay before mommy interrupted, auntie A.J and uncle Phil get to working, okay? I want someone to play with, so go make a baby."

This cause everyone to stop quiet and A.J felt her cheeks flush red and Phil seemed to have forgotten how to breathe. They heard Adam yell a "not again, Marigold!" and then she was swept off the stage with a giggle. A.J looked at Phil and frowned.

"So much for a normal wedding, huh?"

"It's decided, we aren't having kids," he growled

"About that," A.J giggled nervously


That's it guys, there's the 15 prompts and what-not. I've had a blast writing these for you guys and I plan to start another anthology soon but for now it's just an idea in a notebook. Thanks for all your reviews, alerts, and favorites! You're the best x