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Prologue: Final Rebellion

Suddenly there was a thunk and a large wooden crate landed right in front of them.

Among the first to step closer to it were Sinatalla, Finnick, Achilles, Xavier, and Jessica.

"What do you think's in it? And who sent it? Do you think it's-"

"I knew we shouldn't have given you your tongue back Losenphere, you talk way too much now shut up," Finnick said. "We shouldn't open it until we know it's not dangerous."
"Hey what's this?" Jessica asked. She held up a piece of paper. "It says, The rebellion has started for the final time... And this came with it." She held up a white rose.

Chapter 1 ~ Snow Sent Us...

"I'm going to open it," Finnick said quietly.

"I think I should, I'm the one who already knows what it feels like to have my legs blown off," Boggs said.

"Be my guest," Finnick said quickly.

Everyone stepped away to let Boggs lift the heavy lid.

He did not get his legs blown off. Boggs looked in and instead of seeing a deadly weapon, there was a guy who looked about his age, maybe a little younger. He had dark hair that was cut short and he looked like someone had hit him with a baseball bat over the head.

He moved, and Boggs got ready to tackle him, but there was no need for the precaution. He looked up at Boggs. The guy in the box had dark eyes that looked slightly unfocused and his pupils were dilated. He had a concussion.

"Who are you?" Boggs asked, confused.

Haymitch shoved Boggs to the side. Finnick had ran and told Haymitch about the mysterious box from the Capitol, and Haymitch came as fast as he could to see Boggs had already opened it.

Everyone else, who had not seen what was in the box, were even more confused when they heard a sharp intake of breath from Haymitch.

"What is it already?" Achilles said impatiently and came up to the box. He looked in and said, "No way..."

The answer the others were waiting for came when Achilles said in a disbelieving voice, "President Snow sent us Shark Valler."

There were people surrounding him when he woke up. He didn't know what exactly was going on, he just knew he had been summoned to President Snow's office and... AND SNOW KILLED HIM NOW HE REMEMBERED! So this is where you go when you die, he thought. There are quite a lot of people here... Then he recognized one of them. It was Cecilia, a winner of a previous games,

"Move away people he needs room! Are you ok? What happened?"

"Killed... By Snow..." he said. He was very tired, and his head felt like someone was repeatedly smashing it with President Snow's hammer. The people in front of him were becoming blurry and he had to fight to stay conscious.

"No, you weren't Shark," Cinna said. "Just knocked out and it looks like you have a concussion. Now for the second time are you OK?"
"No killed...Snow...Dark..." Shark whispered.

"He isn't coming through," Cinna stood up, "I wonder what happened to him?"

The younger tributes were standing back, still confused about what had just happened.

"We need to take him to the infirmary," Haymitch said. "He knows things that could be useful."

"They've probably wiped his memory," Finnick argued. "Why would they send him to us if he could tell us Snow's dirty little secrets? We should just get rid of him. He's the Head Gamemaker after all!"

Most people agreed with this, that they needed to dispose of him before he caused problems.

"NO!" Haymitch interrupted the protests. "That's what they want us to do! We need to get him some help! And then," he added in an undertone, "Someone needs to get me a drink."

Chapter 2 ~ Sledge Hammers and Memories of Long-Lost Friends

"So what do we do now?" Sabarina asks. It was a couple of minutes after they had found Shark in his crate and Haymitch was now drunk hobbling around. Mags started to point at the television screen and she didn't want to watch Blue's Clues.

"Right so... Haymitch is drunk and he's our leader and every commander is trying to wake up Shark!" Jessica said.

"Mags is right though, we need to call Li-wu!" Chase announced and Erin replied,

"Only the commanders have the password to even video screen Li-wu!"

"Then we have to get that Password!" that was Xavier.

"We aren't commanders we aren't even Assistant Commanders!" that was David.

It was time Lily had to go and report to her Grandfather. She walked away to the bathroom and when she went out tried to escape to the roof.

"Madam? What are you doing?"

Who? OH NO! Lily spun around and saw Marcellus. She started to pull out a knife.

"Do I have to report you in Snow Pile?"

And this is what I want. She's started to sweat. At the mention of SNOW? Hmmm. Oh look her dagger dropped down a slight bit now if I can...

"Well here we go! He pulls out a small water gun and sprays her in the face she reacts dodges and throws her knife.

And here we go! Marcellus whistled. "Well you sure are cute! Do I seriously have to bring you in? Snow Pile?"

"You won't have the chance!" PHHHZZZZZ Lily dropped to her knees eyes wide and kicked backward and she kicked José in the groin. José had been revived and just now had been trying to zap Lily. It took 28 people to wrestle her down and finally someone got a sleep tranquilizer in her arm.

Nooo... Can't fail...ZZZZZZZZZZ

"I'm going in to get that password!" Thomas was mad, they NEEDED to contact Li-wu. He walked into the infirmary with his favorite sledgehammer.

Everything was bright. It was a lot brighter than it had been, at least the last time he had remembered being somewhere.

He groaned, his head was feeling a lot better but now it felt almost... numb.

There were people standing around him again, but less than there had been the first time.

Achilles, Haymitch, Aspen, Finnick, Peeta, and Cinna were watching him, holding their breath, hoping he didn't pass out again.

After a few moments of silence, Peeta spoke. "Are you sure you don't remember... anything... about what happened to you?"

Shark knew who this boy was, he knew he did. Who was he... Then he remembered. "You... You're not dead," he said, confused. "I'm... I'm not dead?"

"Now we're getting somewhere," Finnick said, relieved.

"That's right, you're not dead," Peeta said. "You're in Asia."

That was the wrong thing to say.

"Asia?" Shark said. Somehow that sounded familiar too... Rebels! REBELS! The word was like an alarm bell going off in his head. But what was so bad about rebels? He... Just... Couldn't... Remember!
He saw the door open, and a boy walked in holding a large sledgehammer. There was something about hammers that he really hated, but it wasn't coming to him. Something about hammers... he knew that hammer. He remembered it. He remembered himself putting it in with the other weapons at the Cornucopia while wincing at the pain in his arm. Hammers... and his arm? That was right! An image of himself in Snow's office, holding his arm and yelling in pain while Snow stood there with that snake like smile of his, holding a hammer.

After that, a whole flood of memories washed over him, so many it was almost overwhelming.

"Shark Valler."

He couldn't believe it! He was actually going to be a Junior Gamemaker at only 20 years old! Everyone in his dorm at Gamemaker prep school had said no one ever got in that young but here he was, the Capitol's newest Gamemaker! He spotted on the other side of the room Jettson, who had been his longtime UNfriendly rival.

"You Jettson have been accepted as the escort for District 1 if you so choose."
"Yes sir," Jettson said bitterly, and stormed out of the room.

About two months later, Shark Valler sat in the Gamemakers room. Mikah, the Head Gamemaker and his boss, was yelling orders. The 76th Hunger Games was finally underway, and it was one of the best weeks of his life.

Smiling, he pulled up his project that he had been working on. It was nothing really, just a stupid idea that he'd come up with one day. His Nightlock Hawk. He sat there and admired it for a while, then he heard a voice behind him.

"Shouldn't you be working?"
He spun around to see Mikah. He gulped. Only one day into the Games and he was going to be fired already.

"What's that?" She asked looking at the Nightlock Hawk.

"Nothing," he said quickly. "Just something I was working on... A Mutt that I call a Nightlock Hawk."

Surprisingly Mikah did not appear angry. Instead she had a thoughtful look. "Tell me more about these... Nightlock Hawks."

It was right before the 78th Games, and he had just watched his boss Mikah get beheaded. All the Gamemakers were crowded in President Snow's office, waiting to hear who would be the new Head Gamemaker. Mikah had done a terrible job, and the 77th Games were widely known as the worst Games ever.

"...The new Head will be one who I have seen to work hard and do his job well..."

Snow was going on and on about the amazing qualities of this new Head Gamemaker, and Shark could tell he wasn't the only one who just wanted it to be done already.

He had just been promoted to Gamemaker instead of Junior Gamemaker, so there was no way it would be him. He sighed... Someday, maybe...

"...I am pleased to announce that the new Head Gamemaker will be none other than Shark Valler!"

Best. Day. Ever.

Shark Valler was sweating bucket loads. He had never been so nervous in his life. He had messed up big time, and now President Snow had called for him. And he knew this time it would be worse than a hammer.

I'm going to die, he thought. President Snow is going to kill me.

By all means he deserved it. Everything had just fallen apart that year. It had started with Caesar Flickerman collapsing at the opening ceremonies and everything had just gone downhill from there. He knew he was going to die, and he had never been so afraid in his life.

A thought came to him that had never crossed his mind before. If I can kill 23 kids every year, how is it I'm so afraid to face death myself?

Snow's door opened. Shark stepped in, his heart hammering hard in his chest.

Two Peacekeepers appeared on either side of him with heavy lead pipes.

Everything went black.

He remembered. He remembered everything. He felt a strong rush of hatred for the Capitol, for President Snow. He could not remember ever feeling so strongly about anything before, ever!

The Capitol was evil! He had known it his whole life, but never acknowledged the thought until now. In fact the first time he had ever thought anything negative against the Capitol until that day in Snow's office, when he had thought about himself as a killer.

That was right he was a KILLER. It shocked him to think like that, he had just seen it as the way things went. But people were people, and killing was killing.

It had taken him 23 years to see it, even though it had been right there his whole life.

The next words he said were the last ones he had ever expected himself to be saying.

"I'd like to join the rebellion."