Chapter 5 ~ Boot Camp? Oh joy...

The soldiers all headed to their separate training classes after lunch. Mikah and Jessica were glad they had gotten similar schedules, and they walked to their Endurance class together.

"This is so much like school back in District 2 it's sometimes hard to believe we're rebels." Jessica said.

"Haha yeah the only difference is we don't have Sid going on about that principal!"

"And we have Thomas here..."

"Errrr NUB!" She shoved Jessica, who just laughed.

The Endurance class started at 1:00 exactly. Lo-Chi was in charge of this class, and he started them by running five miles around a large track.

Shark thought that was pretty lame.

Actually, almost everyone did, but they knew better than to argue with Lo-Chi. He knew about 200 different ways to kill people with his bare hands.

Sadly, Shark did not. "Hey what's the point of running in circles?" he puffed between breaths.

"YOU NOT ARGUE! YOU RUN! YOU RUN OR I MAKE YOU RUN MORE!" bellowed Lo-Chi in halting English.

"And you, my friend, need to work on your English," Shark muttered under his breath.

After the class was over, and Shark was thoroughly out of breath, he left feeling angry at that Lo Mein guy.

Before he could go to his room, though, he was stopped by an Asian girl. She looked angry at him for reasons unknown, but he had gotten used to THAT lately.

"Do NOT dis Lo-Chi," she said angrily. "He will kill you. And I will too. So you die twice. You Unworthy Peasant. You are not even worthy to 내 물을 준비"

"Wh-What? And... And do you mind me asking who you are?"

"Yes, I do mind," she snapped. "But I'm Li-Show, Li-Wu's youngest granddaughter. Know your place among us Valler. Or you WILL, end up buried 6 feet under my shoes."

Well... She's got a temper... But hey. I like temper!

Nils watched Lydia and Jadyn go to their next class together. They were talking about something, and they both kept laughing. Nils just knew that Jadyn girl was bad news, he couldn't explain how but he did.

He felt something tug on his pants leg and looked down to see Pikachu. The lightning mouse looked disappointed, and Nils thought he even saw betrayal in his expression, if that was possible.

When Pikachu looked up at Lydia and Jadyn, Nils understood.

He picked Pikachu up and put him on his shoulder. "I know how you feel, Lightning Mouse," he said sadly.

Shaw-wi was teaching distance weapons with Chase, today was archery.

"Archery is important! If you get stuck face to face with an opponent stab them with an arrow! If there is someone larger than you charging slow them down with an arrow to the leg! Then go for his heart! NOW GET TO WORK!" They ran off to grab a bow and arrow.

"Do you do this stuff with kids back home?" Chase asked as he saw Jack almost shoot himself in the foot.

"No and yes, we train children at a young age, but very few are trained to be archers," Shaw-wi said.

"This is necessary?" Chase asked.

"Yes, they may need it," Shaw-wi said.

"So what is the plan for our next move?" Chase asked.

"자정 로즈," They looked at the trainees and wondered if they were ready.

"I can read your mind Chase and we won't be taking most of the trainees."

"So when do we discuss this issue?" Chase asked.

"시간이 내 친구 좋은 시간에 모두를 제공했을 때 모두 좋은 시간에."

Jadyn decided to skip her next class. She knew Lydia would worry but she could always say she hadn't felt well and went to the infirmary. She knew the classes were important but she really would rather do some snooping.

As she walked in the opposite direction of her class she ran into Daniel.

"Sorry," he said quickly. "Just in a hurry to get to class. That Lo-Chi will have me shot if I'm late! Want to come with me?"
"No, gotta go," she said and speed-walked away from him.

Then someone called her name and she groaned at her bad luck. It was Noah.

"I'm going to try and convince the Asians that we should have a football team," he said excitedly. "It's good cardio exercise and the training builds some muscle." He flexed his arm, like that would prove he had built muscle in football training.

"Yeah that's great Noah, now I've got to go," she said and shoved past him.

Jadyn was walking along a large hallway and heard voices coming from a room. The double doors were labeled "Revival." Jadyn smiled and pushed the door open slightly. She had been wanting to check out this room for a while.

The Commanders, Assistant Commanders, Heads of Squadrons, and the members of Elite Asia who were not doing classes were gathered in the Revival room, waiting for Beetee to finish reviving the latest group of people.

First came out Ricky Lane. He looked around, confused, then he saw Achilles and broke into a wide grin.

"Wow!" He said, but he still looked disturbed. "I thought I... I died."

"Some very smart people figured out a way to get you back," Achilles explained for the billionth time.

"You look a lot older," Ricky said.

"When you're dead for three years things change."

A guy came out who Haymitch seemed to know. His eyes lit up when he saw him.

"Wow, I'm back! Weird thing to say after I died but... HEY I HAVE TWO ARMS NOW!"

"Welcome back, Chaff," Haymitch said.

"We almost done, Beetee?" Johanna yelled to the other end of the room.

"Just two more... Achilles, you'd know them, they were from your Games. The boy and the girl from 7?"

A couple minutes later, Beetee's worried voice came back to them. "Ummm... Something happened... Could be a problem..."

"Can you not get them back? Is the machine broken?" Peeta asked anxiously.

"No..." Beetee's voice trailed off. "Well, I guess I'll let you guys see for yourselves."

A boy and a girl came out, but they were not Roxanne and Jack. The girl had blond hair and bright blue eyes and the boy had dark hair and glasses. (Not Harry Potter. Sorry)

When Achilles saw them he almost had a heart attack. They were none other than Sapphire Rubyon and Quidley Barnes.

Achilles clenched his fists so hard his knuckles turned white. "Filthy traitors..." he muttered. "Killed her..."

Quidley squinted and looked at his surroundings. "This doesn't look like the Cornucopia... I haven't won, have I? How long was I out?"
"Three years," Achilles growled.

Quidley paled at the sight of Achilles. "If I won then... how are YOU here?"

"You didn't win, genius," Achilles said. "She killed you!"

He noticed for the first time that she was there. "Oh... Well..."

"There was an accident," Peeta said. "You guys kind of... came back."

"An accident? I really don't think things like that just happen on accident-"

"LET'S SEND THEM TO THE GAUNTLET!" Achilles said suddenly.

"Are you... Are you sure?" Beetee asked. "I invented that for only the worst of criminals, I can't imagine what-"

Achilles pulled up his pant leg. "They did this," he said. "I'm some kind of cyborg now because of THEM. They belong in the Gauntlet."
Peeta interrupted, "Dude if we were going by that then I would've brought Cato back and shoved HIM in the Gauntlet two years ago now shut it."

"Oh yeah about Cato..." Beetee pulled out a small piece of armor. It was the high tech unstoppable kind from the Capitol.

"No..." Peeta said. He had recognized it right away. "You wouldn't..."

Chapter 6 ~ Pronunciations

Every Commander, Assistant commander, and Elite Asia were in the meeting room.

"So where is the Midnight Rose now?" Li-wu asked.

"There is our problemo! We have no idea where it is!" Aspen said.

"We can't locate it!" Annie said exasperated.

"Erin has been trying for days on no end, and we've still got no trace of ANYTHING!" Finnick said.

"Even Wiress and Beetee can't locate it!" Achilles said.

They had been trying to locate the Midnight Rose to destroy it and so far they have had very little success.

"So what do we do? We can't twiddle our thumbs forever!" Lo-chi said.

"I know it's frustrating, but we need to hang on a little longer! If we could have someone travel to Romania!"

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, and if you didn't hear me the first time...NO!" Quon-tuo said angry.

"AND WHY NOT? ARE YOU SCARED? WIMP!" Haymitch said hand on his belt which held a short sword that he had for protection. Haymitch was dragged into this and as always was drunk. He was drunk as much as he could be, and sadly, was not thinking clearly.

"나는이 아프고 내 뇌에 오르지 우리 뭐하는 것은 바보 바보 잘못 성가신 된 미국을 말하는 당신 같은 사람들의 피곤하고 가끔 나는 우리가 당신을 돕기로 합의 않겠다고의 빌어! 나는 죽음을 당할 용감한 스파이를 보낼 순 없어요!죽고 싶어서 안달이 요!"

A couple of Asians gasped at what he said, but some started to nod. Haymitch rolled his eyes, "Please if you are going to insult me please in english," he paused then held his hand in front of his mouth in mock surprise.

"OH wait you can't even talk without pronouncing everything wrong!"

"입 닥쳐! 우리는 당신이 당신을위한 전투를 돕고 있습니다! 당신은 우리가 떠나도록 하시겠습니까? 당신이 도움을 요청, 우리는 와서 다음 우리를 원하지 않는처럼 우리를 애타게! 우리는 우리가 여기 있기 때문에 우리가 방문 할 수없는 가족이! 당신은 그 이유를 알고 생명에서 어떤 일이 일어나고 있는지 전혀 몰라? 내가 당신을 말할 것이다! 귀하는 귀하가 우리의 무기와 우리의 군대에 관심 우리의 삶에 대해 상관 없어! 하지만 우리 생명이 걸려있는 일이고, 당신이 상관 없어! 부하들이 살아남을 경우는 미국 신경 쓰고 걱정하지 마십시오! 귀하는 미국이 어떻게 되든 상관 없어요!" Quon-tuo shouted tears forming in his eyes.

"If you are going to say something don't be a crybaby about it," He reached for his drink. Quon-tuo slashed his Sainchamsageom across the table cutting the glass neatly in two. Haymitch grabbed his sword and stabbed Quon-tuo. In the heart. Quon-tuo fell dead to the ground.

"Good riddance now burn the body so we can't revive him," then Haymitch felt a sharp pain in his back and saw a Janggeom point at his back.

The boy who held the weapon shouted angrily, "Quon-tuo was my father and you killed him, so you must die!" Haymitch stabbed him also. The boy also fell dead next to his father.

"Ugh now someone...GASP!" He felt the hand around his neck and he heard the crack Haymitch looked behind him and saw Li-wu with his Seven-Branched Sword at his neck. He fell to his knees.

"Why did you just kill my most trusted Elite and my best friend?" Li-wu asked tears flowing.

"You asians have No brains and your hearts are way too large! Heh well you were worthless anyways," Haymitch said, still drunk, and not realizing what he was saying.

Haymitch died. After a second after the matter President Li-wu said this,

"I'm sorry, I- I just couldn't control myself, your leader has died and I believe that we may have to call this alliance off." He walked away crying. All three of the bodies were kept, and burned.

He came back just as he had left... fighting. He was even holding the sword he had used through the whole Games.

Peeta had to really try hard not to pass out at the sight of Cato standing there.

He stopped when he saw the large crowd of people. "Where am I?" he gasped, like he was out of breath.

"Rebel headquarters in Asia. So Cato, how'd you like to fight again?"

Shark Valler was sitting in his small room, holding up the small white device. He had tried to make it the same as he had in the Capitol, but with limited resources he had had to improvise. He thought it was done, all he needed to do was test it.

He worried that he would run into someone who hated him, but decided to risk it. The number of people who hated him was only slightly more than the number of Asians that he had never met.

He started down the hallway, not looking where he was going and he ran into someone. Oh please let it be anyone except... It was Lo Mein, errr, Lo-Chi, with ...Li-Show!

He groaned, knowing he wasn't getting out of this one easily.

"What's that?" Li-Show asked, looking suspiciously at the device he was holding.

"Oh... this?" He held it up.

"What else? Some people..."

"This is a Translator," he said. "I invented it," he added quickly so they wouldn't think he was getting illegal weapons from the Capitol.

"What does it do?" Lo Mein (LO-CHI! Shark reminded himself) asked sharply.

"Say something in... whatever language you speak."

Lo Mein looked apprehensive but he did anyway. "난 당신이 바보 생각하고 어떤 이름의 종류 어쨌든 상어입니다...AND WHY AM I DOING THIS ANYWAY I FEEL LIKE... LIKE HOW I WOULD FEEL IF I WAS YOU!"

Shark winced at the insult and said, "I could understand every word you said."

Lo Mein sniffed. "How do you say it... oh yes. BLUFFING."

Shark smirked. "Not bluffing." he hit the replay button and listened. "You said... I think you are an idiot and what kind of name is Shark anyway."

Lo-Chi, who was fighting to keep his cool just said, "Think you will be a scientist... ONCE you're off your probation."

Shark would never admit it to anyone but he wished Li-Show was impressed.

When Shark Valler was finally off probation, he was immediately led to the Mutts room, and an Asian was standing at the front of the room with several other Asians at large desks.

"I am Fi-Show-Wani head of Mutts," he said haltingly. He, too, could not speak English fluently.

"You can talk in Korean, I'll understand you," Shark said. He had the Translator, but he would soon have to hand it over to Beetee so he could mass produce it.

"Do you have any past experience with creating Muttations?"

Shark had to hold back a laugh. "In Panem, I'm famous for making the best Mutts anyone has ever seen."

"This is a place for working, not bragging," Fi-Show-Wani snapped.

Haven't seen any Nightlock Hawks have you Fihow... uhhh whatever... or my flower mutt, too bad everyone escaped before I got to show them what it REALLY could do... He was thinking like a Gamemaker again, and it made him uneasy. But this room, looked so much like the Gamemaker room back in the Capitol that he couldn't help but feel at home.

He found an empty desk and started the computer at it. He thought for a while before he came up with an idea that would blow the Nightlock Hawks right out of the water.