Chapter the First

Six figures sat gathered around a small fire. The oldest of these, a moderately tall brunette wearing thin glasses around her deep brown eyes, stood slowly and glanced around at her companions.

"The light wizard is coming," she stated in an authoritative tone. "She'll train under Miki, won't she?"

"Yup!" The second youngest assembled girl, a happy-looking blonde, jumped to her feet in excitement. "Miki heard she's really cute and really fun and really energetic—"

"What say you, Chihaya?" a silver-haired woman cut in, casting a glance at the most ornately dressed young woman. Miki, the blonde, pouted silently and slowly took her seat.

The fancily-clad bluenette, known as Chihaya the Grand Mage, only stared into the fire in front of her. "…She will train with Miki, the Sun Mage, correct?"

"Correct," Takane agreed, her elegant silver hair gleaming in the light cast from the dancing flames. The fire began to die out, but a quick shot into the woodpile by the Flame Mage Minase Iori brought it back to life. The youngest Mage flashed a small, confident smile.

Chihaya nodded slowly. "We need her," she murmured. "Turiavita grows stronger with every passing day. Those witches will soon overtake NamukoAcademy if we don't stop them. The added light wizard will even things up."

"In terms of numbers, yes," muttered the eldest. "But have you not noticed that our wizards—and even our mages—are far less skilled than their witches and warlocks?"

"Should that matter?!" Iori snapped. "I don't know about you, Stone Mage, but I am not going to allow myself or my students to lose to those…freaks!"


"They are a disgrace to magic itself!" Iori continued. "Are you saying we, the pure-hearted and strong, cannot take down a few dark copies?!"

"They are far more than a simple 'dark copy'," the Stone Mage countered. "And you know that."

Iori rolled her eyes, but said nothing else.

"It's OK, Deko-chan." Miki grinned. "Miki's new wizard will be amazing and help us take down the bad guys!"

"It's Iori!" Iori protested. "Ritsuko, Chihaya! Make her stop calling me that or I'll burn her to a crisp before that Grand Witch gets a chance!"

"Ooh, Miki's scared!" the Sun Mage taunted. Iori's body began to glow with flames, her teeth bared in a snarl.

A quick blast of wind put Iori's fire out, and a black-haired mage stood up quickly, sneering. "That's enough!" she barked, her eyes scanning over Miki and Iori, the former of which shrunk back in fear and the latter of which glared back at the Wind Mage.

Chihaya nodded at the mage, who nodded back and sat down, indicating Chihaya to speak. "Miki, just focus on training your new wizard. I have heard she's a real prodigy."

"Her soul is so full of light, she practically glows," Ritsuko added. "She'll be a great addition."

"Indeed," Takane breathed. "The light wizard of NamukoAcademy, otherwise known as the Shining Prodigy…"

Chihaya nodded. "Takatsuki Yayoi."


A ginger head of air bobbed through the hallways of the most prestigious wizard academy on the planet; NamukoAcademy. This particular young girl had been chosen out of a crowd to practice to become a mage. She had been driven to the academy early that morning to meet her teacher, so that her powers would be able to grow and evolve. She knew nothing other than the fact that she had powers. Naturally, the young girl was hoping to learn.

"I wonder where my teacher is…?" she mumbled to herself. Glancing around, she decided to go to a random room in hopes of finding something.

She spotted a door that had little bits of shadow seeping through the cracks. Curious, the ginger approached it and cracked it open slowly. As soon as the creaking of the old wooden door reached the ears of the room's inhabitant, the darkness that had previously occupied the room vanished, revealing a silver-haired woman sitting in an elegant black chair. Her back was facing the young girl. The ginger slowly walked inside and stopped beside the silver-haired beauty. The woman looked at her and smiled.

"Welcome, Takatsuki Yayoi," she greeted. "I am the Shadow Mage, Shijou Takane. Are you looking for Miki?"

"Miki…-san?" Yayoi repeated slowly. "Is she the Sun Mage I'm supposed to be learning from?"

"Indeed," Takane agreed. "We have waited for you, Yayoi. Miki is quite excited to have a student of her own." She stood from her chair. "Shall I show you around?"

"Ah…y-yes please, Takane-san!" Yayoi explained. Takane smiled. Yayoi grinned back. "Oh…um, I wanted to ask you."


"About that shadowy stuff in the room."

"That?" Takane paused. "I apologize, did I scare you? I thought I had gotten rid of it in time."

"You did." Yayoi smiled.

"I was practicing," Takane explained. "We must practice almost daily to keep our skills high. The time of battle is fast approaching; that is why we are so glad to have you, young prodigy."

"I'm a prodigy?" Yayoi gasped, cocking her head.

Takane giggled, a light and airy giggle that reminded Yayoi of her kooky baby brother back at home. "Yes, you are indeed."


Takane smiled and headed out into the hallways. Yayoi followed. "Yayoi, do you know what makes a wizard or witch powerful?" Takane asked suddenly.

"Um…hard work and perseverance?" Yayoi tried.

"Oftentimes, that is the case. But with prodigies like yourself—and like I—and, in fact, with all magicians—there is something else that gives you power."

Yayoi nodded to show she understood.

"It is your soul. The more of your element is housed within your very soul, the more powerful you will be."

Yayoi nodded again, more slowly. "I think I get it."

"The Stone Mage and the Wind Mage needed hard work in order to get to where they are now. They pushed themselves to the edges of their limits and achieved enough to become mages. The rest of us were prodigies like yourself. We did, indeed, have to work, but certainly not nearly as hard," Takane added. "I have always been a rather secretive person; my past is shrouded in mystery, and I do not often share with others. Because my very soul is mysterious and covered in shadows, achieving the goal of Shadow Mage came easily for me. The Sun Mage, Miki, is a bright and shining girl like yourself. She is known for stealing the spotlight, and thus had little to no trouble becoming a mage. Minase Iori, the Flame Mage, is temperamental, stubborn, and passionate. And our Grand Mage, the Ice Mage Kisaragi Chihaya, has a past full of brokenness, brittleness, and bitterness. Thus, becoming the Ice Mage—and the Grand Mage, the most powerful of all—was as easy as counting to three."

Yayoi grinned. "Now I get it!" she announced. "So then, that means I'm a prodigy because of my positivity, energy, and friendliness! …right?"

Takane giggled again and turned to look at her. "Exactly," she concluded.

Yayoi beamed. "U-uun…! Now I really can't wait to get started!" she squealed.


Takane, quick as a flash, suddenly tackled Yayoi to the ground just as a huge fireball flew over their heads. The Shadow Mage glanced up and looked around. She kept Yayoi on the ground as the flaming orb suddenly changed direction and charged back over them, straight into an auburn-haired young girl. Yayoi screeched a warning, but the girl paid no heed. The fireball slammed into her and was instantly absorbed into her body. Shocked and confused, Yayoi only stared at her as Takane stood and brushed off her ornate black gown.

Two identical-looking girls slowly stepped out from around a corner, their heads bowed in shame. The auburn-haired girl gritted her teeth and looked at them.

"Ami! Mami! You two idiots almost hit the new prodigy!" she reprimanded.

"Sorry, Iorin!" one of the twins whined.

"Yeah, Iorin! We're really sorry!" the other agreed.

Takane smiled. "Ami, Mami. Were you two practicing your powers again?"

"Yeah, Ohime-chin! Didja see Ami's fireball?" the first twin squealed, turning away from the other girl and towards Takane.

"Mami made one too!" her sister declared. "Then they merged and became huge."

"And almost killed you," the first added.

The auburn-haired girl frowned and put her hands on her hips. "That's it, you two go back to your rooms. I'll be back to train you later," she ordered.

"Yes ma'am…" the twins, Ami and Mami, muttered sadly. They cast solemn glances at Takane and then vanished around the corner again.

The other girl sighed heavily and joined Takane and Yayoi. "You're Takatsuki Yayoi?"

"Y-yes," Yayoi stuttered. …temperamental, stubborn, and passionate…is this Iori the Flame Mage?

"I am Minase Iori-chan, the Flame Mage."

Yep. "Nice to meet you, Iori…-san!"

Iori smiled slightly. "Iori-chan is fine," she insisted. "I'm the same age as you, I've heard."

"You're only fourteen?!" Yayoi gasped. "W-wow! And you're already a mage…!"

"Our Grand Mage is only sixteen," Iori said carelessly. "She trains a twenty-one-year-old water wizard. Now THAT'S amazing. Honestly, that Azusa is so ditsy!"

Yayoi giggled. "You sound nice, Iori-chan," she decided.

Iori blinked. "Nice. That's new," she muttered. "…hey, I'll take you to that Miki's room, alright? Maybe we'll meet up sometime. Of course, I have my hands so full training those fire twins…"

"Ami…-chan, and Mami-chan, right?"

"Yeah. They're a year younger than us at thirteen."


Iori nodded at Takane, who nodded back and flashed Yayoi a smile before vanishing down the hallway. Iori took the lead.

"Do you know how things work here, Yayoi?" Iori asked. Yayoi shrugged.

"I know that there are wizards for the six elements, and mages for a more advanced form of the six elements; shadow, ice, flame, wind, stone, and sun. And I know that the mages train the wizards until they are strong enough to become mages themselves, or…or until the mage dies," she told her new companion.

Iori nodded. "The mages train the wizards whose element matches up to their own. For instance, I train the twin fire wizards and Takane trains the darkness wizard. And that blasted Sun Mage will train you. Good luck."

"Do you not like the Sun Mage, Iori-chan?"

"That is the biggest understatement I've ever—"

Iori was cut off by a door suddenly flying off its hinges at her. She screamed and, on instinct, stretched out a shield of flames. The door was burned to a crisp, which received another scream, this time from inside the now-open room. Iori growled.


"I-I-I'm so sorry, Iori-chan!" came a frail voice. Yayoi glanced inside the room to find a brunette young woman in a long white dress clutching her hands to her chest. Her face looked frightened and strained, and Yayoi wondered if she would look like that on her first day too.

Iori's flame shield vanished. "Where's that Makoto?!"

"Sh-she's in the bathroom…"

"And you practiced alone?!"

"She told me to keep practicing…!"

Iori tapped her foot. "I'm waiting for her," she declared. "In the meantime…Yayoi, meet the air wizard Yukiho. Yukiho, this is the new light wizard, Yayoi."

Yukiho slowly stepped out of the doorway, her hands shaking and her brown eyes wide. "N-nice to meet you," she stuttered, stretching out a hand to Yayoi. Yayoi grinned and bounced up to her.

"Nice to meet you too! U-uun~!" she cheered, taking the other wizard's extended hand and shaking it wildly. Yukiho smiled slightly.

At that moment, a door in the corner slammed open and a black-haired girl that may have been a boy literally flew over to Yukiho and Yayoi. Yayoi jumped away on instinct as the black-haired girl (boy?) slammed her (his?) hands on Yukiho's shoulders. Yukiho squeaked.

"I heard a crash, are you alright?!" the person demanded.

"I hit Iori-chan with the door again!" Yukiho whined.

"You…" Iori cleared her throat and the black-haired person slowly turned towards her.

"Makoto! Keep a tighter leash on that one, won't you?!" Iori snapped. "Why, one of these days she'll crush me like a pancake! And you KNOW that won't be good with Turiavita growing stronger daily."

Makoto heaved a great sigh and walked over to Iori, a sheepish expression on her/his face. "Geez, Iori…sorry about her, you know I'm still getting used to teaching…"

"Well, get used to it faster!" Iori demanded.

"I don't see YOUR students improving!" Makoto lashed back.

"At least they don't hit people with doors!"

"Right; they almost burn them to a crisp with runaway fireballs instead. Do you know they burned my clothes off last night? My clothes! In front of everyone!"

"They WHAT?!"

"Keep a tighter leash on those ones, will you?" Makoto flashed a sarcastic grin.

Iori growled again. "You know what? You aren't even worth my insults! Just meet the new wizard so we can get away from you!"

"New wizard?" Makoto's expression instantly changed from one of sarcasm to confusion, and then again when she/he/it glanced down at Yayoi and grinned. "Hey, so you're the Shining Prodigy, huh? Nice to meet you. My name's Kikuchi Makoto, and I'm the Wind Mage." The Wind Mage held out a hand, which Yayoi shook.

The Wind Mage and the Stone Mage had to work hard to get to where they are now…

"Ah…you must be strong." Yayoi nodded to finalize her point.

Makoto giggled nervously. "Not really. I'm the weakest of the mages right now, but that's just because I'm the newest too. I'll get used to it, you'll see." She nodded. "Right. Is Iori taking you to meet Miki?"


"Well, I won't keep you. I should probably teach Yukiho how not to shoot doors at people too. And, thanks to your combined efforts, I have to buy ANOTHER new door."

"It's her fault!" Iori pouted.

"I'm sorry!" Yukiho whimpered.

Makoto waved her (his? Yayoi still wasn't sure, since Makoto's face wasn't much girlier up close but she was near positive there weren't any boys at Namuko Academy) hand in dismissal. "Whatever. Each to his own, right? I'll take care of Yukiho, you just handle making sure those twins never burn off people's clothes in public again."


Makoto turned around. Yayoi cocked her head.



"…what gender are you?"

Makoto wilted. "…that's your only question, huh…"

"You wear pants and a shirt. The rest of the mages wear fancy dresses. Plus you look like a boy. But as far as I know, there are no boys here, so you must be a girl, but if that's true then where are your breasts?" Yayoi rambled on, oblivious to Makoto's growing depression and Iori's wild laughter.


"For future reference, never, EVER bring up my masculine appearance again, or I will hang you from a chandelier."


"And to make sure…I'm a girl. I have always been a girl, and I will always be a girl. Case closed."

"…yes, I'm sorry."

Makoto sighed. "Yeah, whatever…Yukiho, let's work on that jet-stream some more…" The now-withered Wind Mage returned to her room (and to her student) to teach some more while Iori calmed down from her laugh attack.

"That was priceless…" Iori muttered. "I like you, Yayoi."

"Thank you?" Yayoi blinked. "I think I hurt her feelings."

"She'll get over it. Now come on, let's meet Miki!"

Together, the duo continued on until they reached a room with a bejeweled door and a shiny handle and knocker. Iori rapped on the door until it slid open, revealing a green-eyed blonde wearing a huge grin.

"Deko-chan! What brings you here?" she yelped.

"Call me Deko-chan one more time and you're toast—literally," Iori shot. "I brought you your new student. Takatsuki Yayoi, the Shining Prodigy…meet Hoshii Miki, the Annoying Idiot."

"They actually call Miki the Sparkling Superstar, nano," Miki corrected proudly. "So, did you just get here, Yayoi?"

"Yup!" Yayoi cheered. "Are you the Sun Mage?"


Yayoi giggled. "Oh, you seem like so much fun, Miki-san!" she laughed. "I can't wait to start working with you! High touch!"

Miki looked down at Yayoi's outstretched palm and gave her a high touch as requested. "Before we get started…have you met the Grand Mage yet?" she questioned.

Iori drew in a small gasp. "I forgot to introduce her to the Ice Mage!" she realized. "My goodness…Yayoi, you have to meet her right now!"

Yayoi jumped slightly. "R-right!" she gasped. "Miki-san, you come too!"

"Gotcha, nano~!"

The trio headed towards the end of the hall, towards the giant, grand double doors that protected the Grand Mage Chihaya from outside interference. Yayoi was awed by the size of the doors (they had to be at least twenty feet high), and equally awed by the huge room behind them, and even more awed by the beautiful young woman lounging on a waterbed in the back of the room. She watched as the bluenette, probably the Ice Mage, froze the water in her bed with a simple touch, then allowed the ice to spread until not only her bed, but the floor around it, was covered with a thin layer of ice. Yayoi looked around at the multitude of ice sculptures around the room, most of which of a young boy Yayoi didn't know. Iori slowly walked in and paused by Chihaya. The two exchanged some words, then Iori used a gentle flames to melt the ice around Chihaya's bed back into water.

Miki gently coaxed Yayoi over to Chihaya, who looked up from her bed as Yayoi approached. Iori stood straight as a board by her side while Chihaya sat up slowly and examined her new guest.

"Takatsuki Yayoi, the Shining Prodigy. Correct?" she said softly, in a voice that sounded like it belonged to an angel instead of a battle-scarred mage.

"Correct," Yayoi affirmed.

Chihaya smiled slightly. "I am the Ice Mage, Kisaragi Chihaya. Takatsuki-san, do you know why you are here?"

"…to meet you?"

"Not 'here' as in 'this room'. 'Here' as in 'at NamukoAcademy'." Chihaya paused. "No, that is the wrong question. What I mean to ask is, 'do you know why NamukoAcademy exists?'"

Yayoi blinked. "To…train young wizards?" she guessed.

Chihaya nodded. "Yes, at the beginning that was what it was," she murmured, sliding of the foot of the bed to stand in front of Yayoi. "But now it serves a far more dangerous purpose."

Yayoi was silent.

"Ten years ago, a group of villains was formed; villains with the goal of taking over the magic world. They are copies—dark copies. They are the physical incarnations of the most talented mages and wizards…well, most of them are. Three were created out of the darkness of those villain's souls."

Yayoi said nothing, trying to comprehend what Chihaya was telling her.

"They are called Turiavita. The lighter of the copies form the sub-branch Mondenkind and are slaves to the more evil villains. They call themselves 'witches', or 'warlocks' for the men. They aim to kill us all and harness our power as their own."

Yayoi gulped. "…Ch-Chihaya-san…"

"Are you backing out?" Chihaya's eyes narrowed. "Turiavita is getting stronger every day. Their Grand Witch, my copy, is on equal par with me, and their Ice Witch, the Ice Queen Kikuchi Makoto, may even surpass my talent one day. Her heart is filled to the brim with hatred and coldness…while I sustain at least a small soft spot, which makes me naturally weaker than her."

The room was completely silent. Yayoi shifted.

"…are they anything like us?" she asked quietly. "The dark copies."

"No. Not usually," Chihaya muttered. "They are more evil, more bitter. More twisted."

Yayoi nodded. "…I want to help," she murmured. "Even though I'm really scared, I'd like to help you. Please, Chihaya-san…Miki-san…Iori-chan! Please make me a better wizard! Teach me how to use my power!"

Miki beamed. Iori smirked. Chihaya smiled.

"Then I welcome you officially to NamukoAcademy," Chihaya announced. "Welcome, Shining Prodigy Takatsuki Yayoi. May your abilities radiate your brilliant soul."

Yayoi laughed. "Thank you!" she cried, tears of joy and relief beginning to form in her eyes. "I won't let you down, everyone! Thank you!"

Iori smiled and joined Yayoi. "Well…we should get you to work. Miki, come! We must begin to train her!"

"You mean, Miki must."


The trio exited Chihaya's room after bidding the Grand Mage farewell. Slowly, they started off back to Miki's room to begin Yayoi's training. During the walk, another question popped into Yayoi's head.

"Iori-chan, does everyone here have a title?" she asked curiously. "Like, I'm the Shining Prodigy and Miki-san is the Sparkling Superstar."

"Most of us," Iori corrected. "I'm known as the Passionate Flame. The Stone Mage, Akizuki Ritsuko, is the Stem of Knowledge. Makoto is the Wind of the North, the twins are the Flame-boyant Nuisances—I came up with that one—Chihaya is the Frozen Beauty of Namuko Academy…what else?"

"Deko-chan—Iori-chan forgot that Yukiho is the Gentle Coward, and that Haruka is the Earth Kisser. 'Cause she trips all the time and lands face-down on the dirt," Miki elaborated.

Yayoi giggled. "What about in Turiavita?"

"Chihaya is the Psycho Explosion, Makoto is the Ice Queen, Karasu is the Phantom Sadist, Yukiho's the Lonely Breeze—"

"Wait, who's Karasu?"

"One of the warlocks. He was created from the darkness of Chihaya's soul. He's a Shadow Warlock, but he's incredibly dangerous. Best known for appearing out of nowhere where you least expect him. He runs Turiavita alongside Chihaya, pretty smart—"

"Super hot." Miki nodded.

Iori shot her a glare. "In other words, he's one of the strongest of Turiavita. Watch out."

Yayoi gulped. "…what about Takane-san's copy?"

"She doesn't have one. Too tricky."

"Miki doesn't have one either. Neither does Miki's friend Hibiki, the darkness wizard. We call her the Hidden Bullet."

Yayoi nodded slowly. "Alright. I think I understand..." she muttered. "…Miki-san, please take care of me! I want to become a strong wizard!"

"You're in Miki's care!" Miki responded. "Let's do our best together with Deko-chan!"

"My name's not DEKO-CHAN!"

Yayoi put out both her hands, palm out. "High touch, Miki-san! Iori-chan!"

With a smile, both girls fulfilled her request simultaneously. And a cheer was let loose from three mouths at once:


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