Hi there! My Words Live, AGAIN. Catching up a lot on my typing and writing. So, this idea of mine came to me while I was reading other people's stories. I remembered this story from a book I read. It's about Niobe, a woman who thought she was better than Leto (mother of Artemis and Apollo) just because she has more children. So in total, this Niobe, had 14 children, called the Niobids. There where 7 male, and 7 female. From the version I read, there is no age given to these 14 children. In rage, Leto sent Apollo and Artemis to kill these 14 children. Apollo killed the males, Artemis, the female. Though, in the story I read, one was spared. A girl by the name of Chloris. No more is found about Chloris, and now, in the world of Perceus Jackson. I plan to write this story of how she gains revenge on the murderers that caused her families destruction. Apollo and Artemis. I hope you like this story, I find the Myth interesting, and I hope you love this story. Thank You, please Read and Review.

Place-Circe's Island, Date- March 16th 2012, Time-22:28:15

"Are you sure you're ready to leave Chloris? You could teach the others who come here. You're my best friend. Please, I know your ambitions, and I must say, they CAN'T be done! Please, you will only get yourself injured, or possibly killed!" a lady in white robes said.

A faint smile played across Chloris' lips. "Thank you Euthalia, but I cannot stay any longer. I swore on the River Styx that I would bring Apollo and his Devil of a sister Artemis, to justice for what they did."

Euthalia flinched. She knew the story of Chloris, and she knew Chloris' intentions, but to her they just seemed... Risky. Dangerous. Even as an elite sorceress, among the greatest Circe had EVER trained, Euthalia didn't know if Chloris would be able to fulfill her desires. "Circe would not be happy about the choices your making. Artemis and Apollo are hard to track. And where would you even start?" Euthalia asked. Trying to make her point clear. Chloris couldn't do it.

"Apollo and Artemis are gods of the Sun and Moon are they not?" when Euthalia didn't answer, she continued. "Their paths take their Chariots across certain locations. If I can engage traps for them, their powers will be reduced. Then, I will take them and make them suffer for what they did to my family."

"Chloris, you were SEVEN when Apollo and Artemis killed your siblings. They probably forgot by now even!" Euthalia protested, but Chloris was too angry and bitter to even hear Euthalia's reasoning, and Chloris shot Euthalia an angry glare that send shudders up Euthalia's spine.

"You have NO idea! If my trap goes as planned... Then I should be able to cast a binding spell on them."

"What binding spell? Chloris, even the most POWERFUL binding spell Circe could form, would only hold a god for minutes. If it's a minor god an hour or two! But were talking about OLYMPIAN gods! It would take approximately 2 seconds for a god to break out! Then were talking about TWO OLYMPIAN gods! And then dare I mention that Artemis and Apollo gain energy from each other when they are in each other's presence? THINK!" Euthalia yelled at her friend. Tears where starting to form in her eyes. Chloris smiled sadly at her old friend.

"I'm sorry, and Euthalia, I've been practicing a more powerful binding spell."

Euthalia's eyes widened. She'd only heard of one binding spell more powerful. "That spell... No one has been able to do it. Even Lady Hecate, she tried to banish a monster FOREVER to Tartartus with that spell... And if she wasn't immortal, she would have been vaporized!"

"The Tartarus Snake Binding Spell" Chloris said with a dark look in her eye. "It's the most powerful spell that a man or woman can cast or use, and it's never been done," Chloris declared, then seeing Euthalia relax, she added, "Until a week ago."

A flash of horror appeared on Euthalia's face. "No. You didn't. You COULDN'T have. It's... It's..."

"Impossible? Seemed so to me too! Until I studied the words. That's the strange thing. The REASON Hecate and Circe both couldn't do it is because they said the spell WRONG!"

Chloris let that thought sink in. Then Euthalia realized what Chloris was speaking of. "No... They... They're too powerful to let ONE word stop them!"

"But what if they pronounced the word wrong, or if it was in the wrong order, or if it wasn't the right language, or if it was all jumbled! OR? What if they didn't clear their minds before doing the spell? So many different things could go wrong when casting a spell. One miss of the tongue, and the whole thing is botched."

Euthalia knew that what Chloris was saying was true. She'd seen too many people die or get permanently disabled. "So... You... You have the entire thing down?"

"OR Course!" Chloris said. Euthalia guessed as much. Chloris to her, was her complete opposite. Chloris was neat, Chloris was organized, Chloris actually studied for things, Chloris was... everything. But both had a strong spirit, and both were determined, and stuck everything through. But Euthalia was the daredevil, she was the one who never did her assignments. She was the one tarty to class, but still managed straight A's in Circes school of Sorcery.

Euthalia didn't exactly know what to do. Chloris was her best friend. They'd fought against each other and with each other. Then Euthalia decided. "I'm going with you."

Chloris turned so Euthalia couldn't see her smile. She knew Euthalia would do this. Besides. Euthalia would be able to keep up. But... Some of the things I'm going to do may not be the best for her to see. I'm immortal. I've seen a lot, more than I should. But Euthalia... She's just gained HER immortality from Circe. I'm not sure if I have the heart to put her through this... Chloris thought. Then she grimaced, straightened her back, and smiled at Euthalia. "Get your bags Girl. Let's get moving already."

Euthalia stood there stunned, looking at Chloris. "You... You'll actually let me GO!?"

"Yes, and will I ACTUALLY leave you behind if you don't go pack? Yes. Now hurry, we must leave by midnight, hopefully earlier. You have 20 minutes to meet me at Port 17," Chloris turned on her heel and left.