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Place - Unknown Date - March 17th 2012 Time - 04:33:31 AM

"So... You got any idea WHERE we are?" Euthalia glanced at Chloris, who was up steering the boat they were on.

"If I did Euthalia, we wouldn't have landed in Puerto Rico, TWICE already."

Euthalia sat down on one of the boat's uncomfortable 'MADE IN CHINA' seats. The hard plastic was uncomfortable, and she didn't like being on boats. A mere 20 minutes into the trip, Euthalia had puked so much, that Chloris thought that she could've polluted the entire Pacific.

"Well, judging from this things GPS, we should be landing in..." Chloris faltered for a second. No... That... That CAN'T be right! Chloris thought to herself.

"Well, Judging by the GPS system we should be WHERE?" Euthalia cried.

"No! How'd it? It couldn't!" Chloris looked up from the GPS system. "It says we're in San Diego."


"Well. If you want to be so exuberant on that. Even I don't get a lot of things about magic. There are SO many different types. If you try to master them all... Well, good luck to you. Magic has puzzled people for Millennia. If people oh so long ago, couldn't figure it out, and for years later, STILL couldn't figure it out, tell me Euthalia, how will we, figure it out?"

"We may not." Euthalia admitted, but as Chloris was turning her attention back to the GPS, she said, "But we could be able to. Nothing is impossible. We could! I mean..."

Chloris didn't reply. They sailed into the harbor, not speaking a word. Then, when a man came up to them.

"Excuse me Ladies?" the man was older, maybe in his mid 60's, he had a 2 day beard, tinged with grey, and he had cargo pants, and a Hawaiian Shirt that showed his potbelly. "If you're goin' to tie yur' boat here, then you gotta pay my fee."

Euthalia looked up at the man from the starboard side of the boat. Then she reached into her pocket for a golden drachma. "Stop. Look at his arm," Chloris said, putting a hand on "Euthalia's shoulder. On the tower's arm was a bold printed tattoo.

"Senatus Populusque Romanus, my friend," Chloris raised her hand in greeting.

"Ah! My friends! Come, you do not have to pay fee. Good day!" Chloris and Euthalia waited a while after the man left before they got out of the boat.

"What was that about? Who was he?"

"A Roman demigod probably. Son of Hecate... I think. You would've studied it in Heroes training, gods, and ancient monster class," Chloris tossed her dark short chocolate colored hair. "I'm quite surprised he didn't look at my arm to look for a tattoo," Chloris commented. "Come on. Let's get out of this god forsaken boat of ours."

They headed toward downtown San Diego, passing the San Diego zoo and Seaworld. Euthalia kept glancing around. As if she were expecting something to attack them or something.

"Stay still Euthalia. Stop fidgeting. You look like a hippo having a seizure," Chloris muttered under her breath. Euthalia stopped fidgeting.

They walked farther to a train station, "Umm, Gloria? Where exactly are we going?" Euthalia asked. They decided on the boat to have fake names available in public. Chloris was Gloria Abernacles. Euthalia was Daniellia Bobson.

"Bobson?" Euthalia had asked earlier. "Who has the last name of, BOBSON?"

"You do, Dnaliellia," Chloris flashed a triumphant smile. Euthalia just scowled.

Back at the train station, Chloris answered to Euthalia, "Chicago. I was hoping to end up near Florida or near the East Coast. That didn't happen."

They walked up to get their tickets for the train. A young African American woman greeted them. "Where would you like tickets to?"

Chloris answered, "Chicago please Miss, 2 of them, first class with suites, food and beverage, and private bathrooms."

Euthalia glanced at Chloris, giving her the look as if to say, What in the world? Chloris payed no attention to Euthalia. The young ticket lady looked quite flustered. "Do... do you have a reservation?"

"No Ma'am," Chloris answered, a devilish smile on her face.

"Then how do you expect to pay for these tickets?" the ticket lady said, looking Chloris straight in the eye.

Euthalia watched Chloris reach into her pocket, and she pulled out 4 drachmas. Chloris put her elbow to her mouth, and turned aside as if she were coughing, and quickly muttered a spell in greek. Chloris turned back to the lady and said, "I expect to pay with these." Out of her hand, where the drachma's were originally, was a large wad of cash. Euthalia's jaw dropped halfway to the ground.

Man oh man oh man. I have GOT to make her teach me that one. The ticket lady looked just as surprised as she look the money and typed it into her cash register. Umm... your total comes to... six thousand five hundred and 91 dollars and 25 cents, ma'am." The ticket lady started counting the money, and when she was done, she just stared at the money as if it had popped out of thin air. Which it didn't of course, it was just magically replaced with ancient Greek golden drachmas. Same difference.

Chloris slightly tilted her head to the side and raised an eyebrow. This was her, And what are you doing? look. She used it many a time when chastising younger students at Circe's sorcery school. "I did not say you could keep the change," Chloris said firmly, and the ticket lady was shocked out of her daze. Euthalia chuckled, this was Chloris' humor of sorts, dry, but effective all the same.

"Oh... Oh yes! Of course ma'am... Umm... Here you are! Your train leaves in 15 minutes, a-and the conductor will show you to your suites." the lady said. Chloris waved her on and Euthalia took the money, and gave the lady a glare for good measure, making the ticket lady cringe.

Chloris was already many paces ahead, so Euthalia quickened her pace. She caught up, and said to Chloris in awe, "You have GOT to show me how to do that!"

Chloris just tisked. "Not now, maybe on the train. Now hurry up. That lady, Olympus curse her, gave us the farthest train away. I DON'T want to be late! Now hurry!"

Euthalia shouldered both her and Chloris' bags and pulled her golden honeysuckle hair back in a ponytail. "Oh yes ma'am!" Euthalia grinned, and ran to catch up with Chloris.