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Ch. 1

"Please Father!" The childlike goddess Hebe pleaded with the king of the gods. Her father however refused to listen to the young goddess.

"No, you will do what as you are asked!" Zeus said flatly from his seat in his throne.

"Father, he is a violent and vile man!" Hebe wept.

"Nonsense!" Zeus bellowed slamming his lightning bolt against the ground. "I will hear none of that! Heracles is the greatest hero to ever live! You should be honored to married him!"

Hebe's eyes narrowed. "I am a goddess, born of not one, but two immortals, Father. Not a spoiled mortal brag that was given the gift of godhood although he never did a single deed to prove himself worthy of it." The furious goddess retaliated before flashing out of the throne room in search of her mother in the hope that she would protect her.

"I would be no more than an object for him!" Hebe sobbed into her mother's arms as they sat on the bed in the Hera's private quarter of her palace. "How could Father even consider such a thing?" Hebe sniffled.

"Shhhh. love," her mother said. "It's not that bad."

"No, it is mother!" Hebe cried. "He'll treat me worse than Father treats you!"

"Your father isn't all that bad, I will talk to him and make him listen." Hera said but even she could hear how lame and unconvincing her words were.

"Mother you know he won't, and all I would be to him is an object for Heracles to use!" the youth goddess sobbed.

"No!" Hera said shooting to her feet horrified. She foolishly hadn't realized that that was what would happen her daughter if she was indeed forced to marry Heracles. "No, I with make your Father stop his foolishness or I will make him suffer the consequences!"

"But what if he turns his rage on you Mother? You know that Father cannot be reasoned with?" Hebe said looking up at her mother.

"I don't know darling, but we we'll figure something out I promise," Hera said frowning. She had an unsetting feeling that this could cause a fight that would have the council tearing itself apart. "You will not have to marry that vile man."

Perseus ran from his girlfriend laughing she chased after him with her bow draw.

"Oh, come ZoZo," he teased as they ran through the forest.

Zoe glared at him from behind and fired an arrow towards him, which he neatly dodge causing her to growl.

"I'm going to kill you twice now for calling me that!" she promised as she continued after him. Perseus just flashed away causing her skidded to a halt only to yelp loudly as he reappeared and wrapped her in his arm.

"Come on Zoe," he said in her ear shaking with laughter. "You know I was only joking, but you can kill me all you want as long as you don't stop giving me kisses. Well actually correction; you can try to kill me, but that might be a little hard seen as I'm a god."

In response with a smug smirk on her face Zoe elbowed her boyfriend in the stomach making him groan and fall to the ground.

"Don't go getting arrogant on me, cause then I'd really have to kill you." she said sitting down hard on his stomach, smirking wider as he groaned again.

"Fair enough," Percy said grinning from underneath her.

"And besides," she said leaning forward and kissing him. "I'm not punishing myself because you decide to be foolish."

Percy laughed again. "Yep, I'd take death over losing your kisses."

"Good," Zoe said sliding to off his stomach and onto his lap so that he could sit up.

"So, what do you want to do now that I've beaten you again at kicking monster butt?" Percy asked.

"No, we tied, and since you're a god and I'm just a helpless maiden, that means I win for matching your skills," She said making him snort. "But I guess we could continue our last make out session."

"I was hoping you'd say that." Percy smiled as she began pushing him back down to the forest floor.

Before the return to kissing however an Iris message appeared.

"While I'm sure your make out session if important, I'm sorry to tell you, but that it's gonna have to what."

"Hera?" Percy said as he and Zoe turned towards the Iris message. Percy's eyes narrowed as he looked at his step-mother. The red mark on the Queen's face instantly got the young god's playful expression to morph into a serious one. "What has Father done?"

Hera shook her head in response as she realized what Percy was looking at. "It's nothing, I forgot to heal it. I will have Ganymede bring me some nectar. Now I'm sorry, but I must speak to you on Olympus at once Perseus."

Perseus nodded, "Very well. Wait, Ganymede?"

"Yes, Zeus has appointed her to replace Hebe as the cupbearer of the gods now that he has promised your sister to Heracles." the Hera frowned.

"What?" Perseus growled as he and Zoe frowned at the mention of the bastard that had use the former Hesperide. "Over my dead body!"

"Come to Olympus," the Queen said again with a faint smile. This was the response she'd been hoping for. "It will be easier to explain face to face."

"Very well, I will be there shortly after I return Zoe to the hunt." Percy said swiping through the image in the Iris message breaking the connection.

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