"Edward, hurry up we're meeting Aro and Marcus in two hours, it's a long drive."

"I don't care if your my father, I'm still in charge!"

"Please boy, without my blessing you would still be working the trade with everyone else."

"Alright Dad, let's just go."

My father had been rushing me for the past hour, ready to meet with the Volturi brothers. I for one, was not as nearly excited. I had recently taken the helm of the largest mob in the United States. It's been six months and my father has been pushing me to accept my gift from the Volturi Mafia, securing our families alliance for the next generation. The gift is not what you would expect in my line of work, it's not a shipment of drugs or guns, it's a girl.

The Volturi family are very versitale, running drugs, smuggling guns, aquiring the unattainable. However they are most known for a very special service available to only the most rich and powerful, specially trained young woman. These woman are all very diffrent. Some are trained to be submisives, others are dominants. They train women to be very diffrent, but my favorite is daddy's girl. The young women are trained to act like little girls at times, and grown up girls in other situations. For as long as I can remember the Volturi family have provided all of our mates.

It is my duty to accept my gift to keep the alliance between our families. Once I recieve my girl all of the other unmatched men in my family will choose a mate as well. The women are not part of some trafficing ring, at least ours are not. The women we take into our family are all daughters of the members of the Volturi mafia. I have made the choice to take a young girl named Bella. She is the daughter of Charlie Swan, a well known smuggler for the Volturi. She is trained to be my little girl.

Don't get me wrong, I'm excited but it feels like a duty. This woman will always be a part of my life, she will more than likely be the mother to my children, and I haven't even met her. I don't believe in love, but I do believe in attraction and I hope to hell I'll be attracted to my little girl.

"Edward, we're at the mansion."

I'm pulled out of my thoughs by my fathers voice. I look up to see the sprawling grounds of the Volturi mansion set in the hills of Pennsylvania, two hours from our home in New York. My father and I get out of the town car and walk through the gates to be greeted by Aro and Marcus as they step out the door. Aro extendeds his hand and I greet him.

"Hello Aro, Marcus."

"Edward, Carlisle; How are you today?"

"Good as always Aro, Now I'd like to meet my girl."

"Of course, Edward you must be very excited."

Aro motions for us to follow as he leads us through the foyer and up the grand staircase. He turns to the right and opens the door revelaing a nicely furnished office.

"Have a seat boys, I'll go and collect your gift."

My father and I sit in the formal leather chairs. It seems like only a moment when the door opens. In walks Aro holding the hand of a brunette. Her head is bowed to the ground. I catch a glimpse of her as she follows Aro. He stops in front of me and brings in the girl to his side. I get a good look at the girl. She is beautiful, her long chesnut hair hangs past her shoulders, from what I can see she is stunning. She raises her head and I see the most stunning pair of choclate brown eyes.

"Edward this is Bella, Bella this is Edward."

"Hello, Daddy."