The weeks passed by as Edward's horrible deed faded into my memories. The little apartment became my home as I worked on finding myself. I enrolled in a local college and was in my second week of classes. For once in my life I felt normal. At my request Edward stayed far away. In three weeks I had seen him twice. I was so lonely, but I was growing.

Esme came to see me often. She never mentioned her son and for that I was thankful. I still couldn't forgive him, and she knew it. We would talk about everythign else, including how she "grew up." Her story helped pull me out of this darkness I was living in. I became a woman instead of a weak little girl. It was nice to think for once.

My favorite class is pyschcology. The teacher is a young woman, only a few years older than most of the students. She talks about how we are all different so no one should judge. It makes my past less painful to think over. Due to that class I'm better and I'm getting closer to being baby girl and bella at the same time. I don't know how edward will take it, but I'm hoping he will still love me.

I haven't seen much of him since I left, but tonight he is coming over. He called in a panic asking if my bodyguard Paul was with me. Like always he was situated outside the apartment on the conviently placed love seat. I asked Edward what was going on, but he told me that I would know tonight. I hate the secrets, but most of all I hate that he only calls when he needs something.


These last few weeks have been hell. Bella has been off living her life and I'm stuck handling the buisness. A rival group has challenged me but taking a shipment of good meant for Aro. Most nights I am handling buisness until early morning and I have no time to call Bella. I'm not even sure she wantes to see me. After what I did I can't fathom her forgiving me.

I head into the office only to be greeted by a new threat. One of my men Tyler was found shot and his submissive is missing. Alistair's hand is all over it. He left me a message in the form of a bottle of high end russian vodka, a favorite of my enemy. Only one thought passes through my mind, Bella. Automatically I call her and make sure that Paul is by her side. Making plans to see her tonight, I hand up.

The afternoon is spent moving all my operatives into safe houses. Most of my close men consolidate back into the mansion or into the apartments while I prepare a rescue mission for little Angela. I keep seeing my Bella taken by awful men like Alistair and I quiver. The call is made and preperation is made to move Bella into the mansion. I couldn't sleep knowing she was miles away from me. I leave the office heading to the apartment of a soon to be angry little girl.